23 December 2008

Merry Sickmas

The Sk Jewellery TV commercial i did awhile ago. And i finally got to see it on TV about two days ago. Here's the video, thanks to Evonne ^.^

Click on the picture to view the video =))

Did you manage to have 湯圓 ? I had the pinky-white traditional ones. But still craving for the ones with sesame *drool like a retard and continue to drool and say FOOD.. FOOD.. FOOOOOD!*

Last night Yong Ming dropped by to collect the camera and passed me this.
Therefore, YM is going to the heaven when he die next time.
WHAHAHAHAHAHA! No one would wanna send me lovely gifts anymore right.
But i mean it in a good way! I love love love the chocolates!

Screw the diet and the fact that i have been down with a flu, cough and sore throat the last few days. It's Christmas, soon =))) It's a season to forgive, forget and forchocolatedoanything.

Panadol Flu Max is really MAXIGUDE. Try it!

I really need to go and i don't think i'd be back that soon becox i am still a little sick. So stay healthy and eat alot of chocolates okay! ^.^


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