22 December 2014

Yuxuan's Full Month Party

Woohoo pictures and update from Yuxuan's full month!!!

Becox Pearl was doing her confinement and taking care of the baby + she needs to rest so i told her i'd help out to plan the full month party! It was planned in such a short time i am very grateful for all the help and effort everyone put in!

My sisters and Josh took care of the beverages and crazy loads of alcohol for the guests and all the small details.

And Neo Garden Catering was very nice to take care of the catering and offered us their Neo 宝宝 package!

Also Cremeberry readily said yes to provide creative dessert set up!

For all of that, i think Yuxuan's full month was a success! Haha ^.^

Decor Josh and i went to find. Quite easy lah just stick on the letters on the buntings and then string them together. I didn't know how extensive (you'd see) the catering decorative set up for Neo 宝宝 was gonna be so i went to order our own balloons at some party shop. Had i known i wouldn't spend like $90 on the balloons alone!!! =O Should have just left it to the Neo Garden team to do it hahaha.
Also got these cute flags and hanging decoratives from the party shop! =D Theme is baby pink. I cannot think of something more typical than that but i guess Pearl likes it HAHA.
First thing i noticed when the buffet table was set up by Neo Garden.. I was like =OOOOO I didn't know there was gonna be a center piece like that!!! The entire buffet area was decorated with balloons and cute little pink bears to fit the baby pink / pastel theme O.O WE LOVE IT!!! Actually quite paiseh becox the Neo Garden girls were soooo busy doing it all up with their staff =X
But it was all worth it!!! They so effort they even tied balloons at the stairs landing area where the guests are seated. I really give them 100 marks for being so thoughtful lah.
Thank you Jessie, Pamela and girls!!! You are all the nicest people to work with T.T Pearl and i and our family are all very very happy with not just the yummy food but also with the service and dedication to make a party special for the hosts for their special occasions!!! Thank you!!!
Kept simple and sweet but not lack of presentation with the center piece!!!
Starting the feast galore with my FAVOURITE DISH OF ALLLLLL!!!! Their cereal prawn is SO FREAKING YUMSIE I CANNOT. And so generous with the cereal! No thanks to soggy cereal in small tiny amounts just enough to coat the prawns / fish from caterers really.

Pearl and i made a mistake to go for the cheapest buffet for Yurou's second birthday and for their housewarming party =XXX Never again. It was such a bad experience i don't even know where to start. From service, to food, to presentation and quantity.. It was just under the standard.

Next time we're paying we're only paying for good quality food!!!

Mango salsa fish!!! Very refreshing twist to the menu and the fish taste super fresh!
Sorry ah one more close up of the cute center piece hahaha.
Greens!!! You wouldn't think much of it right. I mean mixed vegetables are mixed vegetables. But everything is cooked to the right crunch and so flavourful! Good food is good food!!!
Neo 宝宝 cupcakes!!! The base is chocolate with strawberry cream and the cake is really moist and kinda chewy! I swear Yurou took advantage of the happy day and had at least 4 =X Her mummy was too busy entertaining guests that's why she could hahah! And each time she ask me if she could have one more, of course i said YES? LOL. What is her favourite auntie gonna say otherwise? HAHAH.
Drinks and dessert section by Neo Garden. The honeydew sago wasn't too sweet so it's good!!!
Inconspicuous eclairs that nobody thought much of initially cox it was just there amongst the other attention-grabbing food lolol. But then when Sam (super picky and fussy about food) tried it first and told me it was really good, i went to try it and told everyone else about it hahahah. And then it was off the table real quick!!! It's really good lah! The chocolate, the puff and the cream all together.
Sky started to get dark becox of the rain.. Then the buffet table lights up O.O In pink light =OOOOO
#SuperExceedExpectation or what. They also have lights in other colour but to fit the theme pink light was used haha. 
Dim Sum!
First tray almost gone in just minutes hahaha. I guess dim sum is a popular choice.
Yurou on her second Neo 宝宝 cupcake =X Second of the four she had that day =XXX That day she don't know how happy cox nobody force her to have dinner hahaha.
For those of you who are thinking of celebrating your baby's special occasion with Neo Garden, you'd be happy to know that they are running super awesome promotions!!!

Enjoy up to 50% off!!!

