04 December 2012

Hello Kitty X EVA Air

Another installment for the Taiwan - Tokyo trip me, Wendy, Cheesie and Audrey took!

Expedia very nicely flew the four of us on EVA Air and one of the trip during our Singapore - Taiwan - Tokyo - Taiwan flight.. WE flew on HELLO KITTY AIR!!!

Yeah i call it Hello Kitty Air but it's actually EVA Air X Hello Kitty ^.^

Very happy that Expedia hook us all up to this!!! Four of us all super looking forward ah!!!

If you're thinking of travelling or if you feel a dying need to travel on Hello Kitty air after seeing all our posts, then please, book your trip on EVA Air through Expedia haha! ^.^

When you book a trip through Expedia, you really don't have to worry!

That is what Expedia offer you everyday! Yeah BEST PRICE guaranteed sounds good hor ^.^

BUT!!! That's not all. If you follow Expedia on Facebook, you'd know first hand all the promotions they have. From just Oct, i know they have 60% of hotels, and then in November i know they have the daily draw for a $1 trip to ANYWHERE in the world for their customers, and then just recently, they ended the $8 hotel promotion. It's all super good deal from Expedia!

I wonder what's next!!! Follow them on their facebook page to stay updated of the best travel deals!

Back to EVA Air X Hello Kitty ^.^
At the check in counters. Really only us four were dressed for Kitty air!!! We see a lot of businessman looking quite sian hahaha. I feel bad for them! In black power suit, eating from Hello Kitty trays, using Hello Kitty cutlery later hahaha. And!!! Hugging Hello Kitty cushions hahaha!
Dude, even the boarding passes has Hello Kitty prints!!! =DDDDD We were all snapping pictures of four of our passes and then we notice a dark shadow at the corner so..
"AUDREY!!! MOVE YOUR HEAD A BIT" Hahahahahahahaha. Awkward Audrey is awkward. And she have to stay in that sprained-neck position for 4 pictures long lolol.
After airport shopping and lunch, WE FINALLY rushed for Kitty Air ^.^ Even the plane exterior is sooooo cute ^.^ You see you see you see!!!!
INSIDE HELLO KITTY AIRPLANE BY EVA AIR!!!!!!!! Me and Wendy =DDD They say i very lucky cox i got pink pillow, the rest get like green / blue / yellow / purple.
Dah, lucky kitty pillow ^.^ The headrest cover also got Hello Kitty ah ^.^
Wendy all comfy and camhoring haha. Her top very cute but is a sign of being a traitor on Kitty air cox it's Disneyland character hahaha.
Hello Kitty X EVA Air. I bet it's the cutest airline collaboration, EVER.
Flip awwww ^.^
About the first time i really look at a safety instruction card as a passenger hahah ^.^
The boring instructions also made cuter with Hello Kitty!!!
Once the seatbelt sign went off me and Wendy quickly go toilet snap pictures hahaha. Hello Kitty toiletries!!! CUTE BU CUTE?!??! =DDD I tried the moisturizer! Smells so sweet and nice ^.^
WHAT THE HECK this is carrying it too far omgggg HELLO KITTY TOILET PAPER ❤ ❤ ❤
Hello Kitty cup that Wendy managed to find when she went to the lavatory haha.
Meow! ^.^V
I hope if i get to travel on Kitty Air again i can pre-order the kids meal also!!! It it sooo cute one!!! The bento box is in a Hello Kitty bow awwww. I thought i saw an adult having it also!!! =D
Flight attendants on board Hello Kitty air also looking much cuter with the pink Hello Kitty apron!
I take back my words about the Hello Kitty toilet paper being too much. THIS IS BEING TOO MUCH! How can we bear to use this puke bag?! O.O I would rather puke on my friend beside. Lol.
Headphone set in Hello Kitty wrapper.
Deng deng deng! Meal time! Tray paper, cutlery packaging, carrot cut out and ice cream.. All Hello Kitty - inspired!!! =DDD
Sorry but you better be a Hello Kitty fan to go through the rest of the post! Haha. Cox I DON'T CARE I JUST NEED TO PICTURE THESE DOWN cox they are so cuteeee!!! Wet towels.
Hello Kitty dental floss and toothpick.
Hello Kitty cutlery.
Hello Kitty ice cream.
Awwww so cute the cup!!!
EVA Air really is going all the way. Hello Kitty ice cream spoon inside!!!
Wendy asked for sugar for her tea and i'm glad she did becox it's SO CUTE!!! The sugar sachet and stirrer!!! Oh Kitty kitty kitty!!!
And then i think Wendy asked for something but it wasn't available so the crew very very nicely and considerately, gave us these Hello Kitty chopsticks as souvenirs instead! =DDD

