11 November 2022

August 2017

August 2017. The month of.. Healing physically and mentally. It's been a journey since then.

That month onwards, it was all working like crazy, to try to return whatever i owe to people. I couldn't understand why it was still a nightmare for me, i couldn't find an answer but.. I just went ahead and did everything i could in my power, to pay back money, to work, to at the same time, as much as i can, do anything possible to make my loved ones happy. For i am so thankful for them.

This was that month =')) And i feel so happy now looking back, that i am not that sad anymore. That i don't have to be THAT strong just because i was so weak, so i kept being that strong.

Now, i am just me.. I'm not trying to be anything, i am just me, giving my best, doing my best =')

Haha who this little messy eater. UNTIL NOW SOMETIMES STILL LIKE THAT OK!

Found this gummy little thing quite cute HAHA.
First day trying out at this new school i put her in cox the previous school changed hand and the new school was just =___= Haha. They started with 3 kids and closed down with 3 kids ba LOL.
Happy little baobei didn't know what was awaiting haha.

I remember we didn't have car at this time so we have to walk to the bus stop and then take a bus, then alight and then walk another half a bus stop to get to the school. I wasn't comfortable in putting her full day yet so it was always half a day.

Then if i go home after dropping her off at 9am, i will have to make my way to pick her at 11 ish. So the first few days i just waited at the canteen in the building haha. To save money also becox can shun bian dabao lunch back from the canteen LOL the food quite nice and tbh very affordable.

Later on when we started to put her full day for a short while only, the school had a HFMD outbreak and the cycle wouldn't stop. So effectively her school days were soooo limited cox we didn't dare to send her cox scared she kena, plus pass it to baby Melia.

But yah becox it was so distruptive, she later every time need to go school she will cry like mad haha.

So she attended perhaps.. All in all less than 2 months in that entire 6 months?? I was bringing her to the rare few job meetings, work etc haha. She was soooo sticky to me that period. I think even go toilet she must follow. Now at 7.5 years old..? TALK TO HER MAYBE ALSO NEVER HEAR BA hahaha.

Always baobei.
Her teacher sent this haha.

伍佰 dancing in school LOL.
Booked a apartment with my free credits from referrals for everyone to go chill.
Erjie 左拥右抱 haha.
Heavyweight championship baby Melia haha.
Papa send hehe.

My two precious.
National Day haha.

Time is a crazy, crazy concept. You can care about it OR you can simply let it pass without a single care and.. You'd miss nothing. Cause you noted nothing.

If you care about time, that's when you'd miss so much. You'd miss it even if you tried your hardest to grab hold of it, make it go a little slower. When it passes, whatever good happened during that time, you'd still miss it.

You could dread the length of time even if you tried your best to make use of it, do so much, try to make it seem like it's going faster.. And at the end of it, you still live in that most dreadful period, reliving it from time, to time..

So yeah, time is a crazy concept. It's not exactly time, it's more memories of the good things that happened, or trauma of the more impactful things that crashed onto your life.

One year ago before this time, Aug 2016.. I got served, 2 days after National Day... That is before i got served again in Dec 2016. Two lawsuits was what i thought i got.

But now I look back and i see.. Many great lessons =') Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thankful for the wisdom, the strength and the perseverance i picked up from these lessons.

In that time, i guess what matters most is.. This 2 year old made lotsa little good memories!

And this little bui bui growing well! =D

The period when she's into Ben and Holly haha so i made these ugly little things for her HAHA.
Fashion baby.
Melia's gueh bong HAHA. Her drumsticks grew bigger and bigger!
Lol fooling around.
Good days bad days.
The stress-induced hives didn't stop LOL. They came out almost everyday.
One with baobei hehe.
Her teachers always so nice haha they bother to tie those wispy hair until so cute haha.
I take full responsibilities of both the cuteness..
And royal grumpiness of my daughters HAHA.
See this face HAHA. The inheritance of cb face is real LOL.
When Mental Melia is in full gear haha.
Versus when Adorable Amelia is on duty.

Bubbly saliva grins are the best hehe.
I tell sijie when my kids are fat, they always look like her HAHAHA.
Haha so happy when papa pick up.
Is it first selfie or what haha.
Bui cheong really is a cute haha.

Strong neck at 3 months old haha.

Going back to work as fast as i could even with the post-partum belly bulge LOL. I took up all the jobs that came. And they did come eventually. I cannot be more thankful really.
Melia and ah ma..
Melia sussing about yeye haha.
Those chairs again = l LOL.
One with Ah Bong gorgor..
My lil sharpei haha.
When i was prepping to go work haha.
Fast forward to now.. She's secretly taking my eyebrow shaver to shave off her unibrow wtfff.

When i found out i tell her don't do it by herself i can help her but she say she's already did it many times. LOL.

So what happened was, we saw she had a little tiny scratch in between her brows. We ask her what happened and she told all of us that oh she accidentally scratched herself with her nails.

It was a very small scratch so of course we didn't think much of it right.

One day when it was just me and her in the room, she said to me "Okay you wanna know what actually happened when i had the scratch here that time?"

I was like what why what happened you said you scratched yourself what??

She said "I was using the eyebrow shaver then i went this way and the thing cut me by a bit"

!!!!!!!!! I very shocked becox NO WONDER FOR A VERY LONG TIME I NOTICED HER UNIBROW LIKE DISAPPEAR??? LOLOL. I thougth she just outgrew it hahahahahaha.

So anyway i told her not to do that again becox so dangerous right???

And she say don't worry she did it many times before liao.

I CAN ALREADY SENSE DANGER WITH THIS ONE OK. I will not trust her when she tells me she needs to go do "project with friends" one hahaha. It will be papa pick from school ALL THE WAY!

Meimei thought, is just really happy with how she looks haha.
Me too. LOL.
With sanyi checking out furnitures hehe.

Pyjames that yeye bought HAHAH. Er.....
Checking out our pictures haha.
When Meredith could only watch Yurou jiejie's iPad.
Big Show lai liao haha.
To Aunty Kehlin's place to swim haha.
There is only one model material in this picture and she's already on top. LOL.

Bong gorgor came to visit after school. Bong really is the sweetest boy.
One of those free stuff we'd do at home that Meredith super duper enjoy. Just lay a mat on the floor, have some snacks from home, and then watch cars pass. Haha i enjoy doing it anytime!
Needle fringe hehe.
Aiyahhh my baobei so smiley liao at month end haha.

Sorry not sorry~ I can post anything i deem cuteeee here! Haha.

"够了吗, 麻麻."

Okay enough! Byebye! I gon go do photoshoot for Qakes CNY 23' now hehe.

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