09 June 2011


Like Nata de Coco. Creme de Cassis. Fleur de lis. I hope i impressed you with the spanish i googled. Lol. In short, "de" means..

From/ Of - in spanish.

So you can say Nata from Coconut. Creme of Cassis. Fleur of Lily.

Similarly, you can say Mickey de Disney. Egg de Chicken. Chicken de Egg. Water de Toilet bowl. Cheeseballs de Cheeseball canister. Haha.

I was REALLY pissed blogging about this Rubbish kids de Rubbish parents two days ago. I edited this post twice. Minus-ing the cursing and swearing by a great deal. Cox i was way too pissed then, i know i won't be able to get my point across.

It's all hoping they'd die and take their rubbish human seeds with them when they pass, so the world will be a better place.

But you know.. That'd be really unnecessary. I don't need them (the kids) dead, i need them (the parents) to be more considerate, that's all.

So this is what happened. I was on my way to SK, at the value dollar shop, there's this.. (OMG I'M SO ANGRY AGAIN) little monster boy about 6 or 7 yro. He was with the mother, maid and his sister. And he kept running around PUSHING people in his way, taunting and disturbing the sister by shouting continuously, LIKE REALLY SHOUT-OUT-LOUD,

"ARE YOU STUPID? Why do you look at this! Huh huh huh!"

"I don't like this! You cannot touch it!!! I will kick it away! Far far away!"

*raise out both hands to block the sister's way*

"Becox i say NO! N, O, NO!"

The maid tried to stop him but he's obviously not afraid of the maid cox he fist punched her stomach a few times when she shhhhh him. And the whole time, his mum was just shopping around in the shop like nothing is happening.


Nobody will misunderstand and think that you are abusing your boy! Don't worry! Everyone can see you gave birth to a piece of rubbish, we will understand he needs to be treated with some form of face-slapping, ear-pulling, buttock-smacking. We can understand one!!! JUST DO IT!!!! DO IT!!!!

*burst a few blood capillaries*

So that was the first freak-child incident that i came across in one day. First episode of Rubbish kid de Rubbish parent. Nice.

Then i went to the basement for lunch at Yoshinoya. I walk past this boy who was gonna sit down on the floor and cry cox he wanted something and the grandmother doesn't wanna buy it. But the grandma was holding both his hands so he's like dangling, half squatting and crying and screaming -.-" I walked past fast enough so i don't kill my appetite for lunch. Rubbish kid de rubbish parents de poor innocent grandparents who have to bear the consequences sometimes.

So one casual trip out to buy groceries, and i get to see all this bullshit. Honestly, the boy in the value dollar shop, is just seeking attention. The whole time i happen to see him in the shop, plus the queue was really long so i get to observe him (and anger myself even more so i don't know why i still do that) and i realise only when people are nearer to him/ giving him cold hard killer stare, he'd start to shout even louder at the most random thing.

Like i walk past him a few times, one of the time he was okay (quiet but just fidgety) before i walk nearer, then when i was just right in front of them, he started shouting at a box of biscuit the maid was holding on to.

"THIS IS STUPID! I DONT LIKE THIS! WHY DO YOU TAKE IT!" WHY HUH HUH HUH..!" *slap the box of biscuits repeatedly as he go huh huh huh huh huh*

At the point of time, i really was grossed out and pissed off by the kid. But then now that i'm home and less angry, i think.. Kids are kids. All they want is attention, toys, food, candies, cartoon programmes, friends at school, compliments etc. They just want what they want. Like the boy throwing tantrum at the grandma just wanted to buy something! Kids are (somewhat) simple, right??!

I'm no expert with kids (being humble. Lol. I'm one of the key characters whom took care of my baby niece and nephew til they're kids lol) but i believe they need to learn what's OKAY and what's rude and bad, and thus, NOT OKAY.

Some kids understand by just listening to adults' explanations. Some kids understand by remembering the bad feelings they'd have to go through if they do something wrong. Some kids, simply just need a slap, or two. Or more, if it gets the message across better. Canes are always good when in the hands of good parents.

Maybe.. I can put a cane in my bag each time i go out. And lend it to parents who need it most =DDD Good idea??? Each stroke 5 cents. The more strokes you give to that little monster, the cheaper i charge. I recommend bulk purchases on the spot =DDD

So anyway.. The kid in that shop is not a bad kid. He's just irritating looking, doesn't look cute and wants attention badly. So i don't blame him, he has plenty more decades to work on being a better human being and not become someone like Steven. Lol.


