24 February 2009

My life is full of small things

Two big lobangs for you.

One. Bakerzin is having a promotion for Febuary. Macoron at $1 each. Can you believe it?! So if you love macorons, go before it's past Feb.

I can swear upon their blackforest macorons.

Two. Chinatown OG tidbits corner has this promo, Meiji Chopan at 2 boxes for $1. That is like 50 cents each! Usual price is $3.40 per box. WHAT?!?!! Serious!

Only buy if you gobble up your tidbits fast. It expires end March.

But it's okay! I always buy near-expiry stuffs from a Shop&Save near my parents place. They can be like 50% cheaper you know! Sometimes even 80% cheaper. And you don't get stomache ^.^

And oh oh.. I found this DVD/ VCD rental shop near my current place. So i just caught House Bunny for 80cents. It's so funny!!! Those girls, espcially Shelly has super chio outfits. Soon i'd go rent P.S, I Love You. I know! I don't go to the cinema often! Less it's some show which need to go with the great sound effect. My legs too long (what, you jealous again?) to get comfortable in most cinemas!

You like it without so much photoshop. You get it with just a bit.

"My life is full of small things.. But that makes me a very big person."

I thought of this quote myself. Cool.


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