Thank you Expedia for helping us book this trip with EVA Air!!!

The staff on EVA air is really helpful and friendly so i sure do hope to fly with them again!!! =D

Links for you

You have have have HAVE to check out the EVA Air X Hello Kitty webshop / webpage!!!

It is filled with the cutest Hello Kitty merchandise!!! And you can purchase them one i think.

From their Kitty shop ^.^

Enjoy! And remember to book your holiday through Expedia if you're thinking of travelling!

And then i cleaned the cutlery and then packed everything inside and then bring home =X Eh eh eh, what, still better than Cheesie and Audrey, they both took the Hello Kitty pillows home. HAHA.


Lynn Chan said...

Hi QiuQiu ! Where did you get your boots ? :') It's so pretty ! :')

Unknown said...

so cuteeee <3

Sheryl said...

Omggggggg it's so awesomeeeeee!!!!!! Wishh I got to enjoyy it too :(

Unknown said...

I think I would have taken both the pillow and the cutlery home xD

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu, do u dye your brows or bleach them?

Clee said...

Oh God *OO* That's so cute. Hello Kitty toilet paper !!! <3 I guess, I would steal it lol
And the pillows awww. Are these pillows gifts and you can keep them?
Hello Kitty cutlery...You girls really were at heaven. <3
Thank you for publish all the pictures! :)

Genny said...

So cool :) wished they had a my melody version :)

Anonymous said...

I always take airplane stuff home. You're allowed to. That's why they make it out of disposable material..

Anonymous said...

I saw the plane when i was at Taiwan and its already so cute on the outside!! Your pics make me wanna go on it badly D:

Carlyn said...

Wow I love how there's Hello Kitty everywhere, right up to the little things like toilet paper and sugar packets.

Rose said...

omg that it like heaven. you lucky ducks

Marie Carlisle said...

Wow, that is ridiculously adorable. I would just die over cute overload. Can't wait to go back to Asia someday!

Wengie said...

im so jealous right now!!!

xoxo Wengie

jen said...

I wonder what goes through the minds of those men in powersuits.. Like when talking to someone on the phone, "Mr. Executive, I'm on board in Hello Kitty plane right now, talk to you later. Bye!" Lolol

Amoi Farah said...

Wow so cute... hello kitty airlane...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE evaair!! Few years ago I was flying with them to bangkok when i was going to Thailand! I loved them!

Nana said...

Oh wow! Hello Kitty overload! I am so jealous! Come next airfare promo, I would surely book Taiwan. I adore Hello Kitty so much and being surrounded with everything Hello Kitty would be such a high! Thank you for sharing your photos :-) And and..you look so cute and sexy at the same time.

Syddie said...

Flying on HK air is so going on my bucket list! :')

Joanna L. said...

(sad)... wish some day I can make enough money to travel at least once in this special EVA Hello Kitty Plane....>,<....
Can you gift me a set of the EVA Hello Kitty flight stuff? or sell me just a little money??? (just asking....)....envy you...

Hunny Kitty said...

i want to fly with it too

Anonymous said...

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Jackson said...

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