21 October 2011

Help me help them!

Download this FREE app on your iPhone to get the latest updates of the coolest fleas in town and you will never miss out on any good bargains from the flea again!!!
Features: - Know more about our company (we have job opportunities from time to time!) 
- Each flea event is explained in detail, so you know what's interesting about each flea
- Bookmark event you don't wanna miss by clicking the "Add Event to Calendar" button
- Connect with For Flea Sake through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Mailing list 
Here's how to do it!!! Search “For Flea Sake” in Apple app store or click to download at http://bit.ly/forfleasake For details, visit http://forfleasake.com or email them at sales@forfleasake.com 
Yay now we can keep track of all kinds of flea around us be it for us to go grab some cheap and good bargains or for us to set up a booth to sell our stuff for $$$ =D
- - - - - - -
I AM GOING TO FLEA AGAIN!!! With For Flea Sake yes. This time not to sell my stuff! BUT, to GIVE AWAY AWESOME STUFF!!! ALL FOR FREE. YES FREE!!

So here's the deal, for EACH $10 calendar you buy (you can buy as many as you like!!! I know you don't need so many calendars but to give to friends, teacher, colleagues also is a nice gesture right?! Lol) you get to choose ONE pieceof outfit/ watch/ clutch/ bag/ gadget/ pair of shoes + one fashion accessory. All the money goes to Gentle Paws.
Share this with your friends! Look for my booth on that day!

I really hope a lot of you can turn up to buy the calendar and get the rest of the stuff for free. It's actually to sell the calendars but *sad face* i know that we don't actually need a physical calendar these days cox our phone does all the job. So i'm bribing you to help!!! And i thank all the blogshops who agree to sponsor these items for free.

I don't earn, they don't earn, but the doggies gets fed!!! Lol. You do good by buying the calendars from the doggie shelter, you get good stuff in return. WIN-WIN lah. So please come!!! There'd be a total of 27 blogshops involved! So come!


Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu!

You mean everything is going free?!
Each person to 1 item?

I downloaded that app too! (:


Anonymous said...


May i know which blogshop do the bracelets belong to? thanks! (:

Unknown said...

that's a great project! Wish you guys sucsess!

Anonymous said...

Hi! how much is the bra bag? Hope u reply. :)

Baby Swagger said...

Maybe i know where did you get that wallet? ( http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-uBH6JVLeo8k/TqCIBBDSs8I/AAAAAAAAKvY/-W_9UuG083E/s1600/Screen+shot+2011-10-21+at+AM+04.08.43.png ) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey qiuqiu, please tell me where is this set of bracelets from? i can't find it. please help.