20 December 2012

Right before the Wedding

I know it's very backdated but these are the stuff i do a few days before my wedding! Haha!

Makeup trial done by Francis from YSL =D Few months ago YSL opened their first flagship store in Singapore! You can find YSL store at Orchard ION #01-25 i've seen people walk in just to get advice from their store makeup experts / do their dinner event makeup =D In case you're keen!
Omg I LOVE THESE LIPSTAINS FROM YSL THE MOST!!! Ultra major moisturising, colour is no need to say one, super good coverage and it's long lasting. The Rogue Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain from YSL is a must must must have! @.@ Comes in various colours!
Another top-selling, the YSL Touche-Éclat Radiant Touch illumination pen. Highlights + conceals at the same time!!! It's awesome! Won't find fine lines / cakey dried up lines even after the whole day.
Francis and myself ^.^ I ask for nude / natural makeup, i get ^.^
WANT. Whole shop is so beautiful and luxurious looking!
You may find YSL fragrances and skincare range in the store too! I HAVE BEEN USING THEIR EYE TONIC AND I LOVE IT! Best love it when i wake up with soothed eyes! Their eyecream can reduce wrinkles/ fine lines effectively =D
Closer look at my makeup =D Never trial with eyelashes/ double eyelid tape. I forgot to bring lah but nevermind i think to self "Add already will only be chioer, i surprise myself that day ba!"
Thank you Francis! =D YSL flagship store at ION 01-25 Tel: 6735 7378 if you're around the area! And if you need makeup services of course you can ask them also lah =D

And then a few days before the wedding, Josh prepared like 30 over cans of trotters + dessert and lotsa oranges and other stuff to go "Guo Da Li" at my parent's place @.@

Actually we never do all these one, like already skip gate crash and lotsa traditional stuff but i think my dad "she bu de" i jia chu qu last minute say want lolol. But he ask for a token like oranges and 6 cans of trotter and desserts only. Josh went to buy the whole supermarket back. And went to Chinatown to get all the red stuff O.O We also never hang up/ display in the end lah =X

Like i believe.. It's up to what you and i each believe =D Love is above all heng-sway lolol.

And then Josh sat in the kitchen for damn long to stick stickers on all the items and then arrange them nicely in a basket he bought from Chinatown and then started to decorate the whole thing with ribbons. He even ask me if need to wrap it up i had to remind him we're not doing a hamper lolol.

And here's our part-time meipo (matchmaker) Michelle we chose her cox her name starts with M. M for Meipo/ Matchmaker lolol. Meipo that day the eyeliner is draw until her temple one. Lololol.

One ang bao is dowry the other is "gratitude fee" call 养育之恩 token for my dad bringing me up =')) But i eat until so big and i so greedy, also don't know how one angbao can compensate him lolol. But nevermind i help him recruit one son-in-law as our new family member - Josh. Lolol.

And then two days before the wedding Josh and i head for Cleo again to have our hair done ^.^
I asked for a nice ash tone and i get!!! =DDD Thank you Shio!!!
❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page


YSL makeup experts came to help me and some of the bridesmaids do their makeup. LOOK AT ALL THE MAKEUP they brought!!! So prepared and ready and professional!!! =D
All the shades of eyeshadow you can find.
Love love love their lipstick colour!!! =O lolol.
Can't do without good YSL foundation and the YSL Touche-Éclat Radiant Touch illumination pens!!!
Niao Niao first to go. I ask everyone to snap a "Before" picture and i refuse to let them smile in the "Before" picture. Lolol. That's just how everyone does it anyway!!! Before always looks sad lol.

I give Niao Niao the most successful transformation award becox she really look MUCH better!!!
And then it's Zhen Zhen's turn!!! =D
Jian huo go and smile in the before picture *stares* But really after she looks a lot chioer haha ^.^

By the way all these bridesmaids damn hiao and vain one. All go and ask for smokey eyes (❡.❡) Lolol. This Yu Zhen most best, go and perm her eyelash for the wedding lolol.

We have this joke being thrown around that day, to whoever care too much..



Anyway~ Next~!

Gem join the airline already become much prettier but got makeup is of course chioer one!!! Please notice that after the first two tries, i got input wind-in-the-hair factor for Gem..
And Mich. Hahaha ^.^ Michelle that day so emotional, Josh keep asking her is it she 嫁女儿 lolol.
MY TURN! The YSL team very nice ah, still got help everyone do skincare before makeup ^.^
And i'm done! Same light makeup but with falsies!!! =D Thank you YSL!!! =D

Thank you Francis and colleague!!! =D
Me with girlfriends =D
And Shio doing my hair!
Not even half done haha.
Almost time.. Almost done..

Will share more about the wedding venue and decoration etc in the next post, SOON!


Anonymous said...

Did you started wearing lenses ?

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! I love your lip colour in the ysl photos! Care to let us know the products used? Thanks!
You look so pretty!! :)

Anastasia Goenawan said...

Pretty girl will always be pretty even without make-up..:D you're so lovely indeed..:D I love your blog layout too..


Georgina said...

Why you so cute one! hahahah <3

キラ said...

You look better without droopy eyelashes!

キラ said...

You look better without droopy eyelashes!

Jessie LH Voo said...

COngratulations, qiuqiu..! you are married. by the way, you looked so cute.the makeup on your wedding looked quite natural yet your MUA doing great job to accentuate your natural beauty..

Jau said...

Your lip colour is so pretty in the first photo! But in the first photo you look like you do not have double eyelids with the eyeliner on.

Jay said...

Your lip colour is so pretty in the first photo! But in the first photo you look like you do not have double eyelids with the eyeliner on.

Anonymous said...

You look so skinny should eat more.
But still you look so sweet with
the make up. Anyway Married girl is
always most beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You know why i read your blog? Because you are optimistic. Love. Happy marriage life.

When is my turn? LOL.


Anonymous said...

Your make up from YSL (the one you did in YSL counter) super nice! May I know what eye liner he used, liquid or pencil?

FiSh said...

haha josh looks the same before and after :P


Peggie said...

I wonder if u read these comments up.
Just drop by to say happy marriage =)
Lives like a princess in fairy tales. Happily ever after