07 February 2016

2016 "Never Too Late" Resolutions

Hello. How did January pass by so quickly. I'm still feeling the new year vibe!!! Except it's most probably Chinese New Year vibes lol. The transition from one year to another is always confusing for me. Like when i was in Primary / Secondary school, i would take a long time (like 2 months) to transit into writing the year on my worksheet and homework as the new year.

Yes. 我是一个很难放下的人 LOLOL!!!

In any case, every year i'd do a New Year Resolution and of course i have to do one for 2016 cox this year is extra special cox i start it AFRESH with a plus one in my own little family =D

With a new life in the household, there's a lot of new hopes, and new directions. Not everyone can understand that but it's okay, i no longer need them to =) They can bring the fire to me. Please do. Then i'd explode like the dynamite i am. And everyone can die happily ever after =)))

But hey hey~!!! Let's only talk about the things to look forward to!!! =DDD

In 2016 these are some of the things i look forward to be..

- To be a more patient person
I am trying soooooo harddddd!!! But people are very persistent in trying to piss me off!!! So i could either wish for my life to be rid of xiao ren which is highly unlikely cox even friends can turn out to be foes in years.. Even lovers can change. So i only wish for myself to be more patient with myself and with the situations. Also to be a more patient sister, wife, mother, daughter and friend to my loved ones..

- Be free
Just wanna be me and be free. Free from lies, free from people i can never ever trust again, free from people who drain every bit of positive energy out of me. For these reasons that matters to me, i will never stop standing up for myself. I am not standing against anyone. I am only standing for myself. Cox if i don't, nobody will do that for me. I am standing up for my own freedom.

- Exercise
Ikr. Even i find this shocking. But i wanna start running! We'd find out when is a 吉日 to start! LOL.

- Blog more often
As you can see, already blogging a lot more often since start of the year lol. I really enjoy blogging about my personal update so i'd try as much as i can to blog personal stuff more often! They say do things that makes you happy and you'd do it really well. I think i'm doing good =D

- Build a home
 Where dreams are shared and cherished. And where dreams happen.

- Let my dad go overseas!!!
Us sisters are planning and chipping in for my dad to go enjoy in Taiwan!

- Save more money
I already know this is quite impossible lolol cox of the next resolution lol.

- Bring baby to at least 6 different countries
So far we have February Penang, April Japan, May KL and Bangkok confirmed! Three countries only! Hoping to put Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong in the list!!! But hey, wherever life takes us lolol.

Yup so these are what to look forward to in year 2016!!! =D

Okay it's very late i gtg rest. Tmr CNY eve what the heck. At least my new year resolutions came out before the end of the first month on the lunar calendar LOL.


Hanna Lei said...

I love that you're blogging more! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

hey Qiu Qiu you are very beautiful and friendly person i reslly 我那么爱你

Unknown said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

you should bring Mere to México!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu,

I was wondering if you still do your hair treatment at Cleo with Sio? Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

LOL you should update more! We are looking forward on your blog posts.

elderflowertea said...

Happy New Year to you :)