14 August 2008

Tell Me I Am Very Smart

This is how i look like now, 100% raw like rotten RAW.. Meat. Haha.

Sieh Er Xin.

Day in day out.. It's sadness. But maybe, just maybe, it'd get better soon.

That aside, i had a bad bad bad migraine yesterday and it was the worst attack i ever had. Twice in a damn month?! Sigh, is it the 7th month or is it just me thinking too much?!

Neeways, i wanna show you that i am quite a smartass at this. Haha.

See, 100% untouched.Erm.. Obvious oily face, pimple-infested, dull forehead, round nose, chubby face, curly new grown hair, yellow teeth.. Hmm, okay, eyes very nice thou. HAHAHA.
Poof, i am a tai tai who can affoard to do anything (through photoshop at least).

Sigh, you know what i mean, if you can't do it in real, at least look good on picture. Next time need one to put lorry head, you also want like 80% of your picture to look nice enough to be considered right. LOL. I hope no one in my family actually really love the blonde one in the last post. HAHAHA..

And to take my ingenuity to a higher step,
100% Raw file okay.. Then wait you see..

Suddenly very chio right! See told everyone i need a nose job! Actually i need much much more than a nose job. Anyway! Someone tell my family i want this picture next time even thou the cap look damn weird.

Hahaha.. Tell me who is smarter, the photographer, retouch artiste or the model herself? All me me me!!! Okay, i am just trying to destress okay.

YongMing (My hunky friend, WHAHAHAHAHA)'s picture coming up next~

Oh oh! The badminton thingy would most probably be at Tampines CC, Teddi, good for us right! LOL~

P.S Someone send me your own face shot to play with leh!!!



Chrispy Tine said...

u're very funny..do my pictures!!

D'Menace said...

HILARIOUS GIRL! wahahahahah! Which girl wud post pics of her zit-war-zoned-face! Like your confidence! Yeah, do mine as well! ;)