15 November 2009

Say really..

I don't look that bad without makeup and with ZERO photoshop right. Beside the lighting, cox the original picture was under.

Besides having bigger nose, yellower teeth, dark eye ring, zits on the cheeks, flat messy hair and uneven face shape.. I am actually overall-ally quite okay right?

This looks perfect though.

Today i had a good chance to meet some new people. They're really fun and capable. And you know sometimes people can be so lovely, you get drawn to them naturally. Sometimes i envy these people.

Actually, i envy most people. But i am not jealous. You admire other people's fine quality and you make do with your own. Haha. That's.. Erm.. Loserish. But, whatever. LOL.

I am gonna go lie down on my bed and read.


Eh! I read leh!!! Got 文化 one okay!


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