01 November 2022

July of 2017

I know nobody blogs anymore but just three nights ago, i was browsing my blog and Meredith (who can read now haha) saw all these pictures of her and baby akachan on my blog and she was really interested and happy to see and to read..

So i decided, it doesn't matter how long it takes, i'm gonna try to catch up slowly haha. In any case i take a lot lesser pictures and videos after.. So i guess it's not that bad. Can Blogger be forever? Until my kids turn old and until their kids turn old at least. Haha. Here's a video of everything.

July of 2017 was the month i was nearing the end of the tunnel. Almost seeing the light, almost wrapping up the lawsuits but i was still very much in the deep dark tunnel psychologically haha. But i'm thankful i had the support and love from the people around me. My family, Josh, my friends.. Thank you.

I find quiet and peace in doing things like cutting nails, just caring for Amelia as besr as i can, of course with much help from Josh and Susi. To date i still wish i was more 'there' for baby time Amelia.
That time Meredith still didn't have her own iPad haha so she machiam dio TOTO if Yurou jiejie let her see. See only ah, cannot play hahaha.
Other time she is boss at home.
She made this in school haha. I survived eating it LOL.
Brought her to the museum with ganma.

Ganma is the best.
LOL Meredith knocked her head on the picnic table installation.

小苦瓜 Amelia hahaha.
My family keep blaming me for her looking so grumpy and sad all the time. Hahaha say it's becox when i carry her i cry cry cry everyday depressed until she come out become kor gueh bin LOL.
For no reason at all i'd have this kind of pictures kept just cause.
Ganma got them matching onesies.
These girls so sweet them came over to celebrate the settlement of the lawsuits haha.
Thank you everybody. Now on to a new chapter of my life call: Debt Repayment LOL.
One thing i was glad was that, i didn't stop living and i didn't stop loving. This was Yurou's 6th Birthday party haha it was an eggcellent gudetama party i DIY-ed. Quite cute right!
Don't worry we got clean up after that haha.
Every morning so loving and snuggly. Haha Meredith was a very happy toddler.
Can't say the same for Akachan hahaha.
Okay lah got improve along the way HAHA.
Sorry they look different to me so here's a third image of droopey cheeks Melia LOL.
Burping Mental Melia haha.
Growing serious cheeks.
Qiao Po. Haha.

LOL much beauty.
Such charm LOL.
Always kajiao eryi at work haha.
Melia waiting for jiejie to be done..
At the playground.
Sanyi and eryi and Niao Yi brought the kids out for ice cream.
Niao Niao very poor thing de haha take one nap also kena bully until like this LOL.
Anyway this is to show you that stress and sadness will really break your body. This period i stress until my body keep breaking down ba.

Your body will try very hard at first, show you little signs like fatigue, migraine and headache and you'd feel like gagging when certain events trigger your anxiety etc.

But know that you are stronger and bigger than whatever is right in front of you. You walk around it, you'd see a long beautiful road ahead. It's never a dead end, it's always a "and then"?

Nobody reads this but i am so happy i get the time to put it down.

Okay bye bye.


Sorry i'm back LOL. Because turns out, there's some more pictures i forgot to include and i cannot take it that i leave those out so yup. I'm back. LOL.

Like yeye and ah ma coming to visit Melia.. And Melia smiled at yeye haha.
It's rare Melia smile so every little smile is extra precious. I mean you see this face LOL.
O$P$ sia.
Okay smile a bit.
Yeye go buy these chairs omylord lol.
Meredith fell really sick so we went to the hospital again but she was such a good girl. She accidentally spilled milo and say "Sorry mama, net kaim i wer bing it down" Because i always teach her to bring the cup down instead of tilting it. Haha now Meredith ah, spill something will tell me "Chill, i will clean it"
Melia at Doctor Han. Haha. The other day we mentioned Doctor Han and Meredith say "Eh we very long never see Doctor Han liao hor?" and Melia say "Yah i hope we can go see him" I'm like CHOY!!! See him means you sick leh see him for what! Haha.
Selfie cam with Niao Yi and Eryi hehe.
Melia cutie pie face.

Meredith getting ready to go choose shoes at a shop with me.

FML that time no matter how i suck in the post-partum belly bulge still damn big LOL i buy extra big dress still cannot hide haha. I rem i was told nicely about it because the person thought i would mind, but i  say nevermind lah i photoshop LOL.
Melia ah zek lol.
Hello teeth.
I say i wanna show her teacher/ ganma/ eryi, then she will take super big mouth LOL. Now she still eats like that okay tbh lol. She see good food her mouth open like hippo lol.

Those nights when Yurou jiejie stay over T.T I miss their slumber nights!
Meredith would go into Melia's play gym and just nua there, she say she's a baby. Lol.
Honestly one of those moments i remember vividly.. This was the first time i went out for crwoded event since the lawsuits settled probably 1-2 days prior and i felt so anxious. But i feel much better..
With Josh and Meredith with me.. So thankful for everything, everything good or bad. They all help me grow in different ways.
Probably one of those afternoon she's waiting to go out.

Vainpot since young.
I could already see i was raising a heavyweight baby haha.

I already told yall these are for my own memory purposes haha.
LOL. This face confirm is inherit from me de haha.

Oh air~ That's all bye for real! Till i sort out August 2017.

LOL. As of now, we have 63 months more to go =)))

63 months. I mean of course as the months goes i took lesser pictures becox the kids got bigger. So effectively probably yup, still 63 more months to go becox i still take lotsa pictures anyway LOL.

Let's not give up. Haha.

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