14 February 2009

That V Day is now over.

This is Sweet =))

This, is Cute ^.^

I was out today, but it was to get some things done. Like some serious things. We were not out on a date.

Besides seeing hand-bouquet and more hand-bouquets (how uncreative can you guys get?) on the street, i saw a girl holding something like this.

THIS, is the Mascot of the day.
Mascot spreading the message "GIRLS CAN BE SUCH SUCKERS"

Yes, when i saw her, she was awkward like in the picture.

A lot of other girls HOLDING (VERY INCONVENIENT YOU KNOW?!?! Why don't make it a sling bouquet???) bouquets in their hands looked uncomfortable.

Anyway the mascot of the day i met, she was so embarassed i swear. She kept looking around, got this pek chek face on her. I think it was becox she couldn't find a hole.

I dont pity her cox i think its's partly her fault cox she must have given the wrong impression to the bf, enough for him to think she'd like this. Other partly, the guy must be childish like fuck to be sending a grown up, a THING like this. What are you, 5?

CNY when you go Bai Nian (visiting), your gf got make you dress like that not?

No right?

Then your bf got make you dressed like that not?

No right?!

Then why Vday you all must look so stupid ON THE SREEET?!?!?

Why on the street?! At least if CNY you wear like that, you stay confined to your friends' or relatives' houses.

Why today you carry weird things and walk on the street and ZOR DENG?!? WHY?!

LOL!!! I know.. You sure thinking i don't have, jealous, sour grape right.. Wrong!!!

Gimmie flowers i will drop it, step it, smash it and scold you for wasting $$$! So bo liao. Do what with it? Keep meh? Keep will die one. And grow insect maybe?

I rather save that money for a simple and great dinner and just that. Can even get a decent gift!

Then later when we were queueing for a cab home, the man behind us asked the gf why she doesn't seem to be happy to receive a bouquet from him. The girl said she was. The guy still say he can't feel her DELIGHTFULNESS.

HUH?!? Are you something wrong? 3 stalks of roses only leh, Mister. Then you want her to do a clown dance at the taxi stand is it? Worst thing ever, the guy say he will send her 99 roses next year. Wa lao eh, 99 roses must wait for 364 days. A bit cham.


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