You tell me, what kind of mother can pretend to not hear and see what the boy is doing??? And just live with it and not stop him?! What kind of fucked up mother is this??? Her son punches the maid at the stomach!!! Not painful i'm sure but it's WRONG!!!

If you ask me, it warrants immediate action like one slap on the cheek plus three "give me your hand" palm slaps plus the "I am going to count to three" threat to make the boy say sorry.

After that then explain to him what he did wrong and why you have to smack him, he'd understand one! A good-nature child will be okay after that! Hahah. I mean.. Look at me. Lolol. Okay kidding. don't look at me. Hahaha.

I mean to say, i'm sure many good adults turned out good cox the adults around them explained what's good and what's bad to them when they were kids. And the adults didn't pretend to see no evil and hear no evil and just leave it to the maid to handle the embarrassment the irritating child caused.

If you want to be this kind of parents, i suggest you use good condoms or take contraceptive pills, forever, until your ovary dies. Don't reproduce better. RUBBISH LIKE YOU, WILL ONLY RAISE RUBBISH KIDS. Who will in time, give birth to more kids, who will in time, turn into rubbish kids and in time, turn into rubbish parents. like yourself.

Sigh. Do you see what i see? A vicious cycle of rubbish kids de rubbish parents de rubbish kids de rubbish parents de rubbish kids de rubbish parents..

If this is not bad enough..

On the way back to my place. On the LRT.. I stood right at one end. For the benefit of those who have no idea what the end of the LRT looks like.. It looks like this. Only has space for two normal adults or maximum, two adults plus one child.

So you can see from the graph. The mother came in after one LRT stop, with three rubbish kids and R1 is the eldest girl. Standing right next to me.


This is the final positioning. Before that, when they first came in, R2, the second son was in between me and R1. And the WHOLE FUCKING CB TIME, he was jumping jumping jumping and screaming every now and then.

And he stepped on my foot while jumping, TWICE. It's not painful. But it's painfully disturbing and irritating and fucking annoying!!!!! YOU CUTE, YOU WANT TO KICK MY WHOLE LEG I ALSO GIVE YOU! YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT PLUS SO FUCKING NOISY, YOU DON'T DESERVE A CHANCE/ SPACE IN THE WORLD. OMGGGGGGGG!!!

So the second time he stepped on my foot, i purposely go "OUCH" to show the mum her rubbish stepped on my feet and somebody gotta apologise.

The mother of all rubbish, looked at me in the eyes, then look at R2, and look away outside the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



But i will. Hahaha. COX, that's not the end!!!

Right now you must be wondering, if it's so annoying, why do i not move away. Thing is, WHY DO I HAVE TO MOVE AWAY??? I was there first. And there are so many free space (look at the pink area of the picture above and where the white arrows are pointing towards). Why can't the stupid mother bring her stupid kids stand somewhere else?!

I thought about it, maybe cox there is a window right behind where i stood and those little trash would like to look outside the window while the LRT moves.

Awwww.. Things kids love to do.. *sweet face*


One, for me to give in, in this case, is privilege for cute kids only.

Two, there are other window panels around where the white arrows are pointing, that doesn't have me already standing there.

Three, if the mother had been nice and even TRY to tone down the three noisy kids, and act even a little bit apologetic from the moment the four of them walked in, squeezed me like mad, to the time the boy stepped on my feet twice.. If through all this, the mother had even TRY to act like she is sorry, I WOULD HAVE just walk away! And give them all the space.

But now? Just becox this piece of crap mother, got pregnant again and again and again despite her not knowing how to raise kids proper thus three rude + ugly + noisy kids got raised by her, and they walk in, and they want the window space where i ALREADY am, and they expect me to give way??? NO WAY.

I didn't make her pregnant, i didn't ask her not to abort, i didn't say it's okay for her stupid kids to touch me multiple times BUT what i DID, was to pay the transport fare i was supposed to. Like everyone else. So if they want something from me, they should have ASKED. I don't owe them okay.

Thing i am most dulan about is, the mum obviously is showing me "My kids are like that. I'm okay with it. If you're not okay with it, then go away" She's KNOWS i am very appalled by her and her three junks.

But I'm very glad inside me to see that she have this kind of kids =DDD They will grow up to be horrible i hope she'd still love them!

Where do you think maid abuser, elderly abuser, teenage gangsters come from? SEESEEBEES LIKE HERS LOR.

Okay anyway, let's look at this again.

So the whole time.. R3 (youngest son) is yelling at the mother and banging his hands on the box cover for the emergency escape trigger. He wants to be carried higher to see outside the window.

Like this..
This is them okay. R2 is on the other side of the mother.

