06 October 2008

What have you been up to?!

Alright, i really can't think much so i'd just show you pictures okay!

Dating back a week plus ago!

I went to ECP for picnic with my buddies. It was an outing that i planned, and,

it toally SUCK.

Okay to be fair, the food was fine, but can you please see into the picture, you saw a bloody SUN-TANNING lotion right? There, the bottom right of the picture.. I actually told my dear friend here,

Mr Koh Ming Zhou to bring a..

SUNBLOCK lotion!!!!


You all know what is block right?! To BLOCK is to shield, to siam, to SIAM FROM THE SUN!!!

But of course you can see from his picture why he brought sun-tanning lotion.

But he is still my friend because he got this silver-at-the-outside umbrella, which would bounce off the sun and harmful rays, i guess. So the whole time, my cute Tshirt and i stayed under the umbrella. HAHA.

Loser by the beach

So we went KTV at some really cheap place with decently up-to-date songs and everyone paid $5 ONLY. Can you believe? On a Sunday some more!

YongMing with his Optical-Zoomable camera, picture one.

Joo and PeiXi. Err.. Peixi is the one in pink. Joo, i am just helping you make things clear.

And then dinner was at.. Aston!!! ^.^


Miss MongYou. Okay, actually just Madam Kristie.

Little Miss JooSan. Literatelly.

The one in pink is Peixi =)))


And lastly YongMing with his Optical-Zoomable camera, picture two.

Which sadly the camera doesn't take proper picture. LOL. I mean you see it right, all the pictures were taken by my camera. Haha.. And yet Ym choose to mingle with his bulky camera all the time. Don't know for what!

And then we are still good friends.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Moving on to Baby Naomi's sports day!

She is the biggest size in the whole school. Sigh..

As you can see, she really is. LOL.

After three games..

She got a silver medal. And the game that i and i took part together, we got FIRST!!!! YAY~ $20 NTUC voucher. Haha. That's my cup of tea man.

P.S There were only three teams.

Will be back for fleamart with sisters and Kusu Island soon to come!


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eileen said...

may i know where is the ktv located at?