27 August 2008

Ho Liao

That means Good Stuff. I am going to share some good stuff with you all lovelies okay.

1) Ba Wang Herbal Shampoo is REALLY GOOD. The one that is for damaged hair and split ends. It is the best shampoo i ever tried for my dry hay of hair. And i don't even need to use the conditioner for it to be soft and smooth. But it's kinda like.. Very smelly.

2) Make your own tasty bread pudding in one minute. Buy some 3 in 1 oat drink, and then soak your bread in it. HAHA. So smart right. And it taste quite good.

3) Only for Tampinesian, ASTON is opening an EXPRESS OUTLET in TAMPINES!!! Weeeeee~ And HA HA HA, it's damn near my place. Yes! Food!!! Food!!! Fooood! (F you, you call this aneroxic!?)

Okay, no more~ ^.^

I really need to eat more mooncakes (free sample). Haha.. That day i walked past this famous neighbourhood bakery, and then the girl keep asking aunties to try, totally ignore my existence. Haha.. But anyway, so i ask her to let me try the white lotus, and then in case she thinks i am some cheapskate who's just out to try free sample, I BOUGHT A PEICE OF MOONCAKE FROM HER. It's $1.50. Haha. Not very nice.

I haven't ate the piget mooncake in a basket this year, you know which one? Last time 3 for $1. Now 80cents minimum okay! Sigh.

And then i finally finally got to eat the burger cookies that i have been searching high and low for. My sweetheart 3rd sis bought it the other day when we had our sisters outing.

You know previously i was showing off my friends and what not right, and then it just stop. ALL BECAUSE my stupid HUNKY friend decided to send me a zipped file of 30 over meg. You tell me, 30 over meg, is he still my friend? He wants to jam my computer like totally! So i could only rip this from his blog, but i am also not hinting him to down size the pictures and send me lah.. No need lah.. But if he doesn't mind, of course it'd be good. HAHA.

I actually just came in to tell you all that i am still very sure that i wanna lose weight on the 1st of September, that's why i eat a lot now. HAHA.

长娥的妹妹, 烧鹅



emy ◕.◕ said...

QT you very erxin you don't think I don't know the last photo was HEAVILY PHOTOSHOPPED there okay.

Chrispy Tine said...

oey!ur sms VERY precious is it.cannot send me one reply ar?wed confirmed hor?