02 December 2012

QWeekly - My Hen's Night Part One ❤

Before i start the post.. BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to my bridesmaids, Michelle, NiaoNiao, YuZhen, Geraldine, Sophie and Huiwen, and my bridesmaids' mentor Wendy =))))

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

The hen's night you guys planned for me was so good and touching O.O Yeah, i would have been more sentimental and emotional if i hadn't been.. A bit drunk. Lol.

Alright! So last Friday was my hen's night! I was planning it just nice till bridesmaids mentor Wendy got Michelle and the rest of the girls to take over and then i lost control of it nevermind, Michelle won't tell me what they gonna do so i a bit gan jeong becox my idea of it is to be chillaxing haha.

So i already got massage and manicure in place. Massage sponsor is thanks to the help of Jayne my Nuffnang manager. She got me the same vendor who did massage at Olay's event last year and i heard from Mich and Wendy that it was quite good!!! So thank you, The Retreat spa and wellness! Their masseurs are indeed skillful. Everyone was falling asleep cox the massages were so comfy!

Will share more about that in another post of the hen's night!

First itineary for me and the girls that day, fitting at Love, Bonito~!!!

For their bridesmaids dress fitting ^.^ After the last time we met in July, the Love Bonito ladies help me get ready the colours i want for the girls and ta dang dang dang dang dang~!

I am standing in for the purple girl Huiwen. Haha. But purple girl might change colour with yellow girl Gem so yeah. We're with Viola from Love Bonito ^.^ She's always so patient and helpful towards us when it comes to fitting time! And even help got the girls nude wedges =)) Thank you Viola!!!

Let you all see first lah it's okay. You can go ask Love Bonito when they are launching it for their bridesmaids collection. The last time someone ask if they will selling it as normal dresses, i also hope they do becox I WANT THE PINK ONE LAH. And i want it cox this dress ah, when you walk that time the tail will flow with the air one ^.^ I like leh =D Haha.
Awwww. So pretty the colours!!!!! Love, Bonito really delivered what i had in mind ='D Thank you.. These are exactly the dresses and colours and designs i pictured the girls to be in =))) I can't wait to see them wear the dresses with full makeup and nice hair ^.^ Hawww..
And these nude wedges from Love, Bonito really extend their legs

After fitting we head back to the hotel to place our stuff before heading out for dinner later!

Actually ah, 11am i already wanna go to the hotel to chill liao cox i wanna make full use of the hotel suite cox i've been to the hotel for Yutaki's birthday before and it's quite chill one lah! But accroding to Michie, "The tribe has spoken and you are not allowed into the hotel room until after 5pm"

Okay! I thought they wanna doll up the place (although i really didn't need them to cox i don't wanna trouble them!!! And mainly cox i'd be very happy with just a room to chill with them all) so i just leave them be lah haha. So long as no stripper, no guys (Josh's instruction), i'm cool! =DDD

The hotel that Jayne found for me is

 The Sultan

It's conveniently located at 101 Jalan Sultan and is very near to Bugis street (Victoria Street, Tan Kwee Lan, Liang Seah etc) and Beach road (think Golden Mile food market omggg)!!! Both of these two areas are filled with good food stalls!!! =DDD So if you and your friends / loved ones wanna head there for staycation, no need to scared no food / entertainment! ^.^

Within the hotel itself there's already pubs / restaurants in case you need food and drink!

All i feel is "WHITE" haha. The Sultan is a boutique hotel where they have different kinds of rooms! I'd show you more on the rooms next post also lah! =D

All the staff that i came across, be it at front desk, housekeeping, phone operator etc, all also very friendly and willing to offer their help!!! =D
Sophie touching up her makeup while NiaoNiao tweet. Haha. Bimbo max.
Got up to our room and TA DAH!!! I was greeted with this!!! =DDDDD I LOVE PARTY BUNTINGS DID I EVER SAY!!! They have this very carnival-ish happy feeling!!!

 These buntings are painstakingly cut out by Mich, Zhen and Gem ='))) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! They stayed up for a few late nights to make these. And i really love it max lah =D

There's more!!!

First thing i see when i step inside the room..

All flowers, baby-lights decor and area-setup are done by
I'm like GOT SO ROMANTIC OR NOT!!! Everytime i see people do these rose hearts on bed thing i'd think "cliche" lolol but say real one when people actually do for you.. 就还挺爽的 hahaha!!!

Quick snap one with the pretty rose petals in double heart ^.^
Set up done by Lydia from Assemble Happinest ^.^ Thank you Lydia, and your mummy for all the time and effort you guys put in!!! Haha was saying that in this picture we look like a couple lolol.

Lydia and the mum really put in A LOT of dedication to decorate the room =') And she's pretty good and talented at it also!!! Will show you guys the full decor in the next post! For now you can check out Assemble Happinest photo album on Facebook for some of the pastwork they have done!

