19 October 2019

Live life to the fullest = Making full use of your time.

Will go back to jotting and catching up with month by month diary but tbh, this is just half of October and look what i've actually done. September was a crazy month of work as usual, and a family trip to Australia where i basically try my best to avoid working but still ended up working haha.

I really think this is what you call 劳碌命. If i work, i always over-stretch myself. If i don't work, i worry about paying all the bills, rental fees and school fees for kids etc. And so many years into it, i'm still tryna find that balance and a smarter way to work. Evidently, i'm still searching haha.

But anyway, here's halfway into October and i cannot believe how much i've done. I'm proud of me.

Got the behind-the-scene pictures from photoshoot for image girl with Nano Collagen Japan. I went into shaping up mode for the photoshoot okay haha. It's so hard to be woman! But i LOVE being one.
Bringing the kids swimming. Oliver's first.
Planning activities for the girls' Childrens' Day celebration in school. This is by far the most satisfying thing i've done in October haha. We also got a bubble show that didn't turn out as expected but oh wells. We also prepared pinatas for all the kids!!! The other parents got in bouncy castle, and the school got magic show and very useful educational gifts for all the kids! Next exciting thing to look forward to is Christmas celebration 😍 I LOVE MAKING KIDS HAPPY!!!
Remember this kid who had her first hair cut at Number76 Singapore's opening?
Now i'm dealing with a 4 yro request to dye her hair. Thank god Steve say can help her do real hair extension haha. So no need to dye her hair. And i'm actually not really worried about the hair damage? I'm more worried what other people may say or think of her 😳 Or me for that matter. But so far i've only gotten nice feedback on it so i guess it's all good!!! Haha.
Manage to look human for a friend's wedding.
Our BFF duo third wheel. Or am i the third wheel? 😐
Waking up every morning to chaos.
Keeping the kids occupied on weekends.. This is us at Dessert Museum at Plaza Singapura! Until 27th October only okay so if yall wanna go please go soon!
And spending time with my dad while working at one of the household favourite brands. Feeling thankful!
Mornings with a drooling juuzai.
Not forgetting a few selfies to self-admire and also to show how lasting my Pittoresco Cushion truly is even after a long long day. Side hustle is the true type of hustle LOL.
Then go back home have to shower and spend time in playroom with kids. Especially loving this one who puts on her sunglasses and point a toy gun at me 😄 Cutes. LOL.
You hustle and slave all 5 days for the kids and then it's weekend again and then you gotta think of things to let them do so they don't come and tell you "It's so boring" 😩 but am i happy doing it? 100% yes. Haha.
And you push yourself to do what you don't usually do. For me that's keeping fit via exercising.
Family weekends are the best. They recharge and give you a little boost for the new week! This is us celebrating NiaoNiao and Ah Bong's birthday at Gold Leaf!
Also have to help with Meredith's show-and-tell in school. Of our sad little green beans that never made it to sprouting LOL. So we got them changed and things worked out well!
Some pampering me-time during one of my routine hair treatments at PHS Hairscience.
Feeling super thankful for the chance to work with Nylon Korea. It's the little new things, new boundaries you pushed at work that keeps me loving what i do!!!
Spending time with ganma..
On afternoons like this..
Before going back to juggle kids. Like having to hold this fatty while working on my phone..
To finding all these crap pictures spam in my phone 😡 AND THEN I HAVE TO SPEND TIME DELETING THEM. Hahaha. Annoying!!!

These are just a tiny part of what i've done in the first half of October. On top of all that, all the other work + using the time and effort to take these pictures and then putting them down..

Tbh, time is never enough. And that's why we have to make full use of it.

I figured i have to work another 25 years more before i can retire. By then Josh will be 72, i'd be almost 60. Unless i work extra super hard to hack my career path..

I just have to find a way to hack "TIME". Seriously. My whole life right now is about hacking time. I hack time so i do more in less time.

There are many ways to live. I choose to still enjoy the company of the people around me whom i love, and love me back so very much, even with all these workload as a work-from-home-mum.

Becox think about it.. They are not to be taken for granted, they are placed around us, by god's grace if you'd call it.. Or by good twist of fate. It's precious. Spend time with your loved ones, make time for that.

Okay i gtg. Meredith and Josh just baked some sugarless cookies that's keto-friendly, they jio-ing me to go down RIGHT NOW for what Meredith claimed (by shouting super loud from downstairs) "MAMA!!! ARE YOU READY FOR THE WORLD'S BEST COOKIE?!?!" Okay i'm coming down stop shouting didi sleeping!!!! 😡😂

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