13 September 2015

Meredith and Mummy Week 21 - 26


Finally back with Meredith and Mummy update haha. Everyday i feel like a psycho trying to capture every bit of Meredith as much as i can. Then later when i sit at the computer trying to make timeless these memories and then i wanna cry cox there's just TOO MUCH. Haha.

Whatever i put up is perhaps only 30% of what i have in my phone. Talk about being obsessed haha. Are all moms like that? Hahaha! I do not look forward to the day my monthly purchased iCloud storage tells me the cloud is too heavy and it's gonna rain unless i buy more Cloud space lol.

Someone learnt how to hold her own legs and constantly do it with a boss face lolol. Showoff.
Preparing for Yurou's Shopkins birthday party on the weekend hahaha. We do what we can haha #budget2015 LOL. As we were cutting and drawing, can't help but to think this is what our life will look like for years to come lolol.

It will be planning parties after parties, celebrations after celebrations =) And i love it!!!

It's like there's always something to look forward to in life =) Something happy, something where people get together, to be happy for someone else. Chit chat, be nice, have fun.

We had many ideas of how we want Meredith's first birthday party to be but later i said "how about we do without a theme and just have all the nice people we want Meredith to be surrounded with while growing up, and have these nice people come as themselves? Haha. No need to dress up, no need a theme" Josh say it sounds good. I also think so.

But nah, i'm just kidding.


LOLOL. Kidding.

She will be one year old only i don't think she can ride a pony.

I'm asking for her 3rd birthday. LOLOL. Kidding again~!!!

We are gonna go eat at zichar stall for her first birthday. LOL.

You know i was planning a birthday colour theme for Yuxuan's first birthday cox it's happening in November. And i sent sijie maybe 20 pictures of the whole mood board. She tell me "Jinzeng say just whole family go somewhere nice to eat"

I was like "HUH?!?! YOU NO WANT DESSERT TABLE?! NO DECOR?! Whaaaaat?!?!?!?"

Lolol. I am a typical mother. My money very good to earn one. Please earn my money. Pearl's money let zichar stall earn LOLOL. Dirty. Hahahaha.

Went to celebrate Sophie meow's birthday at Grand Hyatt! With Miyake and Yutaki =DDD
Not sure if we are all potatoes who don't exercise outdoor nor go outdoor when the sun is still up, or what. How come all of us look so fair lolol. We had a buffet dinner at the hotel where there was atas ham and cheese. Of course i downed a few portionssssss =XXX

Totally forgot that too much cheese and ham can trigger migraine. FMLLL.

Next day kena damn jialat in the morning. I make milk for baby then quickly go lie down. DAMN HENG the blindspot went off in the afternoon but i was still sooooooo sick omg.

Felt like vomiting through out so i brought three plastic bags out with me hahaha #Kiasu Also my head was pain until.. Omg i really wanted to skip work but i know i can't!

