16 June 2014

I love me ^.^


I am back i am back~ ^.^ I guess i have to settle back into work somehow! Though my upper lip is still quite stiff from the surgeries.. Good news is weeks ago my threads all dropped off =DDD

And I've been eating like normal =DDD

It's mid June already can you believe it!!! Half of 2014 gone =OOO In case you missed it, every January i do up a resolution list ^.^ And every mid-year i'd do a revision / checkpoint on it.

Like this more realistic right, cox people and situations are always changing.

So this is my checklist for my resolution for 2014!!!

- Fix my back and take good care of it thereafter ✔︎ Fixed my back with helpful simple exercise!

- Save up 0.05 pot of gold by year end (Ahem.. ALMOST half way there =X)

- Fix something on my face ✔︎ Did so =))) BEST DECISION EVER~~~ Now i just wish my upper lid recover fasterrr! =D

- Expand GIRLYMake product line and make it available for orders from overseas (Soon.. Soon..)

- Have Little Thoughts grow steadily (Little Thoughts is taking it slow cox of the little growing thing in Pearl =)))

- Restart and run rarebits (Still talking about it with my girlfriend)

- Get angry lesser ✔︎ (My temper has gotten much better than start of the year =D I guess also cox during the surgery my temper simmer down a lot cox i was just focusing on recovery mostly and then when i am more or less recovered, i feel more thankful than anything else O.O)

- Pick up something new to keep learning ✔︎ (Not i want to give myself credit but although i have stopped going to class for Japanese language.. I am learning Jap on application lolol) I try my best lah okay. Brain sibeh rusty =X

- Bring Papa to a new country he's not been to yet ^.^ ✔︎ Booked a trip to Hong Kong this coming October for my parents, Niao Niao and Yurou ^.^

Not bad hor! Out of 9 things to do i accomplished 5 lolol. I have a few more to-do things but i cannot say yet lol. BUT SOON! =D In the mean time.. I think.. I need to hire people to work on GIRLYMake and rarebits =XXX Or just someone who can tell me what time to do what.

I am too not disciplined.

Plus i have too much things to do until i just do them when i remember or feel like it =X

Plus.. People on my Twitter introduced me to a lot of good dramas to watch =XXX Lolol.

SO!!! My year is going pretty great if i don't go think about things that's not so great hahahha ^.^ Does it make sense!!! I mean life is all about choices right =)

JIAYOU!!! ^.^

Went to shampoo my hair at Cleo the other day!!! Purposely put on makeup becox.. I heard got blown up picture of me hahaha. 听了心里都好凉快 lolol!!!

Messy hair! And hello, may i ask what is photoshop? Lolol. What is liquifying? I haven't been using it for a while now lolol.

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Sio super booked that day.. As he is every other day so i trouble Ryo to help me shampoo =DDD Also good lah can always trust them!!! ^.^ Ryo is Niao Niao's favourite lolol.
Then Sio got a little bit of free time before his next appointment come in so he helped out for like 5 minutes hahaha. I love this lor, Shio and Ryo working on my hair just like old time =)) Old time also no very old lah, about 2 years ago when i first joined Cleo only.
Ryo almost done..
AND DONE!!! No photoshop on my face haha. I feel this urge to disclaim cox i am so pleased with my daily recovery even until now!!! =DDD But more importantly please look at my shiny hair =D Always love the shampooing and treatment at Cleo! Soft, smooth and lightweight bouncy hair yessss!
From the side.
You can already tell how smooth my hair isssss =DDD I LOVE SHAMPOO + HAIR TREATMENT + BLOW DRY AT CLEO!
 One last selfie haha.
 And one taken by my OOTD photographer Samantha-I-Shoot-You-Long-Leg-Good-Time. Lololol. I have decided that Sam's name shall be this. It sounds so sexual and sexy i think it will do her good. Top from Bugis Street $5, bottom from rosebullet, shoes from Bugis Street $5.
 TA DANG DANG!!! I LOVE MEEEE!!! Hahaha. I would love to meet more of me in print-outs. The feeling is double-the-shiok lolol. As if one of me is not awesome enough? LOL.
 FUCK THIS SHIT HAHAHAHHA. SamanthaIShootYouLongLegGoodTime snapped this of me when i was posing and then burst into a sneeze lolol. But then i very fast compose myself one..
 Hi gorgeous. Hahaha.
 With Miyake!!!
With Peishi, Genevieve, Randy and Ben!!!
Cox Ben kissed my picture, SamanthaIShootYouLongLegGoodTime ask me to return the affection

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

 Later Josh came to find me and Sam and then we head over to Tiong Bahru for Korean Fried Chicken!!!! =DDDDDD I LOVEEEEE! I had at least 10 chicken wings in total that day i think.
Okay that's all the picture i have!

If you'd like to make an appointment with Cleo please call them at 63385250! ^.^ I am going back tomorrow and i CANNOT wait. Becox.. You don't need a reason to pamper yourself. Haha.

Also.. Just a small gentle note to those who might actually be looking forward to a meet-up session that i mentioned earlier.. For my readers and i, it will still happen, but in July =( Sorry cox June is kinda packed =( But promise it'd be good ^.^

We gonna have dessert table (I already got it settled and will be paying for it so i can arrange something REALLY yummy for you guys! ^.^), goodie bags, and of course camho-ing time haha!

I am starting to look at food / venue for the meetup session!!! So if there's any cafe / bistro keen to be involved, please feel free to email me at qiutinger@gmail.com

I really hope to meet the nice readers who's been encouraging me over the years.. And those who's been supportive of all the big and small things i do =) So.. See you guys in July! Details soon!


Agung Sudarman said...

Omg! I've planned to go Spore in July >.<
Indonesian reader here, haa

Mary said...

In some of your 45 degree angle pics, you kind of look like Tia Li from Dream Girls! :)

elderflowertea said...

I want to go for the meet up session! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu, lovely selfies as always. Anyway, when will your Girlymake eyelid stickers be available again? >.< Please let me knowwww~


Windy said...

Chio Dao~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tan Ser Lee said...

I can't wait to attend this meet-up! Love you qiuqiu! <3

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Lolol ur sneezing pic damn funny hahaha.

janice said...

hahahahha omg you're damn wu liao but so mad funny simi SamamanthaIShootYouLongLegGoodTime *inserts laughing-crying emoji* and that sneezing pic is so epic pls lololol! and yayyy I can't wait for the fanmeet too! would love to meet you in person :D meanwhile, speediest recovery to your upper lip!! take care<3