24 March 2013

QWeekly - QWeekly preperation

So this week is all.. Clearing work since i am done nua-ing after coming back from Korea. I can of course say i am resting, recovering from the fat-grafting and nose job etc.. But no really..

Was just nua-ing~ =D Lololol.

But since this week started i've been busy busy busy. This, is the price i willingly pay to nua for a week after holiday. Haha. Twas worth it. So the nua-week (last week) is over.

This week i'm just clearing leftover work and getting stuff ready for the QWeekly site and it's making me really excited!!!

I'm supposed to be doing the makeup part for the makeover for four girls every month right. But i am not very willing to part with my own makeup lah =X Cox i don't have much makeup and the ones i keep are the ones i very super love so..

Perfect time to go shopping!!!! Haha. Some are for myself lah, though mostly for the makeover for the four girls every month! ^.^ I'd just keep adding to the collection but for a start i think these will be good enough!!! If everything fails, fuck it, i have photoshop *confident* You all cannot trust my makeup skill i understand, but you can trust my photoshop on face a bit more lah lolol.

我靠 photoshop 骗吃也有好几年了. 放心. Lololol.

Lotsa falsies, new sponges, pink / peach lipgloss from SaSa. I think they cost me like $100 ish O.O We share share use okay. Lol. I keep 2 pairs each for myself.
Try to copy Japanese makeup artist, provide skincare before makeup. Lolol. I got makeup remover, cleanser, toner, essence, eye serum, moisturiser, mask sheets etc. LI HAI BA?
Bought lotsa Japanese makeup from JRunway =D I got a shock when the bill added up but lucky i got discount! The eyebag / highlight pencil from Dollywink is new one hor??? =DDD Also got like two different kind of concealer cox not sure which kind will work better for different skin O.O
More new / used once makeup from my own collection. I super love the YSL lippie one but i got one really close to the colour and i've been using that one so.. Good for you! Haha.
All the makeup i bought from Korea that i haven't try but all looks pretty good to me when i tried the sample on the shelf haha!!! =DDD I am sucker.
And some miscelleneous stuff from Daiso. Swear, their eyelid stickers (as shown in the pic, don't get the other kinds they have, those are quite bad. Especially the ones with eyeliner drawn on, lame max) are one of the better ones i've tried! Though 3M Dark Magic still beat other eyelid tape handsdown.

Alright! So that's all for QWeekly. Tomorrow i'm going shopping for some clothes haha. Tops and dresses mainly, for the QWeekly. THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOO FUN!!!! =DDD

I've chosen the first four girls dee and i can't wait to see how Shio do their hair and how they'd look after i colour their faces. Hahaha. Good luck to them! Lolol.

Next QWeekly should be fun =D
- - - - - - - -
My sister entered Baby Yurou for some baby and mummy contest call "Happy Moments from the Heart" Could you PLEASE help her VOTE HERE.

I know i am not her mummy lah =( But focus is on the baby haha. The prize is just 1 month milk powder and vouchers but my sister say when Baby Yurou grow up she can show Yurou and say "You won a baby contest" Lolol. How come my mother last time never think like this =_="

The only prizes i won are.. For obstacle relay (share with 3 other student) on P2 sports day.. And Most Thick-skinned blogger nonsense award hahahaha simi sai.

You can vote everyday! So if you remember.. (i'd remind you on Twitter anyway one lololol) Help her vote lah. Don't win also nevermind but since my sister join dee cannot lose until too ugly lolol.

Okay thank you ah. Bye bye.


Anonymous said...

whr is your bff video for your wedding!!

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu! i want to know what do u recommend for eyelid tape :) i tried the one from daiso that u mentioned in the post but it doesnt work well on me. i tried the one from sasa as well but i have difficulties drawing on my eyeliner after i put the sticker as it's 'slippery' and it will smudge :( any recommendations for the tape and methods so it wont smudge? thank u soooo much

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu!! Will you be revealing the before and after makeover pictures? I would love love LOVE to win a makeover from you but in too self conscious about the bareface =( Thankyou anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiu Ting! Could u tell us what we can do in order to be chosen? And please reveal the chosen girls too! Thanx! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu, even though I'm not participating in this month makeover that you're organizing, just want to tell you that it's extremely thoughtful of you to do that! I'm mean those makeup etc time and effort except for the hairdo's which is kindly sponsored, you fork up your money for the rest of the items!! Hope you recover NOW with fairy godmother's wishes + potion ( LOL ) 祝你早日康复!!

iameunicegm said...

voted! all the best baby yurou! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG Qiuqiu you used fuck on your blog post!! It's quite rare!!

Anonymous said...

qiuting, can put some photos of urself before surgery and after tat? im sure some of the readers might wanna see the differences