23 October 2011

QWeekly - I'm busy so i let Yurou look after you! Haha.

 *wink* Kawaii ma?
 My dad brought her to have her head shaved =((( Say like this then can have thicker, fuller hair.
Haha.. She drool so much, the whole area around her neck is wet.
 This is really =DDDDDD Lolol.
Dou Dou Yan!
Cute not the 'lotus' on her legs. Lol. I bought this pair of socks for her from H&M one!

I also bought the cupcake bodysuit you saw above, for her. Okay actually, i bought 70% of all her clothes. I AM MAD. My dad keep telling me to stop buying cox she can't finish wearing it all and she grows fast and my mum will only keep bringing out that same few for her to wear blablabla. BUT I CAN'T STOP.

HOW?! MY bf say if i have a baby girl, i will change her into different clothes every hourly like a baby fashion show. Lol. I won't say there's no chance of it happening. Lol. I mean.. Life-size doll for you to doll up, who no want?! I WANT!

And she has no hair now right? NEVERMIND. I BUY! Lololol.

"What's that on my head?!"
"OOooo.. I can haz hair..?"
And this soft hairband!!! The band part is SUPER soft! I don't want to get those tight ones. This one is SOOooo soft and stretchable. No marks left on Baby Yurou's head after wearing. $12 thou =(((
"Omg don't tell me. IS THAT A FAKE HELLO KITTY? NOOOOooooo!!!!"

And when i don't see Baby Yurou for a few days i'd BEG, YES, like really beg my sisters to send me her pictures. So below are what they yisi yisi send me to stop me from bothering them. Lol.
 Kuchi kuchi~
"Uh huh~ Werk it!"
"I wanna eat the whole fist! I can do it."
"I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!"
"Hooo.. Maybe i can't"

Bye bye! I hope your Sunday has been great! And for those who went for today's flea to help Gentle Paws raise fund, THANK YOU =))


나니 said...

Omg the cutest little kid ever!

Anonymous said...

qiu! have you ever been fat? im so jealous of your older post of jipaban where your pics were MODEL LIKE~ any like diet tips if u have? im FAT... not e skinny girl kind that say im fat but fuck skinny~ IM FAT FAT~ need help! HAHAHAH~

Anonymous said...

The clothes you bought for Yurou is so cute! She's lucky she got an aunt like you, next time in the future she can proudly show her friends that she was fashionable even when she was just a baby :P.

Yveyvvy said...

Hi Qiuqiu! Saw you @ the flea today. You're really v pretty!! & slim! So envioussss (: haha.

Beth said...

Your niece is very cute!

Lace said...


QiuQiu said...

Haha. YUrou's mummy, my sister, will be glad to see these nice comments.