25 February 2013

QWeekly - Nothing about nothing

Sorry i really really really forgot that it's Sunday and i am supposed to put up something today.

But it's not like any of you guys missed me ='( Nobody told me "OMG QIU IT'S SUNDAY WHY YOU NEVER BLOG I AM SO SADDDD" Haha. But i'd still blog something.

I am in Bangkok now and the food here is quite amazing. Shopping is just becoming more and more costly =((( But Mich and Zhen and i enjoyed the food a lot ^.^ We had mango sticky rice, pork knuckles with rice, basil chicken with rice, birds nest with super candied translucent gingko nuts and curry crab meat stir fired with eggs and prawn roll and prawn omelette and baby dou miao and herbs with deep fried fish. They were all awesome but the whole point of telling you is becox i don't have pictures to show you lol. So i have to tell you instead of showing it to you.

What am i talking about.

Nothing. Cox it's 2.43am here and i have to go sleep cox we're waking up for breakfast tomorrow and i only slept 1 hour before the flight here earlier this morning.

I will be back really soon please ah please don't don't read me. Lolol.


Unknown said...

Ehh how can their be no comments?

QiuQiu I love your videos on your youtube channel, you are so funny!!
I enjoy watching you on Budget Barbie alot <3

Cynthia said...

Have fun in Bangkok ah! ^^ Take lots of photos for us!!

Unknown said...

This is like your shortest blog post ever! Hahaha! <3 Have fun and we can't wait to see your posts after you come back! <3

We won't don't read you okay, no worries!