04 December 2008

My Virgin TVC Shoot

And i am so sorry.. Cox' i don't have any in-the-action pictures to show you guys. Mainly becox..

1) I am not a star with a nanny excited snaping pictures of me like she got rabbies.

2) I am very professional and 100% focused on only the main camera.

3) I am so crappy, no one wants to help me =D

But having said all that, you know i hardly come in without a good (scarily doesn't look like me) picture of myself, right?


I know this doesn't look like me, and that i look much more humanly than this doll here, but i really think it's still quite chio. But eh, to be fair, the original picture also had a slim, mini face.

MiniZiting & MegaQiuting

And i can't help it, the rooms are too pretty. More pictures of the rooms, please visit
Christalle aka LittleMissNerdy

Norrie aka MummyFong
AND RACHELLE!!! I actually made a very big effort not to tell her that i will be seeing her the next day for this shoot, the night when i knew. Cox i wanted us to have the "SURPRISE" element. Lol. But still!!! Me being so kiasu, i called her at 9am to ask her where she is. I am still me, the VERY PUNCTUAL FREAK.

Simon and i think he looks like the cartoon Xiao He Shang. Go google if you want to know.

And snappy with the two very pretty lady from SK Jewellery before i left the place.

Okay that's all! I'm gonna do up the next collection for my blogshops really soon =) So do keep a look out alright ^.^

And please tell me you like the way my blogskin is now?


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ellenmarie said...

you're absolutely adorable! <3