01 June 2016

Brightening from black @ Number76 Singapore

Hello~ I've been having dark (black) hair for a while now! Actually had to ask Amy to dye it very dark cox if not usually after a few washes it might turn brown again. And she did a very good job!!!

So i was kinda enjoying it for a few months, werking the whole black hair natural look but i'm changing my mind again hahaha. So i ask Steve if he could give me ash gray / blue hair LOL.

He may or may not have broke out in sweat, i'm not sure. But in the end after much consideration, i decided to take his advice to slowly brightening back up my hair colour from the black dye.

If not it'd be very damaging to my hair lah. This is why i love Steve, he super considerate and thoughtful and always very careful when treating my hair =D

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Getting started~
I thought we are gonna get started but Steve wanted to do a test beforehand to be very sure how far we can go to brighten my hair this time round PLUS not let it be super dry and damaged.
Decided we could go burnt caramel brown haha. Next target - Just caramel brown. Not burnt LOL.
This picture is inserted here becox i look quite intense and feelin' it.
Super happy with the colour~!!! Thank you Steve~!!!
Love this soft brown on me~!!! Next time round i'd push my luck again and go for even lighter brown LOLOL.
Done soon..
And done~! Steve quite genius ah, can blend the roots colour (which was naturally black) and the hair end (which was dyed black, then brightened, then dyed to match the overall brown!!!). 
Just nice when i was done.. I got a little company hahaha.
Add contact lens and touch up lipstick only so chio lol. That day i simply wore a hand-me-down black romper from Sijie and everyone who saw me ask me "做么今天穿酱美" LOLOL. Ahem excuse me, what do you all mean. Usual days i dress up very ugly is it. Hahaha.
Meredith and mummy =D This dress was from Sophie haha. She always buy sibeh just-nice size for Meredith!!! Don't allow people to gain weight one this Sophie HAHA.
"Can you kiss mummy please?" *KISS*
Went home and took out my ringlight after ten thousand years of not using it. And then became a top model right away. Yup, still got it. LOLOL. Sometimes changing a hair colour / hairstyle can really make you feel brand new. And that i how i feel each time i do something to my hair =)))
Thank you Number76 Singapore!!!

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Feliz Jo said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

You spread inspiration to me to have the urge to resume to having fringe :)

Hanna Lei said...

Your hair looks gorgeous. Especially the fringe. -Hanna Lei

helen said...

Aww QiuQiu your hair is so cute! It really frames your face nicely

Anonymous said...

And that way we can't see all your wrinkels in your forhead.