19 January 2015

Babymoon in Japan Part 4

Hello!!! Back with babymoon update ^.^ This time round it's our road trip to Hakone thanks to Cheesie's husband for the ride!!! If don't have him i really don't know how we gonna get there!

I was at Hakone in April to touch the magic tree for baby luck. So this time i wanna go back to give thanks ^.^ So happy got Cheesie and Junya on the trip with us cox it makes the whole trip more fun!

On our way up Hakone. Saw Mt Fuji along the way and it was beautiful..
Got to the temple (The magic tree is within the Hakone Jinja Shrine, ask where is the tree if you have to! Google how to get there~ Good luck!) and saw these ice thingy!!! Was so excited cox i thought that means got chance to see snow but don't have lah.
Me and Cheesie ^.^
Weather good until cannot.
Cheesie bringing Junya to the magic tree to say thanks hahaha. She asked for a baby, she gets pregnant. She ask for smooth delivery, she got it. PLUS on top of all that, she get a baby this cute! Haha Japanese tree god going all the way. This Junya very quiet all the way until he see the magic tree, talk talk talk non-stop!!! Hahaha don't know what they communicating about lah. 叙叙旧 hor.
"Hey old pal!" Haha Junya really blabber NON-STOP! Hahahah. You should see Cheesie's video and blogpost on it!!! Cute until.
Me and Josh back to give thanks for the baby and to pray for smooth delivery =D Maybe the next time we come back it will be with a fatty Meredith ^.^
Meanwhile.. Cheesie still talking to the magic tree..
还是不想走. Hahaha. Overly attached believer.
Baby you see ah! We got you here one!!!
Writing our wishes on the wishing board =)))
Putting it up there.. Actually i don't remember if i wished for anything other than baby's smooth delivery. I think i mainly put down my gratitude for all that i have =DDD
Lucky water for tabao O.O Hahaha! Really is go with Japanese very good! If not we wouldn't know can bring some of the water back for good luck!
Cheesie got me this charm ^.^ I've been carrying it in my bag!!! =)))
Peaceful stroll up the.. According to Cheesie, the more powerful shrine haha.
Really hard to come by this sort of serenity and zen-ness. Got bamboos on the other side somemore.
One with Josh who say he will piggy back me if i am not pregnant hahah. Cox we gotta walk upslope so it was quite something that i made it weighing 71kg hahahaha.
♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎
Cheesie got feel. Haha.
LOOKIEEE!!!! The floor is covered with all these ice crystal and icicles!!! 
Josh went to pick one for Cheesie hahahaha.
Out of maybe 10 selfies i took of myself, i delete haha. Cox i look too big that day don't know why maybe the beanie haha. This one that Josh took of it still okay! So here's one!
Us two~!
Cheesie looking cute here but i blinked haha so 我牺牲 haha!
Found a teddy bear chilling with his dad haha!
Thank you Cheesie and husband for bringing us here! Hopefully everyone's wishes will come true and lead happy, fulfilling and prosperous life =)))
Unbelievable view..
Cheesie later bring us for black eggs that supposedly make you live longer haha. Saw Mt Fuji in another magnificent view again!!!
Must take one selfie!!!
Act one traveller. Haha.
Cheeky Junya peeking from the hoodie ^.^
Josh me and Mt Fuji!!!
Snapped this shot of Cheesie and Junya (unedited) and thought i damn art.
Later Josh show me these (unedited also) and i'm like OKAY YOU GOD. Hahahaha. So beautiful and magical like this!!!
Happy baby getting smoochies from mummy.
We got our eggs! 万岁 万岁 万万岁 lolol.
Supposedly where the eggs turn black. Cox of the minerals in the onsen water where the eggs are cooked. I hear a bit from Cheesie then i anyhow say one! Hahaha! Worst travel blogger ever.
Saying goodbye to Mt Fuji and then head for our onsen hotel for one night stay!

That's all for now!!! I gotta go finish watching my 武媚娘 drama series. So far i wanna scratch 徐姐姐 de face *RAGE* Hahaha. So far my new year's been quite awesome ^.^

I hope it's the same for you all good people =D


Anonymous said...

ahhhh spoiler! I'm still at the first few episodes of 武媚娘.

Hanna Lei said...

Looks like so much fun -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

HI Qiuqiu i'm reading your blog from Britain, and it's so lovely it makes me want to travel to Japan!!! was wonering what camera you used when you were travelling! hope to hear a reply! thank you :D

Unknown said...

Where did you watch 武媚娘?:)

Pelatihan Hipnoterapi said...

Waw, you looks like so much fun