30 August 2014

1 more month..

Hello! Sorry for the lack of update T.T I am really really sorry!

I have been really busy with work and all. Just so you know.. I'm still alive. Hahaha. So i hope you're at least happy to hear from me. Haha.

Anyway in one more month i'd be in Hong Kong Disneyland again ^.^ Really excited to see their new night parade!!! I think i'd miss the Halloween theme by a day T.T But it's okay! In case you're keen you could still book your trip to Hong Kong and have some fun at HK Disneyland!

I'm gonna eat soooooooo much there. Non-stop. Morning, day and night ^.^ And late night. Haha!

Every night before i sleep i think about all the rides and if Yurou will love them =))) I think so much sometimes it's hard to sleep!!! This is the magic of Disneyland hahaha. And this also fulfills my wish to visit Disneyland yearly!!! =DDD I'm gonna dress Yurou up as a princess when we're at the park but i don't know which princess she should be! She only likes pink the colour.

So i guess it would be Aurora's dress! But i'm not sure if they have! I've seen like Snow White, Cinderella and i think Belle costume! Anyway~ We gon have soooooo much fun ^.^

Hmmm.. Should i get a adult princess costume? HAHAHAHA. Omg cannot. Damn erxin.

I can't believe how packed i am with work. It's like i don't have one free day in a week i could do anything i want T.T And becox i am a huge piece of nua sai, whenever i can postpone / procrastinate, i do it. So work pile up.. New work comes in.. Never-ending i tell you. Lol.

So.. Yeah. You see, i am tired again. TTYL!!! Have a nice weekend okay!


Hanna Lei said...

I hope you have a fun trip! -Hanna Lei

estherxie said...

I going hong kong disneyland next week!!! First time! So excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

When did you come to limbang centre?!?! I live just right opposite, can't belive I didn't meet you there.. T_T