12 February 2011

MooMoo still awaiting a good home =))

Hello, here's more updated pictures of MooMoo. He's still waiting for a good home =))

MooMoo 很帥! =DDD
 MooMoo very hamsum!

 MooMoo with me and NiaoNiao (shit NiaoNiao sounds like a dog too, LOL) on Furry Day.
 MooMoo has three DOTS marking on his back, knows how to sit and shake hand =D

 Size of MooMoo

Silly faces of MooMoo ^.^

If you can make a space for him in your home, or your friends/ relative's, please email me at qiutinger@gmail.com

I'm still trying =)) Will keep trying.


Anonymous said...

How much is your paris clutch? online is selling at $22, pricey :/

Georgina said...

Are you using Canon's S95?

QiuQiu said...

Paris clutch cost about $15 for myself without postage.

Yes i am, S95!