15 July 2012

QWeekly - Girlfriends tag, makeup stuff and my camera is suicidal

I don't know what kind of blog title is that.

This week was happening. I met the wedding videographer, i met Love Bonito for the bridesmaid dresses with Mich and then we went for dinner and then to wash and blow dry (for me) plus cut her hair. At some hair salon at Bugis. I camho super a lot in that salon cox the lighting damn good lol.

Another time maybe. Recently i have makeup on so much more often so i camho more, so much more until my camera maybe want to commit suicide.

"ENOUGH!!! I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!!! I didn't sign up for this!!!"

"You're a camera!"

"Yes i am, but i am built for bigger things!!! My calling in life is to capture life's beautiful, memorable moments. NOT YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!! YOUR FACE....." *gag*

"You sort of have a free trip to Japan, becox of me, you forgot?! Be thankful!"

"ERM, HOW ABOUT NO. I didn't get to sight-see even a single bit. Each time i open my eyes, it's you and your pouty duckface, and nowadays you do this squinty-eyes thing, YOU THINK CUTE?"

"Not too bad ah i find.."

"ERM, HOW ABOUT NO AGAIN. Dude, you're already 25"

"Dude, you're S95. Got 100 already. Lao pok"

So.. I'm still the boss =D *snap snap snap*


I wanna film a girlfriends tag video!

Before i get married and then start to feel too 老成 for this kinda girly things. Lol. Wei, say real one i never did a tag video before. So please, make it fun for me!!! ^.^

Ask us anything! Leave your question in the comment box!

I'd gather the questions and then film a video with them with the questions you guys posted!

Hopefully i'd be doing the video with Mich, Zhen and Gem. BUT. Cox this was a 突发奇想 thing, i just thought of it like now now, and only Mich is awake, so only she said yes lol. FAMEWHORE.

I haven't ask Zhen and Gem but let's assume they are doing it!

Some background info on them.

Mich - Insurance agent

Zhen - Office lady

Gem - Office lady, soon to be something else (Not sure if i can say yet!!!)

Me - 不务正业 游手好闲 好吃懒做 but 还过的去 de Blogger/ Bride-to-be Lolol.

So yeap!!! Ask us anything!!! Ask questions that we can all answer lol. I give you examples okay.

You can ask questions like

"What was the first impression you guys had of each other?"

"Do you like dogs?"

"Who is the cutest in the group?"

"Who can cook the best?"

"Name one person you had a crush on back in Secondary school"

Sua la. I ownself ask myself better. Lololol. Joking!!! Lolol. But yeah, i'm doing the video anyway! So if you wanna sort of be a part of it, then leave your question for us ^.^

Omg so happy we have met each other for 12 years. Known each other better for 9 years. Erm. Cox they never liked me back in secondary school days. Gem and Mich were both like part of the "school belle" league. I won't say they are the chioest cox there are other chioer ones lolol but they were quite popular among the guys lolol. Erxin.

And then Zhen had her own clique also that seems quite cool. And also Zhen was super good in maths suo yi and she sometimes wear this smart people specs, i thought she was quite cool.

Me ah. I don't want to say already =( Maybe do the video then say lol. Lolol.

Alright! Leave your question in the comment box of this post if you want! =D Thank you first!

Me on a light makeup day ^.^

Did i mention i started using better makeup and i clear out all my $1.20 lipstick, $5 BB cream and $5.90 foundation etc. Lol. Really is thanks to Wendy for all the nagging and she even got me this stick foundation thingy which is major love =D

And i went through this transition right before i go Japan and i am how happy please, becox usually with cheap makeup, it takes 45 minutes - 1 hour for the whole face to turn oily plus cakey O.O My lifestory before i started using better makeup lol.


Furry ball pen ^.^ Really love the mascara Mich introduced to me!

It's the Maybelline super film in yellow tube with red font one. It's not waterproof BUT surprisingly it's very lasting!!! Won't smudge even after whole day, won't get clumpy when you apply.

Also, the main reason i love it is, although it doesn't smudge through the day (which is usually only the case for very good and strong waterproof mascara), IT IS DAMN EASY TO REMOVE!!!!!

If not i one day de mascara can use over 3 - 4 days. Lololol. Cox i very lazy to remove with more effort than a makeup remover wipe =X My favourite is the Biore one so far for wipes. But i ran out of it and i keep forgetting to go get O.O I SHALL!!! And stop waking up to black batsai. Lolol.

Okay last shot of me ^.^

Be mentally prepared for very chio pictures from my Disneyland trip in Tokyo lol.

Please think of some good adjectives starting now, will come in handy when you wanna leave me a comment then. If you need help, click HERE lolol.

I prepared everything for you, a good post filled with pictures, in additional, i also prepare for you to leave comments i want to see. You'd never find a blogger as considerate as me. Hahaha.


Michelle Mcflurry said...

What are the things that you'll miss when you get married ? :)

Fionism said...

What are all the cosmetic bands that u use?

(can I ask two, qiu qiu? :3)

How did u and Xiaxue and cheesie become such good friends?

Xoxo <3

Anonymous said...

Hmm...how about, who do you think changed the most physically since you all first became friends? :]

Anonymous said...

Describe each other's character. Guess each other's favourite food. And least favourite food. What are you favourite pet phrases?

Anonymous said...

Have your all get sick of each other? Like habits? Or maybe QiuQiu's bhb attitude? hahahhaa!

Anonymous said...

You normally speak Mandarin or English with your friends?

Anonymous said...

Fav hangout place and things to do with friends

Unknown said...

what is the best thing you've said to each other? :3 and what would you guys do if all of you ruled the world. Like what rules would you set?

Unknown said...

what is the best thing you've said to each other? :3 and what would you guys do if all of you ruled the world. Like what rules would you set?

Suetyi said...

how long have u guys been together?

have u guys fight before?

what is the most memorable thing u guys did for each other? :D

Anonymous said...

Who is always the one who initiate to meet up?

Anonymous said...

Fav singers? Eng or chi song?

Anonymous said...

what cosmetics did xiaxue introduced you? what cosmetics are you using now (in this post)?

QiuQiu said...

I am using the sheseido stick foundation that Wendy got and garnier BB concealer on my pimples, and candy doll concealer and two way powder, and $2 eyebrow pencil and $2 eyebrow concealer. And VOV blusher Mich got for me! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

super like the third pic!!!!!
you look like a lil kid!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

who's the most flirtatious one?

Anonymous said...

if you could/had to swap lives with one other person for a day, who would it be? why?

Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

You look sooooooo amazing, so pretty, I love your features you have erfect eyes, nose, face shape JUST SOOOO PRETTY!!!!

Love from Emi

Test said...

If you could be any animal, what would you be??

You're so pretty Qiuqiu! ^_^


Anonymous said...

What foundation are you guys using or tried before and you guys think that it is not bad?

Anonymous said...

will you fart infront of ur friends?

cyceicy said...

Do you ever think to get same permanent things like tattoo or surgery?
If yes, what type and why? Thankssss, pretty ♔Qiu♔

belle said...

have any of you fall for the same guy before? :)

Winda - dajourneys.com said...

oh my, u are so preety :)

Anonymous said...

Who is the chioest without make up?

smileypill said...

Hi Qiuqiu, I would like to ask.. if let say there's a fire, what are the things that will come into your mind? And what will you grab and go..

jen said...

What do you think you, Xiaxue & Cheesie and all of your girlfriends have in common to create such a good kind of friendship? Don't you envy each other? And lastly, what do you think is the best asset for each of you? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Mich and Zhen used to be school belle league?? How do you and they feel now that you(QiuQiu) turned out to be the chioest and most famous in Sg? Did any of you ever expect this from Qiu? <3 Haha so happy for you though QQ. Typical case of ugly duckling blossoming into gorgeous swan. No offense to Mich and Zhen la. They're pretty too :)

Susan Lolo Bua said...

hi Qiuqiu..
i would like asking, what is your religious and your friends?
and would you tell us *reader blog what is the most happy thing happened in your life..

God bless you..

valentiney said...

fluffy pen is fluffyyy


Anonymous said...

What are the skincare brands you 3 love the most/swear by? :) preferably for oily skin with pimples. Thank you!!! :D

Anonymous said...

If all 3 of u were to fall for the same guy, who would get him? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

where did u get ur fur pen?

Anonymous said...

hi sweet, where did u get your fur ball pen?

Erika said...

What sort of music do you all listen to? Chinese? English? Korean? Japanese? etc... Genre? ^^

Anonymous said...

Why is Gem not in the 豆花妹 group?

Anonymous said...

What do you think binds you and your gfs together? What are the daily stuff you girls talk about and if so, won't you ever grow sick of one another?