06 September 2009

Home is where the heart should be

Which side of you do you have faith in..?

The side that doesn't wanna grow up..
Or the side that is wise enough to..?

The side that wants to hold on to the innocence and innate kindness..
Or the side that doesn't want to be taken advantage of..?

I always remind myself to be nice to others.. A smile, a "thank you", a genuine praise.. Becox when i see people choose to be mean.. I just can't understand anymore. I mean.. I used to be able to understand why there is a need to not let things rest.. You know.. Like.. Why should we live with matters/ things/ people who are of inconvenience to us? Or worst, piss the hell out of us. So we'd try very hard to piss them back, or to get rid of them, sometimes even do evil stuffs to them. But.. I guess down to it all.. We are all the same, right?

We all want to be Loved.. Wanna be surrounded by people who like us.

And most of us are lucky enough to go back to a place filled with warmth and care..
We all go back home.. To people who love us unconditionally.

So before you decide on anything that'd chain-effect others, start with good intention.. It's usually come back to you in good form.. =))

加油! Cox' it's not easy ^.^

I was at Geylang Methodist Secondary today to support Little C and the fun fair is SUPER COOL can. I miss my childhood & I love love love Choco Banana =D

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