09 October 2009

The Little Parts of My Big Big Life

This is me. And below will be a messy collection of pictures from here.. And there =D

I was looking for a keychain and got this at Mini Toons. It's a mini Voodoo doll that will help my wishes come true and whip the S out of the bad-rich people. And importantly, it will bring their money to me
*very evil laughter*

Crispy Waffles + Rum&Raisin IceCream = YUMMEI!

This is also me. And i know i overdone my eyes.
And yes.. And my nose. LOL.

Does this look like a guy's face, winking?
So weird right! Ikea meatball very hum sup to be winking at me =D

My breakfast on one fine day =D
Toasted bread + Finger-Digged Nutella & Skippy + Milk = LOVE


I randomly shot this at a Xmas shoot and found it like a peice of art. So i might as well show you.


教大家怎樣笑 =D

Taken from my new toy, KeidiKlum. I just name it like that.
我的新玩具 - 万花筒


Below are all random pictures of me, and purely me,
that i can't think of any caption.
It's very self-adsorbed and self-obsessed.
So you might wanna stop here.

I knew you would view on =D

Actually.. This is to keep your thoughts for me strong. Cox i'd be VERY BUSY soon.
Which is good cox' it means money~


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