02 February 2016

Parallel eyelid, facelift, filler and double-chin liposuction - QiuQiu

Continuing from my post about my awesome possum beauty and medical agent Claire @ BeautiqueKorea, here's the procedure of my surgeries at Banobagi!

If you have any questions you may direct them to Claire. Cox she was the one who took care of me and liaise everything with the doctors and also translate for me T.T Thank you Claire!

Beautique Korea email is beautiquekorea@gmail.com and their Instagram is @beautiquekorea
You may also whatsapp her at +82-1035533669 ^.^

HERE'S ONE TO START THE POST!!! Forever grateful to Dr Lee @ Banobagi!!! COX HE GAVE ME PARALLEL EYELIDS T____T THANK YOU~~ Hahaha. More below~

Top two doctors out of the four that rein Banobagi are the ones who did the surgeries for me! Doctor Ban (Top Left) and Doctor Lee (Top Right)! They are all highly reputable in their respective fields and have helped many guys and girls achieve their desired faces, bodies and dreams.. =)
Doctor Ban voted in Good Doctor Best Clinic publication! These days with so many clinics and doctors out there and with most of them serving clients from overseas, how do people who have no better knowledge know who to trust right? So here's a guide made by professionals and people who have experienced their services. A guide you can reference and trust!
Proud to say that Dr Ban, the doctor Claire arranged for me is listed in the guide! =D Dr Ban is also the director of Banobagi so i think i am in very good hands!! He is doing face-lift and double-chin liposuction and filler for my face!!! So here he is examining my face to see if it's suitable or not first!

What i want to do with Dr Ban is

- Face lift to lift my saggy lower cheeks from gaining 35kg from pregnancy and have my facial skin sag untillll

- Slimming and firming facial injection - This will be super effective for people with too much "Baby fats" on their face, or for middle age ladies and man.. A simple injection for mummy for Mothers' Day maybe?! Trip to Korea + slim face injection. Someone tell my baby i would appreciate that a lot as a mother lol.

- Double-chin liposuction - These are super stubborn fats and there's no exercise to get rid of it!

- 2 years filler on my forehead (Although i regretted not going for the 10 years filler cox Dr Ban is FAMOUS for it and a lottttt of people fill up his schedule just to ask him to do the 10 year filler T.T Cox he's really good with proportions and facial features softening techniques and manipulation to make you look younger and make your face look less haggard and tired!!! I WANNA GO DO TEN YEAR FILLER NEXT PLEASE!!! T.T), nose bridge and laughline add-on on top of my implants LOL. Actually my implants done previously helped me a lot liao but still, more is more LOL. I didn't think it would make any more differences but it does! Will share more the next time!

Dr Ban advising me about how the slimming and firming injection would further enhance the facelift and achieve a small, firm and youthful face from all directions!!!

Dr Lee who did my double eyelid surgery!!! I mean PARALLEL EYELID SURGERY HAHA!
*showoff* Hahaha.

He was very realistic and told me not everyone can achieve the parallel eyelid result especially since i am a tapered to start with and i don't wanna cut my eyelids!

So he suggested the stitch method for higher chance to achieve parallel and the recovery for stitch method is much much faster and simpler than cut method so of course i go with it!!! =D

I don't wanna sound like a bad influence cox i believe good things must share, a lot of my own friends and friend's friends and colleagues have decided to go get parallel eyelids with Dr Lee after seeing my results. So you know you're going to someone who can be truthful and realistic with you to keep your expectation in check!

I went in only wanting to get rid of my inner-mono lids. And Doctor Lee managed my expectations very well becox for sure i can bid good bye to inner-mono lids but parallel eyelids he never once promised me LOL.

But i end up with what i actually wanted (parallel eyelid!!!) so i am very very happy!

Then to the skin dermatologist centre to examine our skin!
Korea is famous for their advance skin laser and skin treatment techniques you all should know by now! Claire arranged for us to do a little pampering session after our surgery the next few days! =D
Never see before people so happy to have their skin magnified and examined one. Lolol. This Yutaki damn proud of his perfect skin or what lolol.

Day of the surgery

Final consultation with Dr Lee. What i love about reputable clinics is, they make sure they fully understand what you want, and they make sure they advise you accordingly for best results..
Final consultation before surgery, with Dr Ban.. =)
Ready to go and look even better haha.
Josh took this after i came out of surgery.

Everything i did this time round doesn't look so invasive at all hor hahaha.

You see, i settle the big tickets first, small tickets easy peasy hahah.

