12 July 2008


Hahahahahahaha.. Happy!

Make sure i post picture soon ok!


You know, rebonding must have saved the lives of many. Especially kids like me back then, who have sb curly hair, and went to school with 一颗小小,受伤的心灵 all because of stupid Q-Moh genes!!!!! You don't think it's so bad?! Lion queen is like the worst name ever, cox it's derived from Lion King that movie which got famous during my primary school era, and the kids around me think it's smart and funny to call me Lion Queen. Like please? Female lion don't have pong pong hairstyle, can?! Stupid.

And then got this 逃学威龙 movie by Jackie Chung and some other guys. Jackie Chung got this broom hairstyle. And then i got called 扫把头. You know, last time kids got no creativity. Everything also copy and use.

Anyway, this is to the person who invented rebonding.

Dear You,

I believe you must have gone through a lot to even think of inventing something like that. Don't worry, i understand. And.. you totally kick ass. Cox now i am ass-kicking pretty. I think. Thank you very much.


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