But work was still good!!! =D Had a nice lovely afternoon with the girls at Oriental Hair Solutions!
My dress from Lzzie =D IT'S SO PRETTY I LOVE ITTTT!!!
Who is this so preets. Lol.
Went for my first real concert with Niao Niao!!! Jolin Tsai is amazing omg.
Weekend is here so it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YUROUUUU!!! Cannot believe how fast she grow up omg. She was just a little baby to what i remember!!! Now she has something to say for everything the adults say haha! Jiao geh max.
Birthday girl with some of her birthday present haha. Wear until so pretty that day ah.
Xuan Xuan in a basket. Anyone wanna check this out at the cashier? =DDD
Happy girl on her birthday haha. Cutting cake with her dad. All these precious memories.. =)))
Night time this pinkie cheeks wanna play.
And then she don't wanna play. Haha this is her struggling out of my wrap.
Checking herself out haha.
Paparazi shot at the boarding gate. Taken from Clicknetwork's snapchat.
Flew to BKK for work and the cabin light was so beautiful!!! It reminds me to be thankful of the little moments and things i experience while i'm away from my baby.. And not just think about how i hate to be away from my baby =XXX
Met a cat and have my first experience with a cat.. ON MY LAP omg. It's quite scary. But it's not a tiger. Lolol.
From Gillian's phone. Not bad ah.
I like my makeup that day!
At one of those hipster cafe haha.
Filming schedule goes from morning til night in BKK omg. Still gotta finish work in my airbnb room after that =( For a moment i feel quite sad, miss my baby plus have to work even after a long day of work lolol. I need to strike lottery sooner. Lolol.
This is exactly when i have to be with my baby more. Cox his dad takes pictures of her in very bad angles LOL. Josh sent me this while i was in Bangkok.
"What are you saying, mom?" Nothing lah Meredith!!! Mummy say you very preets! Haha!
Omg wholeeee day do this only! Haha.
Josh always say it's very unfair if he's carrying her and then i try to engage her and get her attention instead hahah. Like this.
She flipped on her own for the first time but couldn't flip back but still just to be safe, we barricade her up when we have to leave for a few seconds to grab something.
After a long day of baking!!! Everyone take a happy picture!! =DDD
These cheeks don't last forever T.T
"It's okay mom! I'd werk them for as long as i can!"
"Damn right i will!" Hahaha!
Woke up damn early one morning to go for a meeting in the CBD area. Omg you Singaporean ladies working there all dress to kill one wor! I felt so out of place hahaha! They all look so professional and successful haha. I don't think i can survive a day in CBD area.
The view from our meeting room.. It's just amazing.
What the heck premium cafe beverages and cookies for anyone to take =OOOOO I DOWNED TWO (or was it three?!?!) OF THESE HUGEASS SUPER CHOCOLATEY COOKIES!!!!! FREE ONE WHY NOT LOLOL. Wanted to dabao wth. But my friend tell me to please maintain lolol.
"Yeah mom, or you'd end up with cheeks like mine" Lol.
I love Bat Kut Teh. I love it too much to wait or to stop. Lol.
First time got diaper baby wear pink but look like a boy hahaha. It's my daughter, thank you everyone. Achievement unlocked - Baby become diaper model. Lol.
So how, look like me or Josh? Haha!
Find Merebear haha. Her outfit is a romper from Little Lzzie!
I am happy that she's always happy to take a picture haha. Or maybe i just catch her in the right time!
Vaccine day at Dr Eugene Han's clinic at Thomson Medical Centre =DDD ALWAYS ALWAYS SOOOOO cheerful!!! Before jab that is.. T.T
Saw Ah Bong's poster in the cab to the hospital so after the vaccine we walk back to find the poster haha!
On the way home.. HAHAHA what the heck whose baby is this so ugly hahah! Angle is everything.
Then we went out to a cafe nearby our place! Food quite nice!!! Me and Ah Bong hulking lol.
Family portrait! With my favourite root beer float!!!!!!
Come home to this sight haha. Tiffany, Drago and MooMoo.. =)))
"Mommy, mommy! Bleah!" Want to die ah Meredith so rude! Hahaha!
"Joking lah! Hahahah"
Next day Crazy Hair woke up to gifts from Fox Fashion Kids! Thank you guys!!!
Work day!
Home to find Yurou and my family!!! =DDD SUPER HAPPY!!!
Yurou showing me how she wiggle her tail hahaha.
She lovesss the T-Shirt Label of Love customised for her!
My baobei forever~!!!
But her sense of fun also a bit questionable lol. Ask me to join her cushion friends to have fun O.O
Machiam queueing for the something haha. Are you all queueing for Hello Kitty? =D
Her hair fell in a ways i can never expect hahaha.
Mm and monkey came to visit again =DDD For bake day actually haha.
The day when she start to do ah-ma boh geh mouth ahaha. It's so ugly but so adorable!!!
We baked snowskin mooncakes that day!!! It is SOOOOOO EASY omg. And turn out soooooo yummy!!!! The white one is birds nest mooncake with white lotus paste and rock sugar-infused skin =OOO Rock sugar makes the skin smells so subtly and naturally sweet and yumssss!
MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!! Baileys-infused snowskin with white lotus paste, with champagne truffle!!!!! THIS IS A HIT FOR MEEEEEE!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH T.T I wish we made more of this. But there's only 20 pcs of nama chocolate in a box of ROYCE hahaha. I should make 100!!!
Charcoal skin with real edible gold dust snowskin, with pure durian. SUCK ON THAT BITCHES!!!! I AM BORN NATURAL. Hahahaha. Next year i take order okay. Lolol. Everyone loveeeee this durian one so much, we had about 30 of this. All gone in less than a few days T.T
花好月圆 =) Baking is fun!!! =DDD I only have one thing to say though. I am sorry. Sorry cox i am not a professional baker. LOLOL. I deprived the world of my godly creations. Lolol.
Every morning i wake up with someone who sleeps from vertical to horizontal to vertical to horizontal. What the heck Meredith haha. If it's not her head nudging me, it'd be her legs kicking me! Josh will then get the opposite of what i get lol.
Cheesie and Junya came to visit =DDD What are the odds right, both same time to drink milk, both wearing denim overall =))) They are MFEO. Hahaha!!! No lah actually is i see Junya wear i quickly go change Meredith one hahaha.
"Gimmie that"
"NOMS" Haha. Junya posing here haha.
"When Bae is sleeping and you creep up on him"
*sniffs* Hahaha!
"Auntie Cheesie, i hope it's okay i just smelled your son?" HAHA!
"She say it's okay i can sniff more if i want to =DDD"
LOL LOVE THIS PICTURE. Meredith is like the fatty 包租婆 from Kungfu Hustle and Junya is 包租公 lolol kena pull ear. Hahaha!
Joy is this.
Josh juggling. Haha.
Meantime Meredith still flirting with Monkey on video call lolol. Smile until so pretty this one!!!
Niao playing with Meredith's feet. I thought i should offer mine too. Lolol. This was a split second before she change her face lolol. Later she damn angry hit my leg somemore. Rude. Lolol.
Junya interacting with Meredith. Meredith totally smitten. Lolol. 叫你读书不要看男生! Haha!
One night i cried so badly (for reasons i cannot talk about) and Meredith kept looking at me and smiling.. ='))))) It made me feel stronger and want to hang in there, just for her. Thank you baby.. For the strength you gave mummy.. I will be better for you..
One of the look for an advert for KATE Tokyo eyeliner haha. 叫我蜘蛛精.
Went for Expressions fair. No photoshop on my body. It's not skinny-skinny as i was but i am definitely not fat anymore lolol. You all should try their Slim Juice (Used to be call KiloKiller) it taste nice and it helps you burn calories and lose inches all over =DDD
Went for a sharing talk session about being a new mom and also about how i cope with my weight gain and how i lose them haha! It all happened so quickly i don't know how i gain and how i lost.
Rushed off in my limo (lolol) and didn't get to shop cox the whole fair was too crowded. In case anyone thinks this limo really was my transport to and fro work, it's not lolol. I can successfully flag a cab i ho miah already lolol.
Brought Meredith to my dad's place at Jalan Berseh =))) It's the first time she's there!!! Cox now my dad stays at Yishun with Sijie. Meredith is wearing Ralph Lauren here. It's soooo soft and cute! I walk into my dad's place and he's laid out mattresses and pillows for Meredith O.O The taste in their choice of mattress and pillow cover.. Very unique. HAHAHA.
And then we went on Meredith's first trishaw ride =DDD My dad raise us up with this trishaw =')

