08 July 2012

QWeekly - The week i learnt how to put on contact lens

This week's been really really super fun! =DDD

For starters i have Cheesie staying over at my place for 3D2N lol. And then Yutaki, Wendy, Sophie, Huiwen, Alaric and Mike all came to my place so imagine the crowd! Lolol. It's just.. Hmm..

I don't really get guest at all *go one corner draw circles on wall with finger* Lol.

And i am sorry, i TRY not to be a lazyass instgram blogger!!! Lolol. But really i never whip out my camera and it's all quite casual so only got iPhone pictures!

Brought her to try bonchon wings. Lol. Actually is i wanna eat also lah.

At my place, one of the agenda is to teach me how to put on contact lens!!! =OOOO

God knows this is one of my greatest fear =.= I know. You think i am hum. But real one i got traumatised before!!! I tried to put on in a optical shop. Took me 45 mins - 1 hour to put in. And that's after i piss off the opticians and Josh =( And then i also piss off at them back cox they lost patience with me lolol. So it was just a very unhappy experience!

NEVERMIND. Took me another 30 minutes + 20 minutes break + another 30 minutes like that of trying and trying and trying to remove it from my eyes. Cox it makes me giddy + gives me headache! I was prescribed the wrong degree i think O.o Like 2 years later i go do spectables and my degree was only 50, 75. The contact lens i was told to wear on my first time was 100 and 125 @___@

Anyway!!! After the Japan trip i feel like OMG cannot, no contact lens really is lose to people one. Lolol. But i just didn't get down to learning lah! Mostly cox i am scared and also cox i don't think i can find anybody patient enough to guide me along given my last experience =(

BUT!!! Wendy super enthu and keep urging me plus so many people encouraging me that night so MIGHT AS WELL!!!!! =DDD WO HUO CHU QU LE!!!!!! Lolol.

Me and Wendy (the best guest i can ever have who threaten to pee on my couch LOL cox i refuse to let them use the master bedroom toilet) chilling while waiting for the rest to come ^.^

I thought Josh was taking pictures when i was putting in the contact lens but then later realise he's taking video lol.

After censoring all the doot-able languages here's the video of me putting in contact lens.

The main point is not me, the main point is you really need to hear what they say!!!

ALL words of wisdom for noobies like me or for people who want to wear contact lens but just don't dare to or don't know how to. I am soooo gonna be eternally grateful to them all! =DDD

Wendy say i can be chioer by 10 - 30% maybe, if i start wearing contact lens =DDD


And then the other day Wendy and Yutaki and Sophie celebrated my birthday with me ^.^ i is very happy!!! Sophie even got me a cake =DDD And then Wendy got me a HnM giftcard cox we were going shopping there =DDD And they all treated me to dinner ^.^ Wo zhen de hen kai xin!!!

We had some kind of competition going on to see who shoot Yutaki the best. Now we just have to wait 10 years for Yutaki to post up the pictures. LOL.

The giftcard from Wendy =))) Xie Xie Ni!

Was actually really happy and thankful they date me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday =)

Becox i always always remember people don't have to be nice to me! I'd be happy if they are neutral towards me but they are so nice to me =))) I hope everyone who is nice to me will have great things happening to them =))
- - - - - - -
Some wedding preperation update!

I met my wedding cake sponsor ^.^ Will share more about the cake sponsor but for now i really really really wanna shout a BIG FAT THANK YOU!!!!!! To my wedding planners Clarice and Shikin from Eternally Yours!!! They are so nice to accompany me to every meeting!

Every single meeting they plan nicely for me according to my timing and schedule and seriously Clarice always has it all sort out before i could even think about it and before i even worry about it.

The cake sponsor is they introduce to me one! And oh yes, live band music and videography sponsor!!! Also Clarice and Shikin help me find one!!! I don't know how i can thank them enough!

Really gotta thank Wendy for introducing Eternally Yours to me for a start!!! =DDD They say sharing doubles all the goodness! Wendy probably doesn't know but i am VERY thankful for that!!