They are so close to me i can't move snap a better picture. There's no better picture of them anyway, everything will turn out shit.

I changed R3's outfit colour. Cox i think it's some uniform. The only thing about him is he's VERY noisy. And rude to his mother (of which, she deserves) so he didn't really piss me off that bad.

And R2 stepped on my feet twice, but it's not him that i'm pissed of, it's more of his mum.

THE CULPRIT (besides the mum) that piss me off so bad to ignite this post is R1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You might think i am being very childish and petty to get personal with a kid but THIS GIRL IS NO ANGEL PLEASE????

SHE KEPT LOOKING AT ME, AND SHE SMIRKS EACH TIME I LOOK PISSED WHEN SHE TOUCHES ME. You can see from the picture!!! The blurry part is her hand!!!

Whole time she keep holding on to the red bar, and sway her body left and right vigorously and each time she sways to the right, she hits me and crush my plastic bag full of stuff.

It was so cramp but i force my plastic bag out from between me and her. And then she just keep swaying, sometimes raising her hands while jumping, VERY near to hitting my face.

In between all this, she KNOWS she is eating into my space and she'd look at me and YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW THIS GIRL IS EVIL???

She stare at me and geen me AND THEN do the smirk face again!!!


I have to admit, i was so taken aback and angry, it's Evil girl VS Me and the score is 1: 0

She win. But it's okay, cox she's ugly plus she don't own a blog (i think) to throw aftermath bombs at me. Haha. I think she's probably not 7 yro as i thought she is. Cox base on calculation of R3's age looking at his uniform, R1 should be about 8 or 9 yro.

Anyway.. When i had to alight, i squeeze out of the way, and this R1 turned back to look at me and geen me again. I don't know what to say except that these people REALLY wanted the window standing area. So much, she actually hated on me for the whole time i was there. Lol. 2 : 0

So i feel like i've been VERY VERY bullied by this group of rubbish kids de rubbish parent. So here i am. Blogging my anger off and sincerely hoping to remind people that if you know you're crap, don't reproduce.

And hoping that all parents will have full control over their kids when at public place. Or at least don't fully lose control of their kids. I mean seriously, it's your kid, you take the bullshit it's all fair. Don't expect people to take it too.

What seed from what fruit has what seed will grow into what fruit that holds the very same seed.

I'm leaving here. Not so angry anymore. Feeling like maybe now it's 2 : 1

Or not. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Omg you are so right!!! I hate these pesky kids!! One time this boy took a marker and drew on my bag, sure my bag was black and so the ink cannot be seen but it wasnt cheap okay! It's over 200USD! I was so angry that his mother saw and didn't do anything!! So I took his marker and glared at him (he's about 9 and I'm 15 so yes, childish action coming from a teenager) and his mother scolded me for taking his marker!!!! This kind of mother need to go through hypnotherapy to adjust her mindset! Ugh so annoying! Anyway Qiuqiu, remain calm (even if it's damn hard to) for the sake of looking pretty! Not worth having wrinkles for them!

Anonymous said...

You are right to be upset about this, but this is the predictable result of people following Western psychologists' advice on child-raising. In the US the schools have to have their own police departments to keep order now. The go-easy-on-discipline theorists with their grand ideas will take no responsibility for the outcomes when your violent crime rates skyrocket there in a few years, to match what the US and Europe are going through now. It's not too late for you all to go back to the old ways and give the brats a good smacking. Try your cane idea, capitalism in action.

Anonymous said...

I hope this experience doesn't put you off from having kids!!! From you will sure come out cute kids one!!! Haha BQQ dont be angry at such junk, not worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

if me i will scream at the lanjiao kids. I can TOTALLY sense your anger as it has happened to me many times. FUCKING KIDS, GO AND DIE. (not being mean and childish, the kids not even chio.-.-)

Anonymous said...

fucking hate this kind of parents/kids too. There should be some law to ban them from public.

Anonymous said...

Lol.. Kids are precious nowadays. Kana scolded at most. Last time we used to get cane by mother for small matters. Now kids fall down parents blame the surrounding/floor/management of the mall or wadsoever. Last time parents just said "serve u right, who ask u nv see when walking".

I'm pissed to see such situation too. U are not alone. But what to do, u can't scold them in front of their parents. Now become ur fault in bullying their kids. I also bump into kids just give me that kind of look and stare at my face.. Like wth, whats up with kids nowadays!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you so much! even in my own home they can annoy me. my mom's friend came over once with her son and he is soooo crazy. i'm actually scared of him even though he's like 5 years old but he actually threatens you i fear for my life and for him to break my things and the mom does nothing T_T

Anonymous said...

