06 December 2012

Hen's Night - Part Two

Continuing from the first post of my hen's night ^.^

Very super happy with the whole thing the bridesmaids planned.

Thank you Mich! Thank you Zhen! Thank you Gem! Thank you Wendy! Thank you Huiwen! Thank you Sophie! And Thank You Niao Niao ^.^ I really hen kai xin ah! Xie Xie!

Pastel for the theme haha. Lavendar polka dot dress from rarebits.
Pretty decoration set up with those chio lights done done up by Assemble Happinest
And the pretty pastel helium balloons are from Partie Boutique

These pretty pastries and dessert wine the girls planned for, are put together by Assemble Happinest as well! If you're looking to decorate a place you know who to go to! ^.^

Again, party buntings painstakingly done by my gfs ='D

❤ ❤ ❤
Yummy cupcakes from Baked by Lace Their Salted Caramel cupcakes are irresistible!!!
Jars after jars of wet spongey flavourful tiramisu from The Tiramisu Hero! Warning: If you choose level four for liquer level, be prepared to get drunk lolol. It's this good.

And one more of the pretty room we booked in, at The Sultan Hotel.

People from The Sultan Hotel are super nice and they care about your event! And would try to help as much as they can. So if you're keen, these are some of the rooms they have.

The Sultan Loft Suite

They have loft suites for $300 per night only!!! Top floor is like a cozy attic with a bench couch and a huge bed good for up to 4 persons maybe? And then the bottom floor you have a huge day bed comfy for two person to sleep. So if you're planning a hen's night, $300/night for a two level suite like that for a group of girls to stayover with the bride-to-be, that's pretty alright, right! =D

Some of the types of rooms you may choose from.

Gauging from $300 loft suite, is the most luxurious choice, you can expect lower price range for these rooms i guess!!! Good place if you wanna celebrate a special occasion with a few special ones!

Sultan Suite (top picture) and Skylight Suites. Sultan suite is the one we got ^.^ It's great for a cozy gathering like ours! The Skylight suite will be romantic for a couple staycation ah! And the background really quite nice!!! Vintagey to start with already! Don't have to do much!
More flowers and decor from Assemble Happinest ^.^
Pretty hand bouquets for all the girls.
Sophie, me and Wendy ^.^ Everyone was impressed with the florist / decoration person! I think mainly cox Assemble Happinest prepared like flower headbands for them girls to camho lolol.

Me with Niao Niao my sister lah. She very erxin, wear black to a pastel theme party hahaha.

One of the activities that night.. MASSAGE!!! *shiok face* I really love massages lor. Last time not so love one cox always think it's very painful and uncomfortable but now i super appreciate it! And omg look at Wendy de baby in her tummy!!! =DDDDD Baby Auntie Qiu can't wait to carry you!!! When you come out liao and i confirm 100% you are not a girl then i buy boys clothes for you ba!

Thanks to the skillful masseurs from The Retreat Spa and Wellness If you wanna have them send their people down to YOUR event / party, you can too! Email them at info@theretreat.com.sg OR you can drop by their branches at Changi Village Hotel/ Marriott hotel!
Having my nails done ^.^ Yeah we had manicurists for that evening too! Hang on to see their work!!!
While Wendy gets her head and neck massage. Ommmmm..
Sorry ah like a lot of things happening so i jump here and there lol. Back to the manicure stations! IF you have a party, you have to get these girls in, they are all so well-prepared!!! Thanks to Miyake for introducing them to us!!! =D They did a set of cupid angel nails for Miyake and it was stunning =D
While Mich and Zhen wait for their manicurist to set up. Mine already started shaping my nail cut!
There, pretty pastel balloons from Partie Boutique ^.^ Really adds a joyous feel to the party!
Niao Niao do finish head, neck and shoulder massage, she went all the way to do body and back massage hahaha. And then this Wendy so boh liao go throw petals on her hahaha.
AWWWwwwww. High quality nail seals of Hello kitty!!! =OOO WANT WANT WANT. But not suitable for wedding =( So i didn't =(((
They have tonnes of Xmas festive nail seals too so if you're keen after seeing their work later, please contact them!!! =DDD They are a bunch of nice girls operating on their own but are friends!
OH YAY~ I'm done with my nail and is ready for my massage~!!!
I never ever use this word but massages are orgasmic truly. And my masseur for that evening is soooo good at what she do!!! Thank you The Retreat Spa and wellness!
Here's Sophie doing the pre-massage breathing circulation thing. I did it too and it was quite refreshing!!! It's really warm and when you inhale you can feel the relaxing effect of the essential oil!
That's Wendy happily watching maybe.. Crime Watch =.= Lolol. Before she flop into a napzone.
Omg omg omg my paraffin wax hand mask!!!! THE FEELING IS SOOOOOO.. ODD. You might feel it's a little bit too hot initially but after that it's just relaxing and comfortable!
Let it sit. And you'd get soft smooth and relaxed hands later ^.^
Done with manicure and massages for head, neck, shoulder, hands =DDD Happy and refreshed!
Photobomber Michelle. Ta yi wei ta hen cute.
Huiwen join us later and this is her least scared-looking face out of all the shots i took. So humji one!

And then ALL of us did our nails liao!!! Here are some of the designs!!!

