11 December 2014

Not feeling well


Sorry i haven't been updating T.T I haven't been feeling well and already went to see the doctor at my neighbourhood but then doctor also can't help me much becox she say i'm pregger so a lot of meds she don't suggest i take also.

It started from really bad flu to cold to runny nose and all and then i started coughing phlegm that was really vivid in colour hahaha. Don't wanna traumatise you all but yeah! I'm not feeling too good!

So come in here to say sorry first lah. In case you all think i pregger lazy all. WHICH.. Is not too untrue. Lolol. But i guess it's a valid reason to be lazy! =X Haha!

I am feeling very blessed even when i'm not feeling well becox Josh takes extra good care of me ^.^

At least today i got a bit better, the phlegm colour is half coloured half clear. It's a good sign! So i went out with Josh to get some decorative items for Yuxuan's full month celebration this weekend!

And then i'm flying off to Japan on Sunday night for a week =DDD

This is our babymoon ^.^ Haha. Becox i don't think we'd fly anywhere for at least the next 2-3 years!!! Unless it's for work of course. So i guess for leisure.. This will be our last trip until maybe baby turn 3 years old! Becox i think kids don't really remember much before they turn 3 haha.

Like Yurou could remember maybe at least 50% of the stuff we saw and did in Hong Kong. So i guess it's worth it. If any earlier i don't think she could remember it that well. And then it would be just another boring trip for the kid + tedious trip for the parents with no return. The "return" being the kid having a good time during the trip and then hopefully remember it for a while after.

I didn't think i wanna bring any work to Japan but then i guess it's quite impossible becox so long i have a phone with data access.. I have to work haha! Can't run away from it.

Will be staying at an apartment in Omotesando. Booked it through Airbnb! I've mostly stayed in Shibuya on all the trips i've been to Japan. That's why this time super excited to be staying at another area haha! Thing is we have absolutely no plans on where to go, what to do.

We just gonna chill all the way through =DDD Anyway Japan go where eat what also cannot be awful one. It's either nice, very nice, super nice until cannot, super nice until want to cry..

Or just "f*cking nice". LOL.

I just feel it's wrong to curse publicly now you know.

Bye bye! Will update real soon!


Unknown said...

You should do salt water gargles! I used to get really bad bronchitis and it helps clear out the phlegm and get rid of the infection. Also a spoonful of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every night will help too. I hope you feel better soon QiuQIu!

ji said...

wow si jie's hubs is pretty good looking

Andrazalia said...

Hi Qiu Qiu

Just sharing info and exp. If you're down with sore throat, cough or flu during pregnancy try to drink hot honey + lemon regularly. It helps. And the recovering effects quite fast too.