Omg I agree so much!!
Esp on the MRT when noisy kids scream and shout but their parents just turn a blind eye to it. Seriously? ._.

Anonymous said...

If I were you, i would just point middle finger at her after i alight but before the LRT's door close.

QiuQiu said...

Anonymous omg...... U LET THE BUGGER DRAW ON YOUR BAG?!??! I'd demand compensation!!!!!! WTF THE MUM IS DOING?!?!

Black Six, i think for whichever system, there are bound to be good things coming out from it and it's really all up to how people work on it, or abuse it.. =) But yes i agree, SMACKING BRATS WOULD BE MY CHOICE!!!

Anonymous, I LOVE KIDS STILL!! Kids, not little monsters!!! =DD

Omg... So many of you have worst encounters than me!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PARENTS NOWWWWWWWWW!!!! WANTO DIE!

It's not even our kids lor! Why we have to take rubbish like this!!!!

Anonymous said...

When i have cases like this, what i do is i take my phone out and call anybody available and complain it loud enough for stupid people to hear. They will look even more stupid if they continued what they did.

J said...

Like they say 'Spare the rod, spoil the child'.

Anonymous said...

Must be some stupid kids from cheena. Loud and irritating.

Sara said...

I can totally feel you! Hate those ill mannered kids. I was at a buffet tea counter turning to walk to my seat with a cup of hot tea. Then came this girl skipping out of no where and bumped into me as i was just turning to the direction i was going in a very slow-mo state! The cup of hot tea spilled half on the floor luckily. She didn't even apologize when i stare at her! And she is so not young can? Like pri 4 or sth. Wondered how the school and parents teach their children nowadays. Sigh~

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu. Next time you can just call your boyf or act like youre on the phone and complain loudly on the phone so that they can hear and get ashame about it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have a cousin who is a kid and when I was playing PS3, he'd just TRY to turn on my computer WITHOUT asking for my permission. THEN HE ANY HOW PRESS THE BUTTONS WTF?
And I have ANOTHER cousin who is ALSO a kid, who always talk back to EVERYONE he knows and when he is being lectured he just gives that lan jiao bin and pretend he hears nothing!!! Fucking hell! These are not kids! THESE ARE DEMONS -_-

Anonymous said...

"What seed from what fruit has what seed will grow into what fruit that holds the very same seed"

Totally agree with this sentence. Haha. Although im happy that the parents will suffer their own planted seeds but then im angry why do we have to suffer as well? Thou not as long as them hahahah.

Taka said...

I go to the library often, to study/borrow books/meet with friends/blabla, the kids always dam noisy, the parents treat the library like some childcare center while they go shopping with their other auntie friends.
One time I was doing my homework, then my handphone was beside my pencil case, then when i lookedup i saw this kid grinning at me. FML 30mins later then i realize my omnia was missing, THANKGOD his mother has the decency to return to the library staff, hope she gives her daughter a good whacking too! >:(

Anonymous said...

The first anon here. Ya the mum was like "why'd you take my son's marker!" so I was like "he drew on my bag! Please discipline your chid" then she was like "he's just a little boy, you're so much older, you shouldn't be getting angry over this kind of little things" and I was like "should I get my little brother to draw on your bag?" Then she got out of the queue and walked out of the store angrily and commented that I'm a spoilt brat. Urgh these women!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get tempted to give them a slap! Too many children nowadays have no manners, and it's true, the parents are the cause. I know of people who have children and leave them with their grandparents to look after so they can still have time to go dating or watch movie or shopping, and when they feel like it they pick up their children or just bring one home. If they do not see a point in being a parent they should not have a child in the first place... And they should allow the cane in schools again - taking it away was a bad move.

LunaticGhost said...

I have a nephew who can be consider a spoilt brad. He will shout & cry on the floor if we dont buy for him the toy he wants. And the only way we CAN do is to ignore him.The more eu talk to him, the louder he cries.When kids realise that nobody care about him crying, they will stop their nonsense earlier. So sometimes is not the parents do not want to stop the children, but they're just too mischievous. Eu seen kids who is not scare of canning? Yes, my nephew. As for the 3 children(R1,R2,R3), I have to admit that little girl was too much ! I would have scold her if I was eu !

pawketcat said...

I was going up the escalator once, and this mum + son was on the escalator next to the one I am on, coming down. The boy THREW A BOTTLE OF SOMETHING DOWN THE ESCALATOR and there was other people IN FRONT of them. Thankfully it didn't kill anyone. Everyone gave them (the mother especially) the killer stare.

