06 August 2008

Pictures not Punctual!

So U Are The One ended I KNOW! But yesterday i wore the pretty singlet ShiYing & ShiQian gotten me for my 21st, i so miss them! But it was so late at night i thought i shan't disturb them with my mushy i miss you message. Haha.. Then Rachelle (no blog link, who knows her blog address if any?!) was so sweet to sms the other day. Haiyah~ All very sweet!

Supposedly UATO Part3.
Totally bored at the recording studio waiting for the guys to sing properly. HAHA.
Yes, damn bored.

Then hungry.

Xris & SY doing the Meow~!

Haha.. My pretty legs. HAHA. Cox too bored you know!
The guys took soooo long to record!

Then it's to the dancing part. Most right of the picture is Xris, totally into in okay. Haha.. And then she has the version of hip-hop remix dance to 日不落. OH!!! This is the day like 8 (including the production team) people wore blue together!!! Not planned! So heng right?! I went to buy Toto but never hit!


So what happened to this poster at Mediacorp recept?

And lastly, randomly, my thick eyebrow and i!

I had a migraine today (F, F, F). But don't worry, i am good now. Must be too much of Sudokuing.

Neeways, i am seeing Dora tomorrow before she flies off like a lil' birdie soon~ Maybe she'd be a Sparrow if she's a bird. Maybe i'd be a crow. HAHAHA. No, Jayelle is a crow. I'd be a chicken or a duck. HAHAHA. Okay, ignore me.

Is there duck nugget?


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