18 July 2008

So here's it!

So you know it! I rebonded my hair! I shall start by showing off my hair (which is really better looking but still as dry and frizzy cox it's already damaged beyond cure way before i rebond).

First! Say ByeBye to Qmoh!

Making of..
And then i pass the Qmoh genes to this Angmoh. Not funny,
i know. But so weird hor, their cover (what is this called anyway?)
First day. Eh please see, still got wind. Haha..
Next day wake up HAIR STILL SO NEAT! Hahahaha..
No more Pong Sai Gao hairstyle!!!
Next-next day go to work, drink Milo also look neat!
WHAHAHAHAHA!! I am totally happy! I mean, i've been trapped with rubber band, bun and hairpins for so long just to keep those hair together. Now my hair is so flowy, i feel like 我来无影, 去无踪! Just 飘来飘去! 很有趣! Hahaha.. Okay, i am happy. By the way!!! I did Natural rebonding okay, so it doesn't look flat and too straight ^.^

Neeways, i am seeing Melody~~~~ tomorrow!


Tips: If you are the kind like me who loves to find split ends any time, and you can't find a pair of scissors, bite it off =))

This post is getting a lil' messy and disorganized. So.. Ending soon!

You know how it feels when you know there's this someone, who'd always want to be with you. And you know he won't just go, cox' you can be such a bitch, sometimes? If you know how it feels, it's happiness =)

Love, Love and Simple Loves


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nastia said...

did you know that you're very pretty ? you said you didnt like your nose but I think it was great :o Oh but well, every girl has at least one complex ^^ you HAD actually. You're an inspiration to me, I really enjoy reading your old blog posts :)