02 July 2012

Japan: After-party and me being a tourist

Hello! I'm finally back with updates for Japan.

I don't know what feeling i have inside me when writing about Japan. I mean when i look at the pictures, i still can't really believe all that happened. But i'm happy cox it reminds me of how happy i was in Japan. But then it makes me a little bit emo too cox i feel so much gratitude for how things happen, for how, somehow, i was brought there.

I guess you gotta give it to Life. Life made it happen. And then.. We inject emotions into it.

And the good thing is we can actually choose how much of what we want to put in to events of our life. How much happiness do you want to put into this and that.. Or, how little. I don't know.

It's our call, everyday. To decide how much of what to put into what.

"Blah blah blah"

I know. Haha.

So, pictures =)
At the dinner after the EMODA event! Left-Right, with Ashley, Natalie, Kerina (Taiwanese model) beside me, Karina's friend from EMODA, Ivene and Cheesie!

Me, Kerina and Cheesie ^.^ Kerina is sooooo pretty =OOO Like really. Her face is small, eyes are huge, nose is sharp, and she is SO SKINNY. I mean, not like i am jealous but i could really use a little bit more of the small-face thing! Even Cheesie de face also so small!!! I need to fit in better! Lol.

Appetizer. Super healthy kind. BUT YUMS! Loveeee the spinach thingy with something like a miso peanut butter sauce!!!

With Ena Matsumoto, Natalie, Ashly ^.^ Nat and Ash are both from Hong Kong and it was soooo good they sat beside me along with Kerina!!! Cox we all could speak Mandarin! Haha.

All listening to the director of EMODA. He's such a humorous guy. Haha.

Fresh oysters that i heard was really good. Too bad i don't eat them!

All the vain girls in one shot! =D

This plate of meat came pink so i assumed it's beef so i didn't eat it too but then only when i was talking to Josh later then i realise it's pork! Then many other dishes were served but i was more occupied chatting with Nat and Ask and Kerina so no pictures!

Super good dessert to end the meal!!! LOVE the sugar coated bread!!! It's very simple but the Japanese make it so good. Haha. Or am i biased.

Chilling, adding each other up on Facebook and Instagram etc. Lolol.

Me and Kerina =D PRETTY HOR?!?!?!

And Cheesie come over our side to snap a pic before she went and became bff with Ena. LOL. So happy for her please. Imagine if i get to meet Stef Sun or Sammi Cheng and they talk to me over dinner. I'd be like not eating and i'd be like "Can i smell your hand?" HAHAHA.

Nat and Ash ^.^ Omg i hope i can see them if i ever go to Hong Kong!!! They say can bring me to places with exclusive shopping discount!!! Haha. I'd hold them to it.

All of us girls ^.^ Setting off for the after-party.

OMG NIGHTLIFE =OOOOO Lololol. I don't even attend nightlife event in Singapore! Japan is out to take all my first-times. Haha!

Nami San and i ^.^

It was really super crowded so i left after a while =X

No forgetting to camho one time in the club. Haha ^.^

So Josh and i started walking around the streets to explore on our own and then..
DENG DENG DENG!!! One whole row of vending machines ^.^ Hahaha. Touristy not!

Went back to the hotel to rest a bit and change and head out for supper. Look! The coupon vending machine at their restaurant ^.^

We walked for 1 hours plus =____=" Finally settled down in a random restaurant. You know why we walk so long! Becox every shop looks good you can't decide which one to head into!!! And then when we finally decided to stop deciding, most of the shops are already closing.

Chou Joshua.

I a bit sad i didn't get to eat their skewers lor!!! Those grilled fresh right in front of you kind!

But it's okay!!! Cox the restaurant we settled down in also serve super nice food ^.^

While waiting for food. Lolol. Gotta whore my $9 furry jacket out.

Me - The best caption. Lolol. Yeah, "Me" Haha. The best caption for all camho pics. Mai geh gong.

MINE =DDDDDD OMG. I MISS!!!!! It's some curry rice with cheese. There's ginger in it and i HATE All preserved ginger but i still ate it cox it was okay when mixed in with the curry!

Josh's seafood thick broth rice. Looks like display plastic haha but taste quite good also!!!

The next day we head for Disneyland ^.^ I'd do a post on that but for now, here's all the pictures before i got into Disneyland ^.^ Omg.. Happy times.. Happy times!!!!!!!

Josh snapped this candid shot of me. I manage to salvage it with photoshop.

Smile one =) With my pasta in small size. It's so awesome they serve food in option of small or normal. Small is just enough for me! Cox i love to snack along the way!!! Don't wanna get all filled up with one kind of food. And by the way, I LOOK CHIO NOT?!?!?! =DDD Hahaha!

Fresh seasonal fruit with soft ice cream and fresh cream. It's really something. I mean, why. It's just fruits and ice cream and cream! Why can't we do the same here!



Hi again! Me and Japan de ICE CREAM vending machine!!! SO INTERESTING RIGHT!!!

Hi, my tickets to take the trains to Disneyland =D I remember i feel quite proud of myself cox i can figure out which line to take for where. Josh needs me, dude. Lolol.

Art. Hahaha.

ME ON A CHIO BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTFFFFFF!!!! You got see bus with pink and baby pink checked one or not?!?!?! And blue ceiling with cloud prints?! Chio.

That's all for this post! I'd be back with Disneyland pictures soon! =DDD

How many post already?! 3 so far right? Yeah i think so. Maybe i'd hit 5. Or 6. That'd be too much. Alright i'd go think about it. Stay happy!!! =DDD


Alice Lee-Yang said...

Lovely pictures and such happy captions! ^.^

Comparative Eye said...

love your outfit!!!

China said...

I feel jaelous but will try to downplay it since... it's bad according to the secret, right? :P
Love your posts on Japan and can't wait for more! ^^

But is there a reason to why you dun eat those food? :O

Fionism said...

u are so chio qiu qiu!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Love your romper <3 and u really look beautiful in Japan!

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty pretty!!!!!!
yayyy can't wait for disney post!!!1

J said...

Qiuqiu I prefer you with fringe.
No no with middle parting. Make your hair looks more dry.
Just my opinion.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the disneyland post xD Hope to see the pretty pics soon.

cheesie said...

HAHAHH i actually didn't eat the whole night!!!!!!! AFter BFFing and then suddenly realize iwas fungry then i looked at the table only got like last piece of beef left -_-

i swear when i meet ena or momoko seriously i feel so happyXnervous i actually feel nauseous inside wtf

Anonymous said...

Whats up with the orb on the 2nd pic? u accidentally captured a jap ghost or something :p

Johnny said...

WoW! You have the prettiest face in all of those photographs. There is No comparison.

Elaine said...

All the food there looks amazing! mouth is watering over the sight of them all <3

dblchin (double chin) said...

omg omg omg among all the mei nu!!! I'm super jellyyy

Zeng said...

Haha QiuQiu! heart your brilliant hue floral outfit 8). Nice pictures too!

Susan Lolo Bua said...

waou... very nice la your picture with Ena, cuz you both smile together,,
smile make you more cute Qiuqiu..
you are the most happiest person in these pictures above, cuz you smile in every pictures.
Love <3

ΔSHIΣΣ said...


Mike said...

I love the pictures. You and your friends are both really pretty. You need to eat healthy food like the food you ate in japan at home!