He didn't make much. Normal days, $20 - 30. Very good days, probably $40 - $50. And on some other days.. Nothing. During the SARS period, when tourism industry was so bad, we had problem trying to fill our stomachs cox no tourist = no passenger for my dad's trishaw haha.

And everyday i remember how we will be so happy to get our full pocket money for school =D But whatever my dad earns each day, will be used for our food, pocket money for school. Day in day out.

We still pulled through!!! What i dread most, is a new school term. Where we have to buy new textbooks etc. And my dad gotta buy for so many kids at one shot cox for a long period of time there was three of us going to school. San jie, me and Niao.

You know last time the old people not so resourceful, they also can just pull through like that. Nowadays there's sooooo many welfare group and volunteers going around helping family with needs. I think we are very blessed now. If i were my dad, i seriously might contemplate suicide wor.

When i was much younger i did. I don't know if i shared this with you guys, but i had to pay $50 for school stuff and i've been delaying cox i really don't have. And i know my dad don't have also.

So i was just feeling very depressed like why is life so tough!!! Why can't i grow up faster so i can earn money. Why do i have to study. Why must i pay the $50 for something that i don't wanna do. Why all my classmates so easily can whip out the money.

It's stupid. But when you're caught in a situation and feeling self-pity and feel like there's nothing you can do, you just want it all to end. So i brought a chair to the window and sat there for perhaps 2 hours to just look into the night sky and cry and think if i should just die and then there will be one less burden in the family. Lolol. It's damn stupid really omg.

PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERYTHING CAN BE SOLVED!!!!! OKAY!!!!! SEEK HELP IF YOU NEED!!! Just open your mouth to ask!!! We are human becox we can communicate properly. Becox we can relate to one another on how to help each other and make everyone's life improve. Okay!!!

You just have to step out of the dark hole!!! =))) JIAYOU!!! Don't give up, my papa never give up, he today quite ho-miah already! All the daughters all take care of him now haha.