The son was going all. "MUMMY, SEE, SEE MY BOTTLE DOWN THERE". The whole time this mother was merely laughing at her son and stroking his hair. "No ah, boy, so naughty." And that was it.

Jaslyn said...

-___________- JUST SCREAM, " KAO PEH AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" and smile like nothing happen and walk away. then it would be o:1

XueLing♥ said...

Ya I tot you would point your middle finger at them too. I think I see this kind of children will move away first. Android anon 1!! Shld hav told the mum its 200+!! If is me I sure wreak havoc cause $200 a lot of money leh!!

Anonymous said...

Next time just give them the middle finger and if the mother scolds you just act as if she's transparent.
I hate kids who think they fucking big too -_-. what is wrong with them srsly?
I was reading the post and got mad pissed even when I didn't experience it.
If my kids like that I sure slap them like fk one loh, the mother useless one la. Embarrass themselves nia. Dickhead family, think they damn big -_-

Anonymous said...

If they step on you, you should step back :) .

R1 said...


Jolene said...

Disgusting kids LOLS! next time just step on their feets and pretend nothing has happen HAHA i guess if xiaxue were in the same situation as you she would fucking scold the kids! too unreasonable already! stupid mum dun knw how to teach her kids...

Anonymous said...

i dislike these kind of kids too :( once in macs, i was eating when a kid just waltzed over to smack me and ran away giggling to himself. he did that for about 4/5 times. its NOT cute at all wtf i feel so irritated by kids like that and more irritated when their parents did nothing to stop them.

Sherena said...

LOLOLLLL I KENA BEFORE and the parent also fucked up. So i called my boyfriend and openly and loudly bitch about her and her monsters and how useless and not initiative she is as a mother.

wah shiok from the way i see her reaction from my phonecall, i think its Sherena VS Mother Monster 100:1

Sha said...

Hi QQ! yea there was this time at NTUC I was looking at some things with my friend and this kid came out from nowhere and said "oi move away lar", firstly there was all the space in the world and me + friend was not blocking anyone! My friend said its ok its a kid, but i cannot tahan i shouted back at him "do you need to be so rude?!" shut him up. the mother was like "sorry sorry" the mother doesnt need to apologize on his behalf! parents! why apologize on their behalf? get ur kids to udst whats going on and make them apologize!! Le sigh!!

adely said...

this is absolutely common. there are acutally similar cases like this: there's this student, a boy, who was caught and warned for scolding vulgarities at his teacher and classmates. the teacher phones his mum and she appears at the office. and guess wad, she walks towards the boy and...and she actually uttered a whole range of vulgarities in various different language. the teacher was so fucking shocked then she went speechless then another teacher came in to attempt to shut the angry, furious, vulgarity-spewing woman and get her to go back and meanwhile she is still scolding (and hit a bit) the kid. u can very well see whose fault is it la. obviously the kid learnt it from the stupid mom and she got the audicity to scold the child somemore in vulgarity la. this kind of parent slap her a few times also not enough. arghhh!

Racheyyy said...

Hi QQ!
I hate annoying kids too, parents usually can't bear to scold their children because they feel sun shines out of their asses. When I was 15, I was working on my art exam prep in my room, those ones you have to mount on a board. My family called me down for dinner and when I went back upstairs, I found my 4 year old cousin using a penknife and scratching at my work. I shouted at him and saw that he used my art materials (which were quite expensive and bought with my own money) to vandalize my desk. I glared at him menacingly and said to my 7 year old cousin (who was with him and vandalizing my table as well), "Would you like me to go to your house and vandalise your desk?" She dropped the marker and shook her head. Then the 4 year old looked at me for about 10 seconds, and burst out crying. The commotion attracted the mother of these rats, my aunt. She shot me a glare and grudgingly told her children off. But I could sense that she was angry that I had the gall to discipline her children for her. Why not?
Another instance was when they came over to our renovated house, for my mom's birthday. It was 9am and I was still sleeping (slept at 4am the previous night) and was awoken by crying, screaming and a splash. My mom came up to my room and told me that the younger monster fell into our fish pond. Their mom didn't even bother that he fell into the pond, she simply continued eating her fruits at the dining table. The 2 monsters proceeded to run to my parent's room, jumping on the bed and basically trashing it. My mom got quite angry, but out of respect for her sister she kept quiet.
I feel that these children really need to be taught a lesson. The way you discipline a child would depend on their personality. Not all children need to be disciplined with the cane, but monsters like the above mentioned do.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way! slap only! or dont have so many dammit!!