If you're thinking of decorating a place for your company functions, for a birthday party, for your proposal, for your wedding venue decor, even for bouquets for your loved ones for all occasions..

You can find Lydia from Assemble Happinest ^.^ They will be doing the decor for my wedding on 9th December as well!!! ^.^ CAN'T WAIT!!! Confirm will make the place look magical one ^.^

More pastel colourful buntings the girls made for the hen's night ^.^ They just make me so happy!
One with Zhen Zhen ^.^
One with Michie =D
One with Sophie, the only one so far, who came according to the theme pastel / floral. Haha.
One with my little sister Niao Niao =D
More pretty flower decor and hand bouquets done by Assemble Happinest

Fresh roses =)
One more of this flower heart ❤ ❤ ❤ People the rose hearts usually is red one, mine is pink and white =D Thank you Lydia again!!!

Even the hotel window is done up, i thought this was good enough, wait til you see next post!

Sweet treats from The Tiramisu Hero!!! I tried this before and loved it so Sophie arranged for some more! I love it cox the alcohol level, wetness and sweetness levels all can customise one!
Another sweet treat i've always supported and love!!! Baked by Lace cupcakes!!! Simple, timeless designs but full of flavours cox they are so generous with their ingredients for the taste!
Photo-taking area!!! The Sultan hotel room wallpaper is already so photowall-worthy!!! So i think it's perfect for girly gatherings lah! Or vintage themed party! =D With the babylights Assemble Happinest put up, and the party flags the girls put up.. It's perfect =')))
Sorry ah i really really love party flags =X Haha and the girls spent soooo much time doing it i think they deserve even more pictures than these! Hahah ^.^
One with Zhen and Mich ^.^
A corner of the room =) Pretty cozy hor? =) BUT! We're gonna head out for lunchner first! And the decor are not fully done up yet at this time so food first! =D

Head for my favourite Japanese skewer shop at Vivo ^.^ and i'm presented the BRIDE TO BE sash. Haha i was a bit shy to wear it lah~ I mean I BLUFF ONE I WAS LIKE "OMG GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!!" Then i parade it lolol.
Wendy join us and then she let me wear a really blinged tiara haha ^.^
All the food and more! I REALLY REALLY forgot that the girls were gonna treat me to this meal and i buay paisehly ordered my usual 6 prawn skewers =X When Wendy join she was asking how many i ordered cox if it's less than 6 it's me being paiseh cox i usually order 6 and above haha. So they want me to order freely lah =D But when i told Josh about it he say i am very ill-mannered and unabashed cox people treat me i still order so much =( If i remember i'd just order 2 or 3 but i really is forgot!
Bridesmaids mentor Wendy, she promote to become bridesmaids mentor becox she's sooo enthusiatic about being a good bridesmaids but cannot cox pantang cox she got baby in tummy awwww. I can't wait to sayang her baby =X For now it's only a lot of free tummyrubs haha. And then Sophie who takes care of the sweet treats ^.^ Thank you i really love those two you arranged!!! And Niao Niao my little sister i always love you and thank you for arranging these with them for me!!!
Zhen, Mich and me ^.^ Xie xie ni men, along with Gem, for the nights you all mo-mo de cut those cloths! Hahah. And yet i whine about you all no go msn chit chat lol.
And then Niao Niao booked a limo cab to get all of us back to the hotel. And that shall be in part two of the hen's night!!! =DDD

Thank you, girls. You guys really put in a lot of thoughts and effort for my hen's night =')))

Thank you!!! I am going to remember it for a long long time!!! ^.^


Anonymous said...

Your friend sophie is looks really pretty and graceful, anyway so happy for you qiuqiu that ur hennight was a blast!!!! Cant wait for ur real wedding to come:)

Anonymous said...

oh my!!! the deco!!! super super super sweet and lovely!!!!!
the girls looking really sweet!!!!
congrats once again!!!! happy that you enjoyed yourself!!!!!

Bahiyah Khalid said...

you are very efficient! you blog really fast.. ^_^ good luck on your wedding! may you have an everlasting love <3

peixuan said...

congrats!! =D cant believe youre getting married so soon. i feel kinda sad actually. :'( please continue to blog okay!! :( hehe! it looks so awesome! =D hope your wedding will be a blast and happy marriage to you and Josh ok!! jiayou jie mei men also!! (Y) =D

Hanna Lei said...

You blog so quickly! Congratulations. All the flowers look so pretty My Blog

FiSh said...

loads of happiness! :D waiting for part 2, part 3 and more to come :P

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Winston Choo said...

Looking forward for ur hen's night part 2 entry !!!

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Anonymous said...

can i ask where did you buy the bride-to-be sash?

Anonymous said...

can i ask where did you buy your bride-to-be sash from?