02 February 2011

Why we're not graduates. Hahaha!

Couple of days back i was at NUS flea, was supposed to go there and help my 4th sis out since she's pregnant now BUT when i reach there, my 4th sis's hubby, my 3rd sis and Li En were all there. So immediately, my mission there switched to "EAT THE FOOD SOLD IN UNIVERSITY, IN ORDER TO BE SMARTER" =DDDDD

Lol. I figured that it must be something they eat all the time that makes them smart.

The pink bears very cute but not fluffy one. Lol. If not i would have taken it..
And let Tiffany chew on it and then shred it. Haha.

Li En brought a whole rack of new Jap-inspired clothes. All can be found in Vivi magazine kind.
Which issue, i don't know but i'm guessing like 2009. Haha/

When i reach my sisters all ate. So i started the food-galore myself with MacD first.

1: Mac Chicken meal upsize with McFlurry and 20pc nuggets for sharing.
ONLY THE 20PC was for sharing. But they end up eating more than half of my fries *grumbles*

2: Snacks and tidbits we got from the co-op shop or something. University tidbits will make you EVEN smarter =DDD
3: Japanese rice with tempura, Steak. and bubble tea!!! 3 other cups not in picture. Hahaha.

4: Two roti john and two bowls of tomyum soup and two packets of rice.

So after the food feasting, we're all hoping we'd be more smart and less stupid cox the whole freaking day NO BUSINESS one lor!!! Like all in all they sell $50 maybe? Then transport and rental in? Already a red figure.
Yet we spend so much on all the food? HAHAHA. We're dumb!!! And we have no control over desire for FOOD. It's really bad.

But the good thing to it is, HENG i used the toilet twice!!! =DDDD Lol. It's all worthwhile cox i hardly shit regularly. Like maybe once every 3 days? Or 2 days. But NUS is a conducive place to shit, so much that i did it twice =D Squat toilet FTW!!!! 

See this Strawberry Shortcake doll!!! See her facial expression! Freaky much?
Not really. Wait till you see.....

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . 

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .




THIS! My one more authentic cox i got the side tongue-out. Lol.

How??? Got look like not! Hahaha.

Li En, my 3rd sis and me ^.^

My 3rd sis gotta stop acting cool!!!! -.-
Then we got a special guest. SOPHIE~~~~~~~ =DDD

I like Sophie lor, cox she's normal and nice and funny and chill.

Liking everything about Sophie.....
The flower on Sophie's hair.
The pink top that Sophie wears.
The blackberry that Sophie uses.
The white plastic bag that Sophie puts her food on.
The white bottle cap that Sophie touched to open.
LOLOL. Okay lah i got nothing better to say.
Oh one more, the spoon that Sophie digs in to her food with.

Eh Soph i just wrote you a short poem you realise? Read the first two lines!!! Lol. I realise i am actually very talented in writing short poems.

I wrote this when i was about to go to sleep hungry last night.

Food is good, it goods the mood.
Mood is good, the food taste good.
Good is the mood, food is the good.

LOLOL.. Okay, so that's why i didn't get to go to Uni. Lolol.

More of Sophie!
Sophie eating. Lololol!!!! Fuck i need to caption her more intelligently. Okay how about..
"Sophie consuming her edible material from a ivory disposable container"

See, even when Sophie's thinking "Qiuting you are a freaking retard, stop it", she still looks pretty.

That day she came at the time when my sisters and i were eating tomyum soup at the bench, my back was facing the direction where Soph was coming from. So all three of my sisters facing Sophie.

They didn't know it was her, they didn't know i have a friend dropping by.

My sisters told me "Eh Ah Teng, don't turn back now, later then you turn and see, got this girl look like you, sam bi ba (skin wrap bone kind of skinny), walk the pattern also like you. Later you turn and see"

I discreetly turn around and i saw Sophie. HAhahaa. Poor girl kena judged even before she sat down.

SO, morale of the story is, i keep praising Sophie to be pretty, WHY? Becox my sisters say "got this girl look like you" Which is? Me. And the girl is? Sophie. And Sophie is? Pretty.

You got it. Hahahah!



Anonymous said...

hey qiu ting. Any ideas on what to give a guy for vday? A guy that as almost every single thing!

Anonymous said...

walao! ur food poem is damn fucking stupid lol omg. oh btw its AN IVORY containter not A IVORY. this is why u cant go uni -.-

Anonymous said...

"Sophie consuming her edible material from a ivory disposable container"

it's "an ivory container", "i" is a vowel. How is making basic grammar mistakes intelligent?