22 March 2013

Accident and Emergency

But i thought hey~! This has never happened before! The last time i blogged was on Sunday. You know i blog every 2 - 3 days, right. Rreasons why i haven't been blogging..

No, no, no, i am not getting lazy nor am i too sick in the recovery after the surgeries. Lol. It's just..

Okay you see, i was gonna blog today. About preparation of QWeekly site. I bought lotsa makeup and all, for the makeover for you girls. And i was gonna show you guys pictures of all the items.

Oh by the way!!! I received 280 submission keen for the makeover!!! =OOO Thank you!!!

Don't worry if you're not the first four to get rolling! I'd do four every month so if i don't see you this month, i still might see you next month / next next month / next next next month =D

Each month four! =D

But then my sister had to get to the A&E for dengue fever (Day 5 into it then we realise) and i had to go with her. I hope she'd recover really fast and well. Thank you.

So i just got home after a long day at the hospital and i am quite sure.. I can't be whipping up that post. Haha. So that's why i'm here rambling away.

Anyway~ Wait ah really very sleepy, stand whole day. I go have a quick shower first then come back.

- - - - - - -

Okay back.

What was i saying. Right. The reason why i didn't blog today. Was.. Cox i was at the A&E whole day accompanying my sister. And then i saw a lot of old people. Like really old and frail and sick and..

All of them look sad and lonely =( Some look really.. Dead.. Like a grey-hair Ah Ma was resting beside NiaoNiao's observation bed and i know i should look out for my sister fully but i can't help but to look out for the Ah Ma too becox i'm so scared her chest will stop moving from breathing.

And then i saw her raising up her hand slow-mo i thought she was trying to call out to the nurses. But really lah, those annoyed and busy nurses can't hear her one lor. And they won't notice her in time.

So i tell her "阿嬷 你要什么你跟我讲 then 我跟 missy 讲" But she just smile at me a bit and then went back to sleep. So i think maybe she was just dazing in and out, maybe dreaming. I don't know.

I was standing at my sister's bed the whole time cox they have no chair and i can't squat too long lol. And when my sister had to draw blood / jab all sort of stuff (total of 4 different jabs at 4 different area. She damn sway), she had me to comfort her and tell her it's okay, be there for her to grab and lend her my hand to squeeze lol. She also cried on the 3rd jab and her freaking mascara smudge onto my new T-shirt. Lol.

And then i just feel so bad for anybody who have nobody to accompany them to the A&E. Like.. Where's your parent? Where's your brother / sister? Where's your gf / bf? Where's your bff? Where's your husband / wife? Nobody? Really..? =( Why?

I used to think old people who have nobody to take care of them is becox they are angry and grumpy, and always complaining about the rest of the world and has been a lousy parent / grandparent but then now i think.. Maybe there are indeed old folks who got snooked big time. Who brought up their children giving them their best and yet the child grow up to be ungrateful, they just decide to abandon the parents and leave them to grow old and sick and die. Maybe?

And then i also try to think about how it's like to grow old and what kind of old folks i wanna be. I think.. It's quite safe to say i wanna have kids and grandkids and i want to be the best person to everyone of them so they can learn good values and be good people..

So at least they know it's only right to have someone accompany me to the hospital when i need to be at the hospital!!! No really, nobody should be alone at the A&E!

Only three kinds of people are alone at A&E.

1. The kind who treats people nastily and nobody likes him / her becox of that
2. Kena snooked. Was being nice to all the ones who don't deserve it
3. Construction worker (Foreigner)

I mean.. Even construction worker from Bangladesh will have his supervisor with him sometimes.

Nobody..? Really?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello QiuQiu (: So who are the lucky four girls that you picked?

Unknown said...

Aww, hope your sis recovers asap!! And it's really sad that some elderly are lonely without anyone being there for them :( Sigh...

Anonymous said...

So sweet of you <3 Hope your sis recovers soon :)

SingaporeanLifeStyle.com said...

well, at least for the current generation, there is always twitter, facebook, watsapp, to keep us company even when there's no one beside us physically.

Anyways, it depends on the situation I think. If i am old and frail and if I dont want to worry the people who knows or loves me, i might want to go through it alone

Happiness and Joy can share, but being unhappy and low morale might be contagious - and if it spreads to people one cares for, it might make one even more miserable..

-my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

That's so sad :( I feel sorry for old people like that!! Some kids are really ungrateful and think "I'd rather be on the internet or hanging out somewhere. That's too boring!" ugh, hate ungrateful brats!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand how you feel.. I don't like seeing lonely old people too... really hurts a lot to see. No one deserves to be alone. :( Anw, hope yours sis gets well soon!:)

Brigid said...

I always feel very sad when I see old people working as cleaners or working at Mcdonalds ):

Anonymous said...

Some old people chose to work because when they retire, they are bored and if they are still able bodied and healthy, why not work? And of course I believe there are some old people who are sick and still work, in regards to the old people at a & e department at the hospital, not that no one is accompany the old people, cannot have too many people in the a & e department , maybe their family is outside the room.

Celine said...

It's nice to know you cared for the old lady beside your sister. I guess you just made the ahma's day and made her feels better :)

Hanna Lei said...

I hope your sister feels better soon. Its so nice that you wanted to help the old lady. Hanna