Everytime i meet Clarice or get an email for her, i always feel very excited!!! Cox it's very systematic and everything is moving forward like this!!! Like she's bringing me one step by one step closer to my wedding. Yeah, i talk to Clarice more about the wedding than i do, to Josh lolol.

And like during the cake meeting, Clarice printed out really beautiful wedding cake inspirations and designs etc, to discuss it with me and Josh and the pastry chef. And during our chocolate tasting session for wedding favour, i was all like "OKAY OKAY!" cox too overwhelmed by chocolates but Clarice would be asking all the right questions like what mixture of flavours do i want, and how i want the customisation part to be, printed on rice paper or piped with white chocolate etc.

She just knows so well what she's doing and really take note of all the small minute details and prevent anything that might crop up =)) She probably think she's just doing her job but when i see her scribbling and scribbling in her notebook i just want to tell her THANK YOU CLARICEEEE!!!

Haha but that'd be too much for her to take lolol. Don't wanna freak her out at this point of time i still need her to help me with a lot of things!!! It's like, i don't know how brides do it without a wedding planner. I really cannot even though i don't have a 9-5 'proper' job where i have to set aside a good half of my time awake at work. I everyday own time own target, yet i STILL have problem trying to juggle wedding stuff, blogging, social life and filming.

Did you know i ask to stop Budget Barbie filming for half of June cox i just had too much on my plate for a short while. Like with all the June happenings, birthdays, Japan trip and the blogging after, even my small role in the movie took up 3 days to film in June.

I know i am rambling already but i am just really thankful there are people from Eternally Yours helping me out with the wedding thing!!! Even though sometimes they don't have to be there, they will make it there somehow just to know EVERYTHING about my wedding =))) I think this is some serious work dedication!!!

And they have all the connections to the best wedding-related services you'd need lor. Like so far they introduced videography, tier cake, live band music and is helping me source out all the ideal places for wedding! Best is, if you want THE BEST, they know who. If you want THE MOST AFFORDABLE with decent work, they also know who. Lol.

So i conclude, having a wedding planner is crucial!!! They know all the where, who, what, hows to wedding! And they can do all the worrying for you lol. Best. Especially so if you have a budget, the wedding planners will help you plan everything within the allocated sum =D

If you need really dedicated wedding planning services for your wedding no matter if you're half way through planning or if you're just starting to plan, i recommend Eternally Yours.

Don't go crazy over all the planning! I think wedding and the whole process of it is supposed to be enjoyable and fun and happy lah! Having a good wedding planner is like having a good girlfriend helping you oversee everything. Like she has your back on wedding day ^.^

We are still deciding on which restaurant to hold the wedding at. I am not gan jeong at all leh. But Clarice has already contacted many hotels/ restaurants to get their pricing packages for me and to help me sort them out into different budget and styles of the restaurants etc O.O She make me feel a bit guilty that she is working harder than me for my wedding.

So yup~ Next i will decide on the venue and then next.. I don't know what's next but i'm sure Clarice will inform me lol. I only know that i have to go do some aesthetic procedure around September? To my face!!! =_="

Filler on the nose and forehead and maybe some on the chin?

And then botox on the forehead again!



Juulia / ユリア said...

Well done with the contacts! Finally made it ^.^

I also cannot put the lens straight on the iris! Have to use the side-method :DD

Shi Ling said...

Wow! Congrats with being able to put on contacts!!!
With more practise u'll be more comfortable and able to do it faster! I took quite a long time to learn how to put in on fast too, so jiayou!!

meiping said...

I use the side method as well! A lot of people think it's weird but I cannot put it straight on my iris :( When I take my lens out, I also use the side method where a look towards one side, push the contacts the other way and take it out :)

Unknown said...

WHOOO! Congrats! I remember the first time I tried to get prescription lenses. Fortunately for me, the optometrist was infinitely patient. Sometimes professionals just need to know how much their attitude when dealing with clients can affect both their business and the client itself. I can't imagine the amount of trauma you received, but I'm glad you were able to get over it with the help of your friends!