Michelle's sweet dainty roses and polka dotty nails done by Felicia from Felicious Nails
- - - - - - - - - - -
Yuzhen's intricate cupid angel nails! SWEET HOR! Done by Shona from Mental for Polish
- - - - - - - - - -
Sophie's Hello Kitty Bows with colourful french tip done by Jenrine from Everyday I'm Polishing. Jenrine does really nice sweet/ funky designs too you should check them out!
- - - - - - - - - -

My sparkly dust gradient nails done by Ying from Nail Art Express

THIS ONE is not mine but it's my personal favourite cox of the heart lace details and......

THE PIG. Hahahahahaha. My sister Niao Niao (pigpigrocks) really love pigs. Her nails are done by Ying from Nail Art Express too and Ying is the one who liaise for all the manicurist so you can book any of them through the booking system HERE. Of course you can contact them individually at your convenience also lah! =D Good time to do your Xmas nails!!! =DD

With all of the manicurists..

They are nice and skillful so if you wanna get manicurist(s) for your party OR you wanna find out if any of them have their home-based manicure salon near you, do check out their sites!
Me and a Huiwen with as what she would call "Jappy Makeup" It's not even Jappy lor, it's just i try my best with whatever makeup i brought cox she very nicely flown back from BKK for one day before she flies out to Phuket for Nuffnang company retreat! She still hiam!!! Lolol.
Wendy also hiam the makeup i did for her BUT say real one, Huiwen hardly look so cute =X Lolol.
Awww kawaii~ Lololol. She confirm cringe like mad if she sees this one. Hahaha!

Niao Niao doing her paraffin hand mask.
With the skillful and professional masseurs from The Retreat Spa and Wellness.
And then it's dessert time cox just now all busy with massages and manicure, no time to do dessert haha. That is Sir Antonio aka The Tiramisu Hero, staring at you, by the way. Lolol.
Look at how generous the ingredient used for this tiramisu is. If you love tiramisu wet and flavourful, you really really have to try out The Tiramisu Hero! You can customise the level of sweetness, wetness and liquer. MAKE YOUR OWN HEAVEN.
And that's me with my favouritest cupcake ever, with Niao Niao and the (AGAIN?! You got so desperate or not! Lol) photobomber Mich!!! Salted Caramel cupcake from Baked by Lace.
One last photo of me before we started to play game with the forfeit as drinking...... Bad idea.
And the game happened at about 10 plus, 11 pm.
This is what i manage to snap at 5am plus.. Hahaha. So i think i was not fully sober until about 3am? And then i got better really quickly and then felt really touched and grateful for all these.
The effort the girls put in into making this hen's night happening. Lolol. Bright lights like these in the dark gives you a very heartwarming / lonely / nostalgic feel. Do you feel like that sometimes?

A picture with Gem who rushed for work after fitting for bridemaids dress earlier, and then rush back here to celebrate the rest of the night with me even thou she must be dead beaten after a flight =')
No have pictures of her whole night! So here's one more! =D
Thank you, thank you, all 7 of you ='))) You guys are the 7 of the nicest people in my life =) I will never never ever forget this ='D Thank you!!!

All the links for you if you wanna contact any of the vendors for your celebration/ gathering/ hen's night/ all sort of party/ slumbernight/ copoerate functions etc etc!

❤  * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤

Booking for nailart services for events

❤  * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤

Experience of a memorable, cozy and fun hen's night, credit to 7 Nice girlfriends.

Haha. Thank you guys again

And then we try to makeup for the lack of sleep before we continue in Part 3 - Purely Camho lol.


Janiceparadise said...

I wish I get invited to the wedding :(

Ann said...

waa.looks like u have a great time there..^^..such a lovely post...lotsa pretty eyecandy stuff!

anyway,whre can i find the blog follow button?

Carlyn said...

What a dream hen's night. You're so lucky to have such good friends and sponsers.

Kiwi said...

Love the flowers and decor, and your super cute hair!
Congratulations, QQ =D

pL said...

goodness... huiwen and your sis look even more alike then you and huiwen!
thanks for sharing the pics! looks like awesome fun and you gals had a great time! =)

Anonymous said...

everything is sooo girly and sweet and lovely!!!!!!! super super super super super loveeeeeeeeee!!!!!! loving every single bit of your hen's night!!!!!! can't wait for the wedding!!!!

Anonymous said...

Waoh!! Lovely hen's night! U get all these free from the vendors? Such a lucky girl!!

Hanna Lei said...

The nail seals are so cute! I love hello kitty My Blog

Nana said...

Is hen night equivalent to a bridal shower? Sorry, we do not have hen night in the Philippines. Anyway, I am so excited for your wedding. Being a huge fan, I cannot stop myself from being happy and giddy for you. You are looking more radiant than ever, and I hope you experience the most magical wedding because I know that you are marrying for love. Having met Josh for a few seconds, the love in his eyes when he looks at you is so apparent. Wish you all the best!

abby said...

The girl who did for u the head n shoukder massage therapist the picture is my girlfriend! Shunner leong! ^^
Last yr london worldskill Gold medallist candidate. ^^

Happy to see u having fun.

Takecare qiu

lammere said...

must be a lovely night with special friends :)

but i wondering hen's night - part one, i scroll and scroll but cant find it haha

Unknown said...

Hey that's really awesome decoration made on hen night. Similar kind of decoration I too had on my Hen night. Along with this my guests also enjoyed hen night games like mystery games on my party.

Erotines Prekes said...

The bride looks so young... but she's very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Its Brilliant place for the entertainment & parties.Hens Night Idea is so good.

Patricia Ellis said...

Nice party and party pics are really good and you all re enjoy. i hope you are enjoyed a lot at party.

lillie said...

You look great! Beautiful photos, it seems the night was nice and everybody had so much fun! :)