12 August 2014

Sorry for the lack of update

Hello. Stealing some time from my nap time before i go see Josh at the hospital, to finish some work due and to update quickly of why i haven't been updating.

Josh isn't feeling so well, and has been hospitalized for about 5 days now and the first three days were just horrible to go through for him and for people around him to watch him in so much pain T.T

But the good news is!!!! Yesterday he started feeling better! Though the lab results still shows some stuff unexplained, the doctors are working on it to run more tests. And to make sure they fix it for him. I guess we are both thankful that the staff at Changi General hospital are mostly patient (lol not patient-patient but patient-patient LOL) and helpful and empathetic =)

Bad news is this morning the doctors say he has to be warded for at least 4 more days T.T I miss him so much already though i go spend most hours awake at the ward with him ='(

But thank god i have my sister Niao Niao come stay over with me and help me with the chores at home. She's a joy to have around. Only with sisters i can laugh so hard at such time.

In any case, i just pray for the best now and i thank god for Josh is feeling better physically, though maybe inside the medicines and the bad stuff are still fighting it out haha.

So yeah.. I'm sorry i won't be updating much until he's better!!! I guess nobody wanna see me with messy hair, no makeup, dark eye rings and home clothes right.

Wait. What am i talking about? That is me on usual day also! HAHAH.

Okay bye i gotta run. Please keep in good thoughts for him. And be thankful for your health as i am everyday, for myself, and the people around me. Bye bye.


Anonymous said...

Hope he gets well soon!! Please take care also!

Unknown said...

Hope he gets well soon! :)

Pink and Undecided said...

Ohhh, hope Josh gets well speedily!!!

Miss KooL said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that Qiu Qiu. I can imagine how worried you are about Josh. I hope Josh will recover real soon and get out of hospital in no time. Please remember to take care of yourself as you'll be caring for him. Wishing the best for him! Add oil Josh!

Hanna Lei said...

I hope that he is okay! -Hanna Lei

caymom said...

Get well soon, Josh!
Qiuqiu, jiayou!

rainer said...

Dengue fever? My husband was recently warded in CGH too. I've seen your latest instagram updates, glad that Josh has been discharged and is better.