19 June 2011

QWeekly - Punggol

Took this back at home after the picnic. Took 1 hour 20 minutes to tong this hair, cannot waste. Lol.
Head to the new area at Punggol before dinner.

Mainly is becox i want to showoff to Yong Ming how beautiful Punggol is now. Haha. BUT, the prawning and billiard recreation stuff all, is making that whole area very crowded. Like no more serenity =( Just months ago it was so quiet and secluded, it's romantic to just take a long stroll there.

And before, all the restaurants always had seats for everyone. Now we have to wait 45 mins for Uncle Long seafood, 20 mins for Frenzie and XIAN is the most stupid of all. Just about a month ago i was there for dinner with my parents and bf on a weekday, XIAN restaurant was less than half full. But we waited about 1 hour 20 mins to get our first dish served. WANT TO DIE.

Okay anyway. It's still beautiful. Lol.

YongMing really super vain now. He even asked for a frontal shot of himself after this. But it turned out.. So it's not posted. Lol.

Random: Saw a snake that looks more like a giant earthworm while walking back to the restaurant.

Punggol super happening, first we have snakes, then we have wild boar. NICE =D When is the sasquatch showing himself here? Lol.

At the seafood restaurant ^.^ BROCCOLI with scallops IS LOVE!!!

I said i don't want to turn into those not-vain people who always snap picture of food alone. So i must snap picture with the food. Lol.

Deep fried pork marinated with fermented tofu sauce. YUMMY!!!

All-time must have, trio egg spinach.

Feel confident so didn't photoshop myself in this picture. Lol. Bluff one lah, it's becox it's so dark i can't be bothered. Lol.

Salt n Pepper prawn!

Salt, Pepper, Prawn and Me. Lol. That's all.. Or not..

A picture of the always-neglected fragrant white rice. Lolol.

Seriously! Why nobody ever snap a close up shot of the rice one! He/ she super ke lian! Always the go-along-with, always there to compliment the taste of the main dishes.. But also always forgotten in blogposts. SAD LIFE. Haha.

Okay that's all, next week is gonna be EXCITING ^.^ Can't wait!!! My birthday is on the 28th of June, please remember #noshame Thanks. HAHA.


Jo said...

lol that guy wear same shirt

Anonymous said...

you don't use he/she to describe So you should use 'it'. Lol seriously you are making a fool of yourself with your standard of English.

QiuQiu said...

Jo, yeah cox it's after the picnic. Haha.

Anon, GO GET LAID, BE HAPPY. I purposely use he/she cox i wanted to talk as if IT is a person who is neglected. So anal, don't read crappy blogs. No lifer.

Anonymous said...

Yong Ming so cute!! Is he attached??

Anonymous said...

why you dowan just go perm ur hair you look great with perm-ed hair ;D

Anonymous said...

Wat restaurant is that?

Kristel said...

Not good! Reading your blog late at night and seeing the pictures really makes me hungry lol! jummmmmy~

Sydney said...

qiuting i love your hair color! why dont you keep bangs? :)


Anonymous said...

hey, i like the way you plait your hair/fringe and have always wanted to do that. Can you show / tell us how you do that? :)


BOOzxc said...


sth random :P

I live in Punggol too, i often go to the area at punggol to makan:) and i go Punggol Plaza ...hahas

Anonymous said...

your bday is the same as my friend's! hope you have a great one =) can't wait to see pictures

Kim said...

I love your hairstyle~ so cute

QiuQiu said...

Anon, it's Uncle Long seafood!

Anon, i can try to show next time if i have video channel! =D

<3 for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Is Yongming your bf??

QiuQiu said...

Anon, Yong Ming not my bf!! Good friend from Poly! =D