28 October 2008

Have you guys had your lunch yet?

Go have your lunch already and stop hitting the refresh button like maniac in here okay? If you are dying to see a reply from people pertaining to your insults, then i'd give you one, and then you can stop humping on the "refresh" icon to see if your insults are being noticed, okay, Losers?

You wanna hear something from me?


I am still happily photoshopping my blogshop pictures to make myself prettier than pretty. What, what, what.

You sick of seeing the word pretty, okay.

I am gorgeous. Yummy. Chio. You hooligans prefer Chio?
HAHA. You are so concerned about me you can't take this.

Haiyah, talking to dumbheads is a waste of time. For the nicer ones who reads in here, HELLO GORGEOUS! I think you guys are hot because you are not as dumb as the rest! ^.^

And i am not dumb too, so i am hot hot hot!

Btw, don't ever use my name and post again, i have your IP okay, dumbhead.

Dumbhead, dumbhead.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yesterday NiaoNiao and i had our photoshoot for my blogshop and i think the pictures were GORGEOUS =)) I totally love them.

Will get them up and you guys please save some money and wait for my GORGEOUS clothings to be up okay. Haha.

Okay i gotta run, Lovelies!

Must go and read up more so that i can blog with substance.


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