But one thing though, who would have guessed it's the small tickets surgery like double eyelid surgery that makes me look instantly chioer wtf. It's like nobody cared that i have my facial bones filed off to look younger and softer and more chio what the heck.

I think cox they see me photoshop my face smaller all the time they couldn't tell the difference in pictures although the difference in videos is HUGE! But changes with double eyelids are so big =D

Everyone say i look so much prettier sigh with parallel eyelids~ HAHA.

Stayed for one night cox i did the face lift! That one cuts to the side of my temple a little so better to stay one night =D

I have to say.. That night i really realise i love Yutaki so much as a friend O.O

The past three times i went for surgeries, i would only pray and pray for my own recovery.

But the one night i spent in the ward with him on the other bed i really prayed so hard for him to feel better. I even say it's okay if you need to exchange a little time between us for me to recover slower. It's not that i am noble or what but it's just it really mades me so upset to see someone close to you actually on the recovery bed.

I think it must have hurt Josh when i was in the recovery bed the last round when i did the major surgeries. He told me he teared up a little bit cox he say it looks like i'm in pain. Although i really wasn't lah. I was in a lot of discomfort but no pain lol.

So anyway me and Yutaki spent the dawn walking around the warding bay to improve blood circulation and to reduce swelling but mainly to walk off his fever T.T

It's an experience and feeling i never wanna forget where you just want the other person to be better so you will feel better. So from this one night we have sworn to become blood siblings LOL.

Next day, i am feeling all good again. Though i must let you know first that the facelift will cause you soreness (cox got cut and sew ma, it's very natural there will be tenderness at the wound) sensation for about 2 weeks at least.
Leaving the hospital the day after surgery! =D Look which sunshine is here to receive her babies - CLAIRE~! All of us rebrand and repackaged hahaha! Except Rikeru who just arrived in Korea for consultation! =D
Banobagi and Claire prepared these kamsum pumpkin juice to reduce swelling for us =)))
1 day later we go back for check up =D And of course Claire was there with us to facilitate us! =D Passed Meredith to here to help carry for one second and this makes the two cutest faces in a picture!
Showing Rikeru the super crazy tranformation Banobagi did for their patients =OOO
Removing the dressing and cleaning the wound! I look ridiculous with the hair that the doctors kept for me to look normal so that no one could tell where's the opening even during my recovery!
See it looks like that. Haha. BTW THIS IS SOMETHING YOU MUST MUST MUST ASK CLAIRE TO ARRANGE FOR YOU!!!!!! It's like a oxygen + pressure cabin where you go and your swelling will reduce by sooooooo much!!! I love it so much i asked Claire to arrange for me again!!!
You just go in, relax and use your phone. And come out visibly less swollen!!!!!!
Messy hair don't care. Just wanna show you how much i've deswelled with the oxygen cabin!
Off to Banobagi Dermatologist Centre for facial and skin pampering!
With very advance machine and techniques, they manage to give me soft and smooth skin and get rid of most of my white and blackheads and millia seeds!
One last picture with my favouritest Doctor, Doctor Lee who made me angelababy LOL.
And one with legendary Doctor Ban who gave me a smaller face than i could ever asked for and for the awesome filler!!!!! I wanna go back for the ten years after this two years one fades off!!! =D

And of course nor forgetting everyone's favourite Claire =))) Who help us translate and took care of our whole journey and bring us so much smiles and sunshine through out =)))

She can give you advice and first-stage consult if you need advice and have enquiries on who what where how of the different surgeries you wanna do and of the prices compare and more of course!

Claire is from Beautique Korea and you may email her at beautiquekorea@gmail.com and their Instagram is @beautiquekorea You may also whatsapp her at +82-1035533669 ^.^

Will post up my recovery pictures soon!!! But i'm sure you've already seen it all on my instagram lah ahahah. Not very nice if i keep showing off right LOL.


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You mean the doctor who made you into dawn yang right? Angelababy yeah right.

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so obsess

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Well done, Gal! You are very very brave! Your surgery went really well and your double eyelids look very natural, like a natural beauty! :)

I thought you said you have ptosis? Turns out that it's not ptosis but just double eye-lid surgery? I think I have droopy eyes due to aging and I want to do something about it. Share your experience here?

stelphi said...

Hi QiuQiu U look pretty!!! Can share how much is it for the procedure. Planning to do it as well but need to save and take leave from work. How long is the downtime and full recovery?

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HI.. very interesting experience ,you got a very nice and beautiful look after cosmetic surgery

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