13 July 2012


This is not the chioest picture. Keep scrolling. Haha.

Pass few days i've noticed a trend and i've been thinking..

Nobody cares about my makeupless pictures even when i think it looks quite chio sometimes. Lolol.

Okay maybe not chio, but like clean and pretty?

Okay maybe not clean cox of my dark eyerings and blemishes. But quite pretty?!


Okay nevermind. My point is, i get a lot a lot more likes on Instagram (FOLLOW ME IF YOU HAVE YET TO, THANK YOU. I AM @bongqiuqiu) when i have makeup on, than when i don't.

So. I set a mark for myself to at least put on light makeup when going out with friends, boyfriend, and for meeting. Family leh.. I don't think need lah. Lol. Everytime meet family = Nua at my sister's home and play with baby Yurou anyway. Lol.

And i'm starting to do some skincare and haircare =X I know, "starting" sounds horrible for lady of my age. Lolol. I mean i did try to start from time to time, but every time it gets better i slack off.

I MUST MUST MUST put in double dedication now on to look chioer! ^.^

I mean now the most effort i put into is my teeth i guess. Lol. I brush them like at least 3 times a day.


Dude! I don't even shampoo daily!!! I shampoo like once every 3 - 4 days =X

Guess i have to shampoo at least alternate days now!!! I don't know, to treat my hair to more conditioner more often? Also, since i am not going back to my previous hair salon after the whole photoshoot incident..


Please feel free to email me at qiutinger@gmail.com ^.^ Thank you =)

So anyway, back to this whole "trying" phase in my life.

I ordered like 10 pairs of shoes (cox Wendy keep hiam-ing my slippers with bows lolol) and tonnes of necklaces and ear hook (cox i have no ear piercing O.O) and some clothes hopefully for a wardrobe change. I mean the style, not literately changing the wardrobe. You know, the physical wardrobe.

I guess you guys get it. So yeah, i wanna change my wardrobe!!! The last flea i cleared out all sorts of outfits that is in my beauty room that i won't wear, or doesn't fit me.

These days i hardly want to wear an outfit twice, if i know i'd be taking pictures. I just don't wanna appear on my blog with similar outfit too much? So i have this huge bag of clothes that belong to the "i worn once to snap pictures with, but i don't love it enough for it to make it to my cupboard" So yeah, it just sits there in my beauty room, in the bag, waiting for the next flea to come, for new owners to appreciate it.

Not like they are bad or anything. I just don't love them enough. Lolol.

Classic breakup line:

"It's not you. It's me"

Haha yeah i use it on the clothes. They take it pretty well.

And the stuff that makes it to my cupboard are not like super extra gorgeous and not necessarily much nicer than the ones that goes into the bag. They are just stuff i love and have a weak spot for. Lol.

Like tie dyes, comfy T-shirts, denim shorts, easy-matching cardigans, simple and comfy dresses that doesn't shrink to show my under butts after one wash. The recent Mary Julian stuff i got on Jipaban are all in my cupbaord now lol. Just so you have a better idea.

And talking about clothes that has good chance on making it into my cupboard,

I just received these three pieces from Jipaban. AND I LOVE THEM ^.^

Printed on lace details on a tank dress. Stretchable material so it's very comfy!!! =D
BEST PART? ONLY FREAKING $10!!! Used to be $20! Get it on Jipaban now!

If you want something dressy, this python printed top (comes in various colours) would be great!
Match it with a pencil skirt or a peplum skirt i think you're gonna look great already ^.^

Painted abstract jersey dress for..... $10 also!!! =___= Jipaban spoiling market for all online shops. Lololol. Really one!! The material is super comfy and stretchable also. Used to be $20 also!
You can pair it with a denim shirt like i did or just wear it alone with jeans.
Alright, go enjoy shopping on Jipaban ^.^ I especially love their sale category. Lol.


Test said...

Woww, I love the first dress! So pretty


Sockhan said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! Looking forward to your next flea! I've came for your recent flea but I was pushed violently by the crazy fans who're snatching all those clothes. Really hope the next flea it'd be better. Love your blog too!

You're beautiful (:

Sock Han

Anonymous said...

you are pretty!!!!!!!
yayyyyyyyy to new wardrobe for you!!!!!
hahahaha more to shopppppp!!!

Anonymous said...

Qui Qui I love your style and your blog. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new clothes you buy. You're so pretty I wish I looked like you :) !

i_leftmyfootprints said...

QiuQiu I'm so envy of u coz u say u hv a bag of unwanted clothes.. I always having of not enough clothes to wear as I think urs is far better than me haha.. I love ur pics n also make up actually..

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said...

I think you're pretty either way!!


Come give me feedbacks and follow!! :) thanks^^

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't judge your cuteness by the amount of likes you get. I think you love absolutely lovely without makeup (I'm a huge fan of the natural look, in any case). Just be yourself- there's nobody more beautiful than a happy person :)

Love reading your blog,
a reader from Toronto

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy clip on earrings? I have no ear holes also :(

Thank you! :)

Susan Lolo Bua said...

qiuqiu cute leh :)
Hope you will find sponsor for your hair soon.
God bless you..

Anonymous said...

Hi qui qui, may I know where can I get the eye lid stickers which u r using? I know u mentioned it before but I can't seem to find the post.. I'm also in my trying process to put up an effort to dress up n make up!

Anonymous said...

what was the incident that happened at the hair salon? mind sharing it with us?

Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

Waaaaa so cute, and beautiful!! Best model girl I've seen!!!

Love from Emi

Unknown said...

i think you are pretty without makeup too!!! and actually its actually good to NOT wash your hair daily cause it will dry up the oil your scalp emits they helps to nourish the hair and constant washing dries up the scalp preventing the hair ends from being smooth (:

Anonymous said...

HiHi QiuQiu may i know where you got your denim shirt in your last photo from? ^^