Fast forward yearssss later, my baby with her grandpa and mommy, none of which gave up =)))
Different makeup for a day lol.
Meredith at 26 weeks old =)))
I am thankful everyday. For each day Meredith grows, in healthy and happy state.. =))) For each day, Josh and i learn something new together, about the baby, about ourselves. Thank you..
Went for flea and my papa and mama came to visit and brought us green bean soup from home and egg mayo sandwiches as well T.T 我好幸福!!! Although it's a bit embarrassing to eat green bean soup outdoor lololol. It's damn old school dessert. Eating macarons is cool, green bean soup is hipster LOL.
❤︎  ❤︎  ❤︎ Flea mates haha. Rikeru, Yutaki, Miyaki and Sophie =DDD ❤︎  ❤︎  ❤︎
Work the next day!!!
What the heck, love this luggage i bought for giveaway on Budget Barbie T.T It's the last piece.... T.T
My dad came over with Yurou and Yuxuan hahaha. Look at Yurou's face LOLOL.
All the tiny love of my life invading the nursery.. It's like my dream come true. One jumpy big sister on the couch, one cutesy crawler on the floor..
And one lumpy one in yeye's arms.
Put Meredith near Yuxuan, Yuxuan scared until wanna chua sai hahahaha. I don't know why wor but she's very afraid of Meredith!!! She will first attempt to smile at Meredith, A LOT. Then she see no response, she will cry liao hahahaha.
Naughty girl keep pouting. This was her just awake from her evening nap.
Next day wake up like this. Lolol.
Jialing and Meredith haha. Both same expressions haha.
Jialing made her a hat haha.
"Oooh the bunny is so cute.."
Dotty came and we went for our cafe-hopping day!!! Went to three different places for food omg. Hope next time Meredith will love to join me and my friends with her friends (my friends' babies lol)!
Just a random happy selfie haha.
Her first cereal with milk "Is that all for me?" The spoon was a customised gift from Cheesie!!! =D I can't remember who sent me this bowl but it's genius. It's a non-spill design!!!
My baby head very big hor hahaha.
Maybe cox she eats a lot. Bib from Cath Kidston.
"Who eat a lot, you say?"
"I guess it's really me O.O"
Only had my brows drawn that day. How? Weird?
"The truth, mom? Yes. Weird" LOL.
"No offense okay? O.O"

Haha! Okay lah i got to go!!! MY BABY MOMMY MISS YOUUUUU!!!!

As usual, a video of Meredith Week 21 - 26 =D


Unknown said...

Hi qiu qiu , where did you bought the pink carrier for baby?

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu, can u pls share where did u buy the wood print foam for Meredith's nursery floor? I think many ppl want to know. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Qiuqiu, just wanna say that you are an inspiration. You inspire me to be happy through little things and little ways, and that we are only human - sometimes we fall down but what matters is standing back up stronger than before. :) thank you for being such a role model for many of us! ♡

Hanna Lei said...

The picture of Meredith with all the bears is so cute! -Hanna Lei

Si Yun said...

Meredith's brow game is stronger than mine already haha *hides at one corner*. Anyway, can't wait for the episode on BKK coz I'll be there soon!!! :D hope to see all the good buys!!!

van said...

hihi QuiQui,

Can u pls pls share where did you get Mere sleeveless top ??? They are all so preets.

Anonymous said...

Meredith is getting cuter everytime I see her <3!!!
Btw everyone is getting to look more serious.. Miyake, Sophie, Cheesie (you are all still super beautiful!)..your dad looks more or less the same tho haha <3
Yorou got so big she is a little lady now!! :D I remember her as a little baby.. Time had passed so fast!!
Lots of hugs for all !!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, I've always been a silent reader of yours and just to let you know, I really love how candid you are with your style of writing! I've always been able to relate to how you felt and stuff like that through your post. Thank you for being so real in this blogging world, it's rare to come by anyone as real anymore. That aside, I really wanna tell you that your dad is one awesome man! Read what you said about ur papa and it made me tear up a little because father's love is always as great and as awesome as a mother's love. Hardships are over for your family, i sincerely hope every family member of yours will be blessed with even more in the future! Stay as optimistic as ever!

Tiffany O.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu,

so lovely to see an update of Meredith. She is growing to be such a beautiful girl.

Can I ask how much she weighs now? My baby girl is almost the same age (she was born March 11, 3 days later than Meredith), but she only weights 5.5 kg. Meredith looks a lot bigger!