20 July 2012


If you love online shopping, hold on tight, Klarra is on a high road to make you feel ALL the excitement once again!!! With their regular updates of new stock, themed beautiful photos for each of their collection and most importantly, a good and wide selection of outfits!

Outfits that can work into our lives. Clothes for us no matter at work or having fun! =D

I esepcially love their latest few collections cox it's ALL so vibrant and bright and cheerful!!!

Here's 3 outfits they sent me, you'd wanna see more on Klarra. But hang on, see me first ^.^

Haha when i choose this top, all i could think of is.. Nice great print to wear for buffet. HAHA.

Get it from Klarra.
Black top with unique opening at collarbone area, from Klarra.
If you like this clutch, it'd SOON be on Klarra! So just wait! =D

Remember okay! The clutch will SOON be for sale at Klarra! ^.^
Something more fun and girly, Klarra also have ^.^
Discount time! For my readers only ah.

Insert code QQSMILE10 during check out for 10% off storewide!!!
Alright, shop at Klarra now!!!


Irene Chan said...

You look so pale in this post la.. :(( But anyway nice poses as usual!! xD Have a nice weekend ~

loyal reader HAHA! said...

HELLO QIUQIU! YOU LOOK REALLY REALLY PRETTY IN THIS SET OF PHOTOS! just like in fashion magazines (: keep it up! :D

Irene Chan said...

You look so pale in this post la.. :(( But anyway nice poses as usual!! xD Have a nice weekend ~

valentiney said...

I LOVEEEE your new hair!!


Ishah said...

I love that outfit with the black top, it looks very chic. The skirt is so cute, looks like hearts leopard print! Your hair looks great, it's the best styling I've ever seen on you! That salon must be really good :)

Sabrina said...

So cuttee!!! Reminds me of Vivi or any Korean/Japanese magazine!


๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said...

pretty dresses!!!


Hui Ru said...

Super love your 1st outfit, it looks fabulous on you!!:D

Susan Lolo Bua said...

Hi Qiuqiu..
super cute!


Anonymous said...

I think u should iron the apparels in ur ads

Anonymous said...

hello Qiuqiu where you buy the shorts you wore in the first & second photo?

skinformulae said...

The dress and top look goods on you!

Anonymous said...

i don't know if you watch kang xi lai le but your recent photos make me think you look like 劉伊心

Anonymous said...

The dress is pretty! You have a great personality :D Keep it up

Anonymous said...

You should iron your clothes before taking pictures...it will make the clothes appear to be more flattering and appealing.

Anonymous said...

nvr post my comment ah...tsktsk. no respect