16 October 2008

ChinaSquare quite a while ago!

So i went to have some fun being flea market aunties with the rest of the Ang's sisters. JoeyMa was kind enough to visit with a lot of food! BUT VERY SAD TO SAY, my sisters ate most of it. It's no wonder my bulid is different from the rest of my sisters.

Niao & I, Chili Sister!!! LOL! Same clothing, same hairstyle!

2nd, Me, Geneice and Niao

4th & I on the swing, acting korean. And the brat Naomi at the back!

This is my 4th sister, TANAT, you likey?!

The last few weeks, i started to fall in love with pretty vintage tees. It's really hard to find anything that is cheap and still suits me you know. Cox it has to be.. Slim cut, long enough, and not costing beyond $6! Actually i am already stretching at $6. I usually only go for $5 or three for $10. HAHA. Anyone wants me to conduct a course on savvy shopping? LOL.


I wore this tee to work one day and IT TOALLY GOT NOTICED OKAY. By some art teacher. SEE, I SO GOT TASTE!!!

I love 1980's
Yes, i do do do!

And oh oh, did you notice my pretty pink bag? I found a matching umbrella for it too. AND A MATCHING PURSE!





Unknown said...

Nice Tee indeed. May i know where u bought the tee and the lovely pinkie bag from? :) - Joey

TaNaT DaMaN said...

Er... no thanks QQ, I prefer you to your 4th sis, heh (but I dont mind the one u name 'Ah Niao'). I do go to China Square Central onece every 2 weeks, to look thru the Power Ranger robots and WWE toys, among other stuff. Still undecided which robot to buy though...