26 August 2019

Me as a Mummy 2 Years 1 Month

2 years and 1 month in i was 1 month plus away from giving birth to Amelia haha. But still working a lot, still super active., working and bringing Meredith out etc.

Here's some pictures and a video for memory sake hehe.

16 minutes of obsession and determination. I know one day i will be able to document EVERYTHING. I don't know if it will mean anything to my kids next time when they see these videos but i wanna let them know they are very loved, and very blessed as they watch videos of them growing up.. ❤️

Here's some pictures from the photoshoot with Lzzie X Sanrio Hello Kitty collection!

Am i just biased or is my daughter born with it hahaha.

HAHA this shot me and Rach almost killed each other becox must look at each other and smile already super erxin WE STILL GOTTA FEED EACH OTHER HAHAHA. I just take a flower to feed her no joke. HAHAHA she also very pro never like PUI PUI PUI she just mumble and ask me to 跟她记住 hahahahahaha. Sorreh 😁

My Yurou so cute hehe.

Back from to goof haha.
After dinner durian with yeye.
❤️ My dad drop by every weekend cox he knows i xiao mentally unstable hahaha. But hey, it works. Family support works. He didn't do much other than just be around and that's good enough.
Also my daughter wanna be mama also haha.
The one who drinks fruit juice that ganma buys and not always ask me for Milo Milo Milo haha.
Makeup for ganma..
Help mama massage.
Easter celebration in school.

I DIY-ed those grey bunny cups of snacks but turns out it looks like mouse lol. Joke. 
Lunch time with Dotty and Jia but i ended up being on the phone for 45 minutes with my lawyer i think or was it for some drama. Kena say afterwards hahaha. Omg i remember how i peed maybe 5-6 times in a span of 2 hours LOL.
Becox baby inside bigggg hehe. 7.5 months belly.
My daughter think she damn chio 😌
Carolyn made sandwiches! We often go to her house to swim hahaha #BuayPaiseh
Jiejie say these are presents for meimei.
Chio. LOLOL.
At photoshoot for Toddley Thoughts.
Went to yeye's house and yeye pour out all of Yurou and Ah Bong's old toys for her. All i wanna do is to just sanitize everything 😅
Friday movie night with Josh haha.
Josh is scared i don't die early hahaha. He made breakfast for me. I mean i LOVE it but omg the amount of butter and sugar hahaha.
Just a sweet shot of my parents..
Jiejie for Toddley Thoughts hahaha.
With Sierra.
We baked chocolate cakes! Hehe. Taste quite dope i must say.
Wth it actually taste good plus looks good.
Dinner with jianghu haha. Xiao mi was also pregger that time!!
Durian ice cream.
MSW and Meredith.

Vegetable painting with ganma.
Our masterpiece.
The first outfit i bought for meimei hehe. She didn't get to wear it btw LOL too tight cox i bought for 3 months and she came out 3.5kg wth. By the time she was ready to wear non-kimono style she already wearing 6-9 months and up.
From cookery class. Later she ate the raisins, banana and tried her best to lick off the peanut butter AND THEN GIVE ME THE REST OF THE BREAD WTH. Hahaha. 不孝女.

Teacher J sent me these hehe.

Went to swim in my friend's house again LOL.
Are you okay Meredith.
Snack time for the girls.
Bonding with Ah Bong gorgor.

Aunty Kehlin made bento for her.
Our slack time in the play room every night haha.
Her pretending to be a baby for the bedding we got ready for meimei.
My instruction was "Smile like it's very soft okay" she ownself lean in on the tissue and smile like this. HAHAHA. Can leh. Really is my daughter hahahaha.
Wearing a gift from Dasao 😍
Josh got his driving liscene and we get some couple time when Meredith goes to school.
But when she come back ah.. Serious. Hahaha.

She really love to makeup wth. Now is 2 yro right. Later 3 year old tell me wanna makeup then can leave house. Now 4 year old sometimes tell me wanna makeup before shower.. SIAO. Lol.
Brought her to the animal resort.
She was totally in her element okay. Super duper happy and at ease.

Fed the horse also.

I mask she also wanna mask haha so i just put wet tissue paper for her lah.

Made jelly and told me she wanna share it with me, papa, Yurou and Yuxuan =) Sure. LOL.
Dirty girl.
Nothing better to do so play with foam and food colouring at home haha. She had a GREAT time though. No money got no money 的玩法 haha.
Posting this just cox she looks so much like 菜头 from Taiwan hahahaha that host you know.
With her favourite Teacher J.

Fathers' Day.
Just eating a cake on my daughter haha.

Drink one Milo must so many expressions.
Kite day with jianghu hehe. We all made sandwiches and all.
Gan ma haven't give up on her sotong kite lol.

Outing day with ganma haha carry until ganma hands wanna break.

When we decided on Amelia haha. We were gonna go with Natalie Tan Ke Ren but Josh say sounded like 奶大粒等客人 wtffff. So i went with Zhi again but Zhi Ren (仁: Kindness) sounded like paper standee so i went with Zhi Xian lol.
Went to support Sanyi at some event.
Mam Tan haha.
 Always outside playing bubble.
Mothers' day gift from Number76.

My daughter insisted though that she was the one who got it for me =))) Sure. HAHA.
They happy i happy.
See Yurou's face haha.

My other daughter HAHA. Just not from my womb only but actually really my daughter LOL.
Just see how kiampa she is.
We just sat in the car and chit chat and Meredith pretended to be driving haha.

My fashionista baby.
One swaddle blanket, many styles. HAha.
One blah two styles. Wear inside, wear outside.
Spotted at Ganma's house chilling like a boss.
I ask her "Wah you very relaxed hor?" LOL she still know how to paiseh and laugh lah not bad not that shameless afterall hahaha.

Alrighty! Gon go pick up the girls from school bye!

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