The bigger your party is.. The greater discount you enjoy with Neo 宝宝 packages! If you noticed hor.. The mascot in the poster all damn cute hahahah. Spot Neo Ebi, Neo Curry and Neo Kong Bak! All are a few of the specialties at Neo Garden!!! ^.^

If you wanna dress up your event with their baby full month thematic set up with balloons and teddy bears, you could do it for only $280! Don't need to so gang kor (difficult) like what i did, cab around to order balloons and get decoration etc. The time and money spent already exceed $280 already. If i know Neo Garden is taking care of it i would have left it entirely to them!

For more information on catering with Neo Garden, feel free to speak with their Catering Consultants at 6896 7757 or visit their website at www.neogarden.com.sg

On a sweeter note to the party.. Pearl asked for Cremeberry to take care of the dessert table! Thanks to Leslie and Raquel for saying yes despite their crazy pack schedule!!!
Everything done in prettiest shades of pink =DDD There's strawberry wafer cream roll.. Macaroons i think with raspberry jelly center and marshmallow cream!
Also strawberry tarts and marshmallow pops!!!  I LOVE THEIR BROWNIES ALSO!!! Soooo rich in chocolate taste and really not too sweet at all!!! Super chewy also i can have 10!!!!!!!
But top favourite is still their macaroons *DROOL* I must have really had 10 O.O =X
As we wanted! Pink, simple and sweet!!! =DDD
Other than the pink dessert table.. We also asked for their live churros station becox Pearl just cannot get over it since the last time she had it!
Your friendly churros dude HAHAH. They improved their recipe as if it's not already good enough! Now it's even crispier on the outside but still kept chewy and soft inside!!!

To have Cremeberry dessert table at your party / celebration please check out their website! They have done so many good design and creative work you might find inspiration on their site for your parties as well!!! Thank you again Leslie and Raquel!!! =)))

Saw this from Neo Garden.. It's a gift for Yurou and Pearl hahahaha. So thoughtful, they know the mother and daughter team love Hello Kitty hahaha.
With a specialised card for Yurou!!! SO SWEET OF THEM!!!
1 hour into the party.. My second serving of food from Neo Garden.
I HAVEN'T TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR CURRY CHICKEN HOR. It's so major yummy and the gravy is soooooo flavourful and thick just enough!!!!!! All the guest were full of praises of the buffet but especially love the curry chicken or the cereal prawns!!! Potatoes in the curry chicken is also damn good T.T NOW I AM HUNGRY AGAIN HOW.
Camho time at the photowall!!! With star of the party!!!! Who basically slept through out hahaha.
And one more~!!!
And again~
Then since Yuxuan sleeping, i put the baby down and continue eating hahahaha. More churros for meeeeee~!!! I chose chocolate sauce as topping! Can have cinnamon / sugar also i think!
Don't judge me.. This is my fifth plate of cereal =XXX I love the cereal too much!!! Still so crispy at the end of the day!!!!
Thank god some of the guests were very zidong hahaha they got gifts for Yurou also. Cox this silly girl thought it was her birthday party O.O And when someone told her it's actually her sister's full month party.. She ran inside her room to sob LOLOL. So we told her it's her birthday party.
Happy already lor. Hahaha.
"Wei jiejie, why you like this one it's my party leh?!" Hahahaha. Botak Yuxuan finally woke up~!!!
"What?! I missed the whole party?!"
"But i guess i had a really good nap so it's okay"
"Thank you errone for coming to my party~ I will work hard to grow more hair" hahaha!
Camho time with naughty girl!!! Me, Niao and Yurou ^.^
SEE HER CHEEKY FACE hahaha! We say do funny face she did that. Lolol.

That's the end of the party!!!

Thank you once again to Neo Garden Catering for the buffet spread!!!

And Cremeberry for the dessert table!


Hanna Lei said...

The food looks great -Hanna Lei

Purple Lady's Collections said...

Hahahah you are sweet and funny and the food look delicious :D

Eunice said...

Hi, may I know where you bought those letters flags? I'm planning for my baby boy shower so thinking it would be good to have those flags put on wall where guests can take photo at. Please do let me know where you bought them from. Thanks in advance.

Eunice said...

Hi, may I know where you bought those letters flags? I'm planning for my baby boy shower so thinking it would be good to have those flags put on wall where guests can take photo at. Please do let me know where you bought them from. Thanks in advance.

baby full month said...

The naughty girls are ... sweet! The baby is soo cute.. Happy to know this

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