Anonymous said...

congrats with your contact lens experience!!! yutaki and xiaxue were both so supportive, I wish I had that kinda friends!!! congrats again, now u you CHIO level has went up a lot of notches!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I didn't know its not easy putting on contacts!! CONGRATS!!!!!!
KEEP ON TRYING!!!!!! Love the motto!!!
More on weddings please!!!!

FiSh said...

grats on contact lens.. you already look very chio in normal days, haha but with added lenses, it's more than awesome :D

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Anonymous said...

Do u like foie grass bcoz XX likes it too?

Anonymous said...

OMG u made me motivated to try contacts as well! It feels so scary to put plastic in your eye!!! Could you show a video on how can we take out also? Hahahaaas! Congrats!!!!!

qianhui =) said...

Congratz! Actually I can feel how excited you were when you made it because this happened to me 2 years ago! :D
As a suggestion, you can drop one or two drops of eyes drops [ 眼药水 ] on the contact lens before you wear it. Then you can wear it more easily & also more moisture :)
Gongxi gongxi again! You have a bunch of nice friends! ;)

Mindy.H ♥ said...

I must say you really have a great bunch of friends to guide you to success! They must be really proud of you... Congrats for the chioness leveled up!!

Carlyn said...

You have such lovely friends who support you. You are quite the lucky girl. Congratulations on finally putting on those contacts, I imagine it took a long time to take them out again. Good luck in your wedding preparations.

ms.bulat said...

Congrats! And you really do have awesome friends :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm still afraid of putting contact lens. The thing is I do not dare to touch my eyes..as in eye balls. Do you feel the same thing also?

hanneebuff said...

Congratulations on putting on the contact lens. My first time was also difficult and I also lost my patience. haha! but it was mom who guided me through the process cause she was wearing prescription lenses for years.

It was touching to hear Wendi, Cheesie, Yutakis and all the others cheering you on. Awesome friends are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Now you will be prettier by 10%-30% le lol.

*.❤TorukoGyaru❤.* said...

My first time was just like yours lol

Congrats ^^

Mrs Chong said...

They are so supportive. I don't know if I can be that patient. They were like staring at you trying and trying again yet they did not like shout say DONT BLINK LA!!! Hehehe..but oh well, it'll get better from here. I love it when someone said "Now you don't have to photoshop already!!!" I think it's Xiaxue.

i_leftmyfootprints said...

Wah congrat u finally did it..all the best ^,~

Becca said...

Congrats on putting in contacts! I remember when I first started wearing them, it took forever to get it right! My suggestion for helping you putting them in better is to add a few drops of saline solution (contact lens solution) on your contacts before wearing it. It helps ease the dryness! :)

Btw, I've noticed your skin has a few bumps and acne. Have you ever thought of using moisturizers with glycolic acid? It helps remove the dead skin and really helps with people with acne prone skin!

Sorry for typing just a long comment! But I do really suggest using glycolic acid! And I can't wait to see you all dolled up for you wedding! :D

chloe :) said...


Another tip that might help: if the lens keep sticking onto your fore finger and refusing to go into your eye,

Drop a few drops of solution on your forefinger, kind of works for me!:P

It will take some time to get used to it, jiayou!

♔StarFuit♔ said...

Qiu, you did a great job!! This video reminded me of my first time trying on contact lens. I failed and in the end my bff help me put on my lens. ~.~ So, you did a very great job!! Keep it up!! =D Practice makes perfect! =D Trust me and you will end up liking contact lens. ;D

pL said...

congrats on finally figuring out how to wear your lenses! do be careful when tugging on your eyelids. too much tugging will give you fine lines and wrinkles! so once you get the hang of inserting your lenses, learn how to do it without so much tugging on your eyelids ok? =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your first attempt on your contact lenses. I had the same problem too when I started trying them. It was worst then. During my time, we had the hard lenses. However, lucky you that you are in another generation from mine. I love reading your blog and you positiveness in life. Keep it up, girlie. My son is too young, otherwise I will get him to chase after you.:-)) Have fun, pretty.

struggling with contact lenses said...

Thanks so much for this post! I finally got it!