26 September 2009


I know what comes to your mind now.
Tupperware - Containers extremely useful when da-baoing food.

I used to call any plastic container - tupperware.

NO MORE!!! =D Those normal containers shall always stay as containers.
And "Tupperware" is only for the extraordinary TUPPERWARE.

Please follow the link and check out their new collection of strikingly beautiful and colourful Tupperwares. Oh, please don't be too surprised to find that they carry skincare products and makeup too. I was VERY surprised by that.

It was very very glad for me to be invited by Sheena from The Right Spin to do a show for the Tupperware Brands just last week.

Bring a Mic for the pictures please~

Me ^.^
Wearing peices designed by Nicholas Wong using
TUPPERWARE products.

I noticed after so many shows dated back since i was 16 year old, that somehow, i am always the first out last in, or last out, last in. I hate it. I REALLY, REALLY hate it. Becox it gets so lonely.. So lonely you cannot concentrate, you might just trip at the stiars. LOL. EXCUSES!

My personal favourite

Stunning, isn't it?
More amazing how Nicholas did it. Or actually.. How he could even think of it.

Group shot with the hotties

Baracuda Batucada performing with Tupperware products.
That was totally hot, the models all were backstage moving to their music.

And food were from the Funky Chef.

Having a good looking guy to cook for you is always better.

Can you believe, simple ordinary Tupperware can look so unbelievably beautiful.


This is Sheena. The girl i have problem putting into visible range when i am on heels. Haha.
And yes, i know my purse is sooooo cute. It's $1.20, from TPY interchange, that pink wannabe Hello Kitty shop.

And here's a toast to two of the heroes from The Right Spin who made this great event possible.
That's Ethan on the left and Sheena on the right.

Anytime, it's cheerful colours.

And Ethan totally agrees.

Okay i am beaten. Quickly, if you have a blog, and would like to be invited to a HTC event DONE by The Right Spin, and blog about it after, please email me. Loves.


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