22 February 2013

Japan Street Snap

This post is backdated pictures from my Japan trip last Oct ^.^ I really enjoyed that trip cox Josh and i got to spend lotsa time on our own just walking and eating our way around.

But we only stayed within Tokyo lah. If i head Japan again i hope i can venture further! Like where, i don't know. Haha. Anywhere in Japan i believe will be quite love ^.^

Woke up in the morning to go try, supposedly, according to Cheesie and Cheesie's danna, one of the best shio ramen haha.
Mine ^.^ The toppings on top are all on the table, you can help yourself to as much as you want!
And then i got out of the ramen shop and saw nice sunlight. Lolol. So i had to.
Please understand i just have to.
Got no choice. Lolol.
And then we kept walking and snacking at random places, on random stuff.. And saw this. I think it was some kind of demonstration going on about the fishing island and NHK TV station O.O But the demonstration very peaceful one. Just walking and saying stuff.
And then we walk to the other end of Harajuku, and walk into their residential area and i found this nice house i had to ask Josh to help me snap a picture with it lololol.
Another nice house but this time with white gate.
So i shamelessly sat in front of their gate and snap a picture lololol. Eh i damn fearless please, their house got CCTV one. Lolol. Camho gotta cam! Lolol. My box bag is from rarebits.sg but it's sold out already cox we're talking about October. Lol.
And then we go visit a temple.. Quite near Harajuku one. I have no idea what are these. But Josh guess they are sake containers O.O But i guess they are lanterns lol.
Josh ask me why every shot in the temple i also look like Char Tao (piece of log). I didn't dare to pose at all in the temple premises lolol. Erm.. Just cox we're in a temple? I mean nobody should pose at temple lah! It's like imagine tourists come to Singapore and do jumpshots in front of our Guan Yin Ma at Victoria Street. It just don't look right O.O Or am i looking too much into it!
No idea if this is for hygiene or for respect purposes but i take it as i'm cleansing my soul *affirmative nod* Lol. It was a impromptu visit to the temple that's why i didn't research a lot of things!
Also saw this at the temple. Can someone tell me if this is a marriage ceremony going on!
With someone at the temple.. He and others who dress like him just stand there and doesn't move until people approach them to ask for pictures O.O And then we made wishes and got ourselves lucky charms and then we head off already =)
And then we head to Harajuku again haha. At the tamagochi shop. Cute little boy buying donut.
Made fresh~~~!!!
MINE!!! ^.^
Mini marshmallow with strawberry milk sauce!!! =DDD
The marshmallow will become melty melty one! Cox the donuts are fresh and hot ma.

Okay that's all for this post ah~ I hope i can visit Japan again soon!!! I hope i can visit Japan 3 times a year lolol. Bound to be one time i can see sakura there!!! Cheesie say until it's like heaven on earth like this. I also wanna see ^.^

Alright.. I'm flying off to Bangkok this Sunday and then flying back on Tuesday.

And then flying off for Korea next Monday. And then fly back 10 days later. This Korea trip has JUST been confirmed like maybe two days ago. That's when the tickets were booked and my appointment confirmed with the clinic in Korea. Really thanks to people at DocDoc.

Don't worry i will bring laptop so i can keep updating my blog! In fact i should have more up-to-date updates when i'm away! Haha. If not you should follow me on instagram / Twitter lah @bongqiuqiu

Most of my everyday snippets are there. Like what i ate, how i look, what i wore, who i hang out with. I mean not like the blog has to catch up. It's just the blog is for more solid updates lolol.

Also ah, i try to put different stuff on each platform lah. Like Twitter is to talk cock lolol. Instagram is to snap artsy shots. Okay no, mainly self shots and shots of people and food i like ^.^

And then the blog is where i put every thoughts and pictures at. Things that can help me remember my own life better. Like you saw lor, my wedding, my overseas trips, my rantings etc ^.^

Okay lah, thank you guys for reading me / following me. I have a lot more to share =)


ms.bulat said...

:) qiuqiu, can I know the restaurant name? The shio ramen restaurant name. Thank u!

ms.bulat said...

Please. Forgot my please...haha

QiuQiu said...

ms bulat, sorry! I don't have the restaurant name =X But it's along the street at shibuya when you walk along UNIQLO downwards, you see Freshness Burger, you just keep walking! Omg i realise it's very confusing.

ms.bulat said...

Hahaha!! It's okay! Will write it down and keep it in mind. Thank you:):)

Unknown said...

Waaa! Tamagotchi! So cute <333
Hehe when I see sunlight I really want to just take picture too xD

Satovan said...

The temple you visited near Harajuku is Meiji Jingu!:) I wanna go Japan again too *_* I totally left my soul and heart there *_*

Cynthia said...

Woah why so pretty ah qiuqiu? Your hair looks great here. *_*

daphne said...

qiuqiu! i wonder how come you can wear ordinary aunty clothes and still look so chio! :) no offense but you look really pretty!! :) <3

Anonymous said...

Meiji Shrine, and yes yes yes that is a wedding. How serendipitous ^.^

chocolatesprout said...

AHHHH THOSE DONUTS LOOK DELICIOUS!!! >.< OMG and the packaging is just adorable!!

HitomiNeko said...

u look so cute in the pictures! i shall follow u n become less shameless in camwhore! haha.. because having all the pretty pictures afterwords is so worth it of being stare at for acting weird for a few seconds right =P