26 July 2008

Some of my BestFriends =))

I just realised i didn't manage to take any picture of ChanShiYu yesterday =(( It's all MingZhou's stupid face. Haha. See below.

Where got people so dumb go Aston order chicken, coleslaw, mashed potato and lemon tea. MIGHT AS WELL GO KFC, right?! MZ totally got a spasm yesterday. First proof, he flip prata in Aston (pic above). Second proof SY and i can be witness. He wanted to take a sip of water but he poured water at his chin instead. He kept pouring like damn a lot. WHAHAHA. Retarded.

QQ @ Astons

And then we headed around the corner to Obolo
Bored cox SY was VERY late!
And then we had like five different kind of dessert and four macaroons!

After food we rushed for toilets. After toilet we headed SY's place for some intellectual word boardgame (that MZ totally flop in). And then i really wish Coco was there! It's wonderful to have normal and nice friends who'd been around for ages, and you think they'd still be there when you are rather old. Like auntie-old. Haha..

I Love these friends.
And i am so lucky..
cox' they are